Saudi Arabia Evacuating Lebanon!

YEMEN continues to be a target for the Saudi’s. Bombed to oblivion, starvation is rampant, thousands have died, casualties escalate, and 3.1 million people are displaced as there is no end to the incessant destruction. Like Syria, like Ukraine, it began when an external force decided they didn’t like the internal shifts. In this case, the Saudi’s took insult when their Sharia Sunni implant, Hadi, was ousted and replaced with a Shia, Salah.

The fact that Hadi was even elected President of Yemen may have had something to do with the fact that he was the only candidate running… while Salah was in the hospital recovering from an attempted assassination…   And like Bashar Assad, the fact that Salah was previously working with the US to fight terrorism and provide intelligence, makes the flip-flop more confusing.

Except for the fact that the flip came about during Hillary’s tenure as Secretary of State when the Clinton Foundation was a recipient of $$$$millions from the Saudi’s.   And since that ‘flip’, al Qaeda and ISIS in Yemen have gained considerable control.

Prior to Hadi assuming the Presidency, the government under Salah had been in an all out crack-down against al Qaeda and ISIS, keeping them on the defensive, and making progress in their battle for Yemen. The parallels to Syria can not be dismissed. It is a genocidal war in which the Shia population is the ultimate target for eradication.

With Iran entering in defense of Yemen, the war has become a religious battle ground initiated by Saudi Arabia, embraced by the Obama administration, and cultivated by Europe. Al Qaeda has offered to make a truce with Hadi while vowing to annihilate the Shia Houthi’s under Salah.

So whose side is the US on?

Well, we initially supported the Saudi’s and Hadi. The Houthi’s were the bad guys. But Al Qaeda is now fighting alongside the Saudi’s. And ISIS has moved in. So the US is fighting al Qaeda and supporting the Yemeni forces under Hadi while the Saudi’s, ISIS and al Qaeda are killing everyone, and ultimately planning to work with – Hadi. So basically we are making a deal to let ISIS and al Qaeda take over Yemen alongside Hadi.

In the midst of the riff, the Saudi government has ordered its citizens to leave Lebanon following increased tensions with Iran’s assistance in Yemen. In addition, the Lebanese Prime Minister who is Sunni and pro Saudi Arabia abruptly resigned from office at the same time.

Lebanon is roughly 40% to 50% Christian, 27% Shia, and 27% Sunni. The President of Lebanon is Shite.

The Saudi’s have also declared that Qatar is aiding al Qaeda and ISIS and instituted sanctions. Qatar is predominantly Salafi Muslim, which is a sect within Sunni. But that is misleading because of Qatar’s 2.6 million residents, only 300,000 are Qatari, the remainder are called ‘Expatriots’, or slaves. The Emir of Qatar has been a supporter of the West, Europe (having been schooled in Great Britain), Syria and Yemen. Most recently, he has stated his support of Iran.

This allegiance to Iran has emboldened Saudi Arabia to what could easily implode into an unprecedented Middle Eastern war, not unlike WWI and the collapse of the Ottoman Empire. Given the recent Saudi proclamation demanding the evacuation and return of Sunni’s from Lebanon, it may be that a strike on that country is imminent.

The question then being – who do we support?   Because it would appear that we have made some rather bad choices lately…


Africa now has 65.6 million “displaced people”/ refugees due to ongoing violence… where are they supposed to go? Why isn’t this news? What is being done?

Answers: nowhere, unworthy, and nothing.

While Africa looms large in their crisis, the total number of displaced persons/refugees from Syria is estimated to be over 6.3 million. From Afghanistan, the number is estimated to be over 7.6 million. And we have the audacity to claim we ‘saved Syria’ from the brutal Assad regime…

In South Sudan a civil war for the past 3 years has taken over 300,000 lives and displaced 3.5 million people. Famine is rampant, an estimated 6 million are starving, and ethnic cleansing is the mainstay. Reading the reason for the fighting, it could easily transpose into the tit-for-tat, hatred we are witnessing in the US. There was some cattle rustling, some fear, and some different culture ideals that brought about a massive unabated war.

Most ‘displaced’ Africans go to Ethiopia, Kenya and then to Turkey and Europe if they are lucky. But if Germany can’t handle 1 million refugees, how the heck is Europe supposed to absorb 80 million? Obviously, it can’t. That would mean, making the refugee crisis Europe’s responsibility is motivated by an alternate agenda.

The long term effects of Europe’s Socialist government has resulted in a skew that could spiral them into an economic collapse.  Without a growing population every country in Europe is witnessing a skew heavily weighted in the age group over 65 and lack of laborers to support them. Falsely manipulated into thinking the solution was to bring in refugees and train them to be their labor supply hasn’t worked – and won’t ever work.

First, it is a form of slavery. Second, mashing together two conflicting cultures might work to some degree, but that degree is miniscule. The cultural differences being addressed in attempting to brainwash Middle Eastern and African cultures in Europe range from rape to incest, from honor killings to pedophilia, and from terrorism to massacres. And in the process, the German culture, the French Culture, the Swedish culture is systematically being wiped out as it is ‘offensive’ to the newcomers.

Before we saved Syria and created a 6.3 million loop of poverty and death, President Assad was ‘accused’ of many heinous crimes, none of which were ever proven, and all of which still remain “alleged”. What we fail to understand is that cultures are better served by their own. Attempting to recreate Syria, we created a massive cesspool that has grown exponentially.

Now the UN is talking about how much money world economies must shuck up to rebuild Syria so that all the remaining 13 million may once again live happily-ever-after under their chosen regime.

The newest claim is that Assad was/is working in conjunction with al-Qaeda and ISIS.   The absolute absurdity and purpose of this claim is simply to rewrite history. ISIS wasn’t even in Syria until the regime was ousted by the US and coalition forces, leaving a vacuum for a takeover. In addition, the claim doesn’t address the major ethnic cleansing attribute which exists between Sunni’s and Shias. Assad is an Alawite, or Shia, ISIS is Sunni. The dominant proclamation of ISIS is to kill Shia and Christians.  The Sunni nations of the Middle East wanted a Sunni in power in Syria.  End of story.

The European obsession with saving all these poor refugees does little to solve the problem and a lot to creating new problems. While the obvious solution would be to back-off interference and stop destroying entire countries, the issue we now face is how to fix our colossal error in judgment, ie, rebuild Syria and put a halt to the Africa Land Grabs that have spiraled them into a cycle of greater famine while redirecting waterways and thus creating man-made droughts and agriculture devastation.

So while London is considering grabbing empty apartments from landlords and giving them to the displaced, maybe Africa should consider grabbing back all their land and evicting the Land Grabbers. Redistributing the land back to their people, could quell the famine that is causing civil wars as survival is the end game.

Unfortunately, as a result of our interference, Syria is more complicated because ISIS now controls parts of the country.  So until ISIS is eliminated, rebuilding is a mammoth waste of time.  But then the UN isn’t known for their ‘decision making skills’.