Saudi Arabia Evacuating Lebanon!

YEMEN continues to be a target for the Saudi’s. Bombed to oblivion, starvation is rampant, thousands have died, casualties escalate, and 3.1 million people are displaced as there is no end to the incessant destruction. Like Syria, like Ukraine, it began when an external force decided they didn’t like the internal shifts. In this case, the Saudi’s took insult when their Sharia Sunni implant, Hadi, was ousted and replaced with a Shia, Salah.

The fact that Hadi was even elected President of Yemen may have had something to do with the fact that he was the only candidate running… while Salah was in the hospital recovering from an attempted assassination…   And like Bashar Assad, the fact that Salah was previously working with the US to fight terrorism and provide intelligence, makes the flip-flop more confusing.

Except for the fact that the flip came about during Hillary’s tenure as Secretary of State when the Clinton Foundation was a recipient of $$$$millions from the Saudi’s.   And since that ‘flip’, al Qaeda and ISIS in Yemen have gained considerable control.

Prior to Hadi assuming the Presidency, the government under Salah had been in an all out crack-down against al Qaeda and ISIS, keeping them on the defensive, and making progress in their battle for Yemen. The parallels to Syria can not be dismissed. It is a genocidal war in which the Shia population is the ultimate target for eradication.

With Iran entering in defense of Yemen, the war has become a religious battle ground initiated by Saudi Arabia, embraced by the Obama administration, and cultivated by Europe. Al Qaeda has offered to make a truce with Hadi while vowing to annihilate the Shia Houthi’s under Salah.

So whose side is the US on?

Well, we initially supported the Saudi’s and Hadi. The Houthi’s were the bad guys. But Al Qaeda is now fighting alongside the Saudi’s. And ISIS has moved in. So the US is fighting al Qaeda and supporting the Yemeni forces under Hadi while the Saudi’s, ISIS and al Qaeda are killing everyone, and ultimately planning to work with – Hadi. So basically we are making a deal to let ISIS and al Qaeda take over Yemen alongside Hadi.

In the midst of the riff, the Saudi government has ordered its citizens to leave Lebanon following increased tensions with Iran’s assistance in Yemen. In addition, the Lebanese Prime Minister who is Sunni and pro Saudi Arabia abruptly resigned from office at the same time.

Lebanon is roughly 40% to 50% Christian, 27% Shia, and 27% Sunni. The President of Lebanon is Shite.

The Saudi’s have also declared that Qatar is aiding al Qaeda and ISIS and instituted sanctions. Qatar is predominantly Salafi Muslim, which is a sect within Sunni. But that is misleading because of Qatar’s 2.6 million residents, only 300,000 are Qatari, the remainder are called ‘Expatriots’, or slaves. The Emir of Qatar has been a supporter of the West, Europe (having been schooled in Great Britain), Syria and Yemen. Most recently, he has stated his support of Iran.

This allegiance to Iran has emboldened Saudi Arabia to what could easily implode into an unprecedented Middle Eastern war, not unlike WWI and the collapse of the Ottoman Empire. Given the recent Saudi proclamation demanding the evacuation and return of Sunni’s from Lebanon, it may be that a strike on that country is imminent.

The question then being – who do we support?   Because it would appear that we have made some rather bad choices lately…

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  1. Well since the Constitution of Lebanon requires that the prime Minister must be a Sunni, what Saudi Arabia is doing is trying to replace Hariri with some one who is much more Salafist. Hariri and his father were known for not being particularly religious, consuming alcohol for instance. There were also widespread accusations that both Hariri and his father promoted the corruption atmosphere in Saudi Arabia through bribery, which is laughable because it is the norm in the Middle East including Israel. have you noticed most Israeli Politicians end up being charged with some form corrupti0on if they stay in office ling enough. All the Lebanese I know, and they are all Christian, despise Israel and wish the United States would leave Lebanon alone. Which side will the US support? Whoever Israel orders them to support.

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