• Brazil protest fueled by the corrupted election ousting Bolsonaro for a Communist have been infiltrated by Soros paid Anarchists.
  • Fusion energy limps ahead with potential prospects for trial implementation to occur sometime in the next ‘decade or so’ due to inherent obstacles including lacking in heavy water abundance and rarity of core chemical – Tritium.
  • The Nuclear facility being built in Wyoming under the funding and auspices of Bill Gates and the DOE has been ‘delayed’ due to a special fuel that can only be purchased from Russia.
  • FTX Founder, Bankman, who redirected billions to Democrat campaigns, has been backstabbed by Democrat DOJ’s et al to spend upwards of 3 months in Bahama’s deadliest prison infested with rats, maggots and insects.     Likely a move to assure his subsequent death.
  • DePape trial was held in San Francisco with new judge appointed.   According to Media Pundits, the first officer to respond claims DePape opened the front door…
  • Pentagon unable to track ANY aide to Ukraine including weapons and humanitarian.   North Africa claims the weapons are turning up on the black market and sold to rebels.   Humanitarian aid is turning up in Europe.
  • US still producing enough oil to be completely energy independent – but only keeps 25% – 75% exported.
  • Serbia and Kosovo are engaged in a ‘conflict’ while Kosovo appears to be under the thumb of the Cult Mafia Cabalists.
  • Angela Merkel has openly stated that the Minsk Agreement between Russia, Ukraine, Germany and NATO was a HOAX to allow time for building up and strengthening armies with UK and US special op trainers.
  • With inflation continuing to rise, the Federal Reserve has raised interest rates again given all previous rate hikes have done – NOTHING.
  • 2.5 million illegals from 25 different countries entered the US through the Mexican border last year alone.
  • Fake Polls are trying to dissuade Americans from voting for Trump in 2024 by claiming De Santis has a 20-30 point lead over him – MAGA’s weary of disinformation.
  • Biden gives a $200 million grant to a Chinese aligned green energy company.
  • A boatload of Rhino’s with little to no chance of winning an election legally, are attacking MAGA’s as a cult that needs to be disappeared.
  • Oath Keepers claim over 300 former FBI, and government security members infiltrated their group.
  • Climate Summit attended by Bill Gates, African leaders and Johns Hopkins detail the next Pandemic will occur in 2025 – Catastrophic Contagion.
  • Bringing down and backstabbing governments across the globe is part of the World Economic Forum Agenda for 2030 – so as to insert a singular communist hero government.
  • Jerome Powell is the Federal Reserve Chair while simultaneously serving as a chair for Bank of International Settlements – the global banking cartel.
  • The over-the-top embrace and push for transgendering, nonbinaryism, and homosexuality is based on procreation and depopulation…
  • Ukraine propaganda has reached mach 6 speed and become a hilarious version of the Babylon Bee!
  • EU and US still unable to agree on the methodology of imposing ‘price fixing’ or ‘price cap’ on Russian oil for the globe to obey.
  • Opioid is now the number one killer of people in the US between the ages of 18 and 45.
  • Rumor – Jill Biden feeds Big Daddy fentanyl to keep him awake.
  • TwitterGate Files continue to reveal extent of FBI control of the formerly publicly traded company advocating censorship based on their handlers including Michelle Obama and Clinton.
  • Countries that accept no illegal immigrants suffering from low birth rates and ‘employees’.
  • Macron’s Party headquarters and McKinsey & Co headquarters raided by investigators over illegal campaign contributions.
  • IF the EU is successful in confiscating frozen assets belonging to Russia valued at $350 billion – the Pandora Box lid would fly open for every country razed by war to confiscate any other countries assets based on similar ‘declarations’.


The-The That’s All Folks, See You Tomorrow!

COMMUNISM: “He Who Is Not With Me – Is Against Me”!

The Distraction – Russia/Ukraine.   The Reality – 1.   Colombia which is 80% to 90% Catholic or Evangelical elected a Communist President in 2022 – Gustavo Petro a former guerilla won by 50.44%     – The .44 gave the green communist a plurality.   He was NOT well received by the military.   Petro is the first left wing to ever be declared an election win in Colombia which he attained thru the divine ‘support of Anthony Blinken.

Reality – 2:   Argentina is between 73% and 80% Catholic or Evangelical.   In 2019 they elected a Communist President, Fernandez.   Despite being a Communist, Fernandez was embraced by Pope Francis and appeared with Joe and Jill Biden at the Summit of Americas.

Reality – 3:   Chile is … roughly 80% Catholic or Evangelical yet they elected Gabriel Boric as President in 2022 – a Communist.   He was a member of the Communist Youth of Chile while at University and was considered a revolutionary.   His mentor would appear to be – Justin Trudeau.   Running south in his primary election he was 2% points behind. He went on to win by 11%. Voter turnout in Chile dropped from 80% to just 50%.   Over 1 million voters were ‘unregistered’.

Reality – 4: In 2021, Peru ‘elected’ – Pedro Castillo.   He has since faced 2 impeachments that have resulted in massive protests.   He was considered a far-left terrorist in his youth. Although trailing significantly during his campaign, he was supported by the far left Banking Cartel – RBC.     He waffles between Communism and denying Communism… despite being a Catholic.

South America has FALLEN.

In other words, in less than 3 Years ALL of South America, a Continent embedded in Christianity and Catholicism, decided to be Communist.   Under the tutelage of US Blinken, Pope Francis, and Canada’s Trudeau.

We are NOT fighting fascism or Socialism or even Naziism – We Are Communist!   NOT of or for The People, but Of and For The Government.

While Brazil’s Bolsonaro is boldly attempting to fight the globalist takeover – he subjects himself to the very real threat of assassination.   And ALL these corrupted elections went under the global radar as we instead were told to focus on Ukraine and a post Bolshevik Communist – Russia.

While Jesuit Pope Francis gives his Blessing to All Communists.

This would indicate that the Russian offensive against the Ukraine Nazi’s is really a battle against the communist agenda that turned the Empire of Russia into a beleaguered, desolate, dystopia of Communism. With the approval of post thereafter The Vatican – after the Assassination of the Tzar, his 5 daughters, and wife.

The US and EU and every member of the WEF are onboard this global transformation into Totalitarian Rule. Initiated by the remnants of German/Austrian Communist Bolsheviks and likely based in The Netherlands, Home of BIS,

Despite the outcome being Communism – China would appear to be on the fence. Why?   Because in their playbook, they rule.   In the Globalist Playbook, every Leader is a Pawn of the BIS organizational chart. Comply – or Die.  They want Jinping – to die.  He doesn’t.

Africa – is Communist.   They play by the rulebook of Bribery.  

Brazil’s Bolsonaro is thus pivotal for all of South America in that he is utilizing the military resource to deter and fight the Communist Takeover by the US coup detractor, Lula. Lula has thus been invited to the US for a tete-a-tete with Blinken in how to defeat the uprising.   Likely – the advice will revolve around further cheating, assassination and arrest suppressions.   Just like the US!

Soros always declared that the two countries most likely to fight his Communist Regime would be Russia and the US.   Once these countries were fully infiltrated and suppressed, the remaining holdouts would cave …   meaning Brazil, India, South Africa, South America  and China.   Allowing the aforementioned countries to be completely obliterated of freedom.

Thus – The Globalist Regime would take power.

What does that Power entail?   Certainly depopulation. Certainly AI subjugation of Humans.   Certainly a dystopian utopia built on AI. In other words – you will be an Ant and will be Happy… IF you survive the Holocaust of Humanity.

I am inundated with messages by self presumed Biblical Scholars who advise that we make our death with Christ now.   Cave.   Become inanimate objects.   And hope we are whisked away to Heaven.   A John Piper phenomena of “GIVING UP”.

I disagree.

End Times have been dispensed throughout history hundreds of times!   Including most recently WWII.   It did NOT come to pass, but it did inartfully hurt the hearts and minds of millions who simply GAVE UP!

GIVING UP – is nowhere in the Bible.   Tucking your head between your arse and your arse – is NOT mentioned – in the Bible.     Allowing your children and family and friends to accept death as a result of Satan – is NOT advised in the Bible.   These people are the Wolves and Hyenas!   In other words, John Piper is to Christians what Pope Francis is to Catholics – A Great Deceiver!

They betray Christians just as Pope Francis betrays Catholics.   DO NOT BE DECEIVED.   Trump, Orban, Bolsonaro, Putin come from varied and diverse backgrounds. We do NOT need to accept the backgrounds – but we DO NEED to accept the Goal.   They have put themselves into the death spiral of assassination in order to SAVE US!  

Don’t allow the wolves and hyenas to infiltrate what you know in your heart.   “HE who is not with me – Is Against Me!”