Roy Moore – Sex Allegations Crumbling?

The legal age for marriage in Alabama is 16. In order to be charged with sexual misconduct in Alabama in 1975, a person would have to engage in sexual intercourse.  

Leigh Corfman age 53, claims that in 1979 at the age of 14, she was inappropriately touched by Republican candidate for Senate, Roy Moore who is currently age 70 and was at the time 32.  

Corfman claims that she did not come forward before because she was strapped financially having declared bankruptcy sometime in 1990’s, and because she was not a saint.   She says at the time she was approached by Moore, her mother was in a custody hearing and Moore was an older guy hitting on her and she thought that was cool.

Despite the fact that she told her mother ten years later of the contact, her mother did not make a report either.

Failure to make a report of suspected child abuse carries a misdemeanor charge with a possible prison sentence and a $500 fine.

While the Washington Post claims that Moore sexually abused Corfman, according to The Law Library, sexually explicit conduct is defined as:   “Actual or simulated sexual intercourse, including genital-genital, oral-genital, anal-genital, or oral-anal, whether between persons of the same or opposite sex; bestiality; masturbation; sadistic or masochistic abuse; or lascivious exhibition of the genitals or pubic area of any person.

 There was no sexual intercourse, and no exhibition. Was the contact inappropriate if it did occur? Yes. Was it illegal if it did occur?  That is legally debatable.

Of course it was arguably a stacked deck ready to swing the pendulum to the far right as the slew of allegations have come forth in the Liberal Hollywood sector.   Tit-for-Tat.

McCain has come forward to make this his own personal self righteous mission as he demands Moore step down immediately, forthwith, etc…   But, McCain is certainly not without his own crumbling deck abandoning his crippled wife to marry for money in order to gain the political power edge he craved.  McCain’s own political career occurred only one year after marrying the wealthy daughter of Jim Hensley who made his millions in the beer industry.   Hensley was the subject of investigations for his relationship and business dealings with Kemper Marley, a bookmaker with ties to the Mafia who purportedly ordered the car bomb hit of journalist Don Bolles just before he planned to expose the collusion of politicians with the Mafia.  Did McCain have some assistance in his rather fast tracked political career?

Two other unnamed women, who were purportedly 16 and 18 at the time claim Moore tried to date the have also come forward.  But there was no impropriety, simply a kiss and a date.   The 16 year old actually did not date him at all because her mother forbade it.  The 18-19 did, and Moore was a perfect gentleman.   So why is this even news?

Now, it has come to light that one of the women making the accusation of ‘dating’ worked as a sign language interpreter for – Hillary, aka Clinton.

“And all the King’s horses, and all the King’s men came tumbling down, – again…”

All these allegations took place 38 years ago. And never did any of these women come forth to police, or anyone else until now when the Democrat hopeful, Doug Jones, appears to be at a solid loss in the polls and the dirt, she come a flyin’!!  In 1997, Jones was appointed to US District Attorney by Bill Clinton.   Between 1984 and 1997, Jones was employed in private practice – however, apparently there is no record of where in Birmingham.  Which seems a bit odd given it is his longest stint of employment…

According to Breitbart, Jones affiliated himself with the Brennan Center for Justice which is the recipient of numerous grants totaling over $& million – from the Soros Open Society Foundation.   Jones would also be aligned with Black Youth Vote, NAACP, Alliance for Justice (another Soros organization), and CAF, a radical organization that partnered with the Occupy Movement.

Not exactly the best resume material.

To find a down-and-out woman barely making ends meet and offer her a stipend to make a baseless unproveable claim that occurred 38 years ago – is a bit stretchy…  but it may be exactly what the Clinton/Soros Democrats have tried, finding nothing else.  Rather lame.

Of course McCain, a known Soros partner, has demanded that Moore step down immediately and concede despite the fact that these allegations have no proof of substantiation.

If we were to call out McCain on his own past transgressions, there were allegations that he was negligently instrumental in starting the fire on the USS Forrestal in 1967 that killed 134 sailors. McCain subsequently denied the allegations, but if we were to impose the same judicial sentencing, should he not have immediately stepped down from political life beneath ‘the allegation’ – as he is stating Roy Moore must do?

It seems the Democrats are definitely losing their grip if this is as good as it gets…

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