The Religion of Science

What better source to find fodder for a blog than on a Liberal site. Case in point, a video is circulating in which Neil DeGrasse Tyson, an Astrophysicist, explains why he is so dumbfounded that people today would question anything ‘scientific’. He claims that people are today incapable of being able to judge what is truth, what is reliable, and what we ‘should believe’.   Because according to Mr. Tyson, Science is the foundation of the United States…

He further advocates that people who don’t agree with certain ‘viewpoints’ simply don’t have the knowledge to have an opinion and should therefore believe what they are told – verbatim. Specifically; 1. Evolution   2. Vaccines 3.   GMO’s and 4.   Climate Change.

Speaking slowly with a vocabulary and content that might befit a first grade elementary class, Mr Tyson laments that these ‘questioners’, these people of inferior intellect, do not define the ‘country he remembers growing up in’.

According to Mr. Tyson, the world today wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for scientists, they alone are responsible for everything good we have accumulated, including; the atom bomb, bridges that collapse, buildings that fall, forests the burn incendiary fire, cloud seeding that alters our climate, and of course all the ozone depleting chemicals, fuels, and aerosols…   Actually, he didn’t say that – what he did infer was that scientists are gods responsible for everything mankind has accomplished… and if dare to question, we are inherently denying what is true – and therefore we are ignorant. OUCH!

So lets look at the ‘truisms”:

  1. Evolution – by its very definition is a “Theory” created by Darwin in 1853. It includes the ‘hypothesis’ that bears could have evolved into whales because he sees that as a possibility given bears can swim. That part was later omitted from the book. Science defers to a spattering of fossils collected from one particular area that were dispersed and rearranged to become Ambulocetus – a ‘walking whale’. Utilizing an artist to fill in the ‘vast’ empty places, and without any evidence to support the bones came from one skeleton, a new ‘theory was created’.     The Entire Theory of Evolution is based on hypothesis, conjecture, limited information, and alternate views within the community – and is again thus based on unprovable opinion.
  2. Climate Change – by it’s definition is a theory as well because it is based on ‘observations’ that date from 1950’s forward when climate was charted. Everything prior – is based on theory, conjecture, and opinion as there cannot be ‘observational evidence’ which is required in science data. Add to the fray, if science was truly an absolute, based conclusively on evidence and fact, then all scientists would always agree as in 2+2=4. In fact, science is a philosophy of thought that is continually changing and evolving and changing again.
  3. GMO’s – no one denies GMO’s, that is an odd misnomer by Tyson. We simply take issue with the amount of pesticides and chemicals that are being doused and saturated on our GMO foods, and the nutritional value compared to ‘real food’. Those arguments have been scientifically – proven.   Therefore, Mr. Tyson would seem to be ignoring some science in favor of science.   Lest we forget, Science created all those wonderful pesticides that cause deformed babies, multiple cancers, death, disease, and a depleted ozone.
  4. Vaccines – Science has developed thousands of vaccines. Some have been required to be yanked for their failure rate or their side effects, including death, after the fact. Some have been the cause of virulent diseases requiring another vaccine in order to mediate what medicine and science – caused. Those facts – are truisms. Skepticism is born of failure. Vaccines are a trial-and-error. And much factual data supports the truism that the efficacy rate is not calculable because the trend lines showing the cure began years before the introduction of the vaccine. That is natural ‘herd immunity’.   We are also skeptical because often the ‘trials’ are faked, and when a lie is exposed, the natural thought process is – what else was lied about.

Oddly, what Mr. Tyson seems to argue is that people are flawed because we demand truth when it impacts or impairs our life and health. He feels that we should follow like sheep believing everything that ‘they’ the ‘scientists’ ram down our throats without question, because well, they are mini gods who created our world.

Indeed, everything about Mr. Tyson is rather scary, and yet would seem to be hailed by the secular community as their ‘bible’.   Science is a world of faith. Faith in theory. Faith in opinion. Faith in hypothesis. Faith in modeling. Faith in proxy.

Those ‘faiths’ are their religion. And given that religion may not be promulgated by public entities representing any part of our government, wouldn’t that include ALL Science?

It was only quite recently that science was elevated from its classification as a “Philosophy”. Philosophy is a thought or belief, not a fact supported by observational evidence. In the religion of Science there is no ‘consensus’, opinions differ, results differ, observations differ, and the ‘facts’ are routinely altered to coincide with ‘new opinions and assumptions.

While some math is based on absolutes, statistics are based on ‘probabilities’ given certain criteria, although the actual fact is not known. Polls are a popular statistical method for determining the outcome of politics. They have shown to be dead wrong, dead right, and somewhere in-between. A variable, not a fixed number, therefore a – theory.

Even Mr. Tyson’s preferred science, Astrophysics, utilizes ‘predictions’ which is defined as a ‘prophesy’, what someone thinks may happen given the foundations, the natures, and the nuances of science data. The same science is used by gypsies, tarot card readers, and the like.

Tyson speaks from a platform of arrogance. He believes that those who are not of his belief, who don’t have his knowledge, and his wisdom, are simpletons, ignorant and pathetic for they question the accuracy of data whose foundation is – the religion of theory.

THE NETHERLANDS – A Sheep without a Shepherd

I remember when my father took me to Holland. I remember multi colored sails on boats floating sweetly on the waters. I remember white stone verandas and steps that led to pristine gardens, lush and green. I remember rolling hillsides that gently gave way to the fields of tulips, fruits and vegetables. It was somehow so perfect, so idyllic, and this remained in my mind’s eye.

But that time has past. The moons have risen and receded. And now this perfect picture has changed.

Holland is considered the most liberal country in the world with legalized prostitution, soft drugs and euthanasia, and a skew in the new religious preference to atheism and agnosticism. But they also have the 12th highest cancer rates in the world (Denmark has the highest). They have some of the highest rates of GMO agriculture, antibiotic use in animals, hormone use in animals and a birth rate that is declining. Since 1969 their birth rate has dropped from over 247,900 to 170,300 – 31%.

Could the shift to a world without morals and values also influence the desire to procreate? What happens when we no longer have right and wrong? What happens when we have no purpose?

With the opening up of euthanasia to include ‘individual choice’, one in eight deaths in The Netherlands can now be attributed to euthanasia and terminal sedation. People don’t want to live. In addition, a startling truth is unfolding. It is estimated that more than 650 babies are euthanized every year because the parents don’t want to raise a child that has some handicap. Where is the line?

Holland also embraces pornography. In addition, virtual child porn is legal. The result – The Netherlands has the highest rate of child porn of all the European nations.

GMO’S: Agriculture makes up the dominate export factoring in at about $81billion in 2014. Dairy farms make up 2/3 of all agriculture and if you have ever been downwind of those, well, it ain’t pretty. They also seriously pollute underground water and the soil. The picturesque windmills have been replaced with the metal ones like we have in the US. Bird flu is a serious issue given most farms are factory farms where they cram as many pigs, cows or chickens into the smallest space possible, because space is a limited factor. Disease is rampant. Antibiotic use became the norm, injected daily. Money was the objective and so creating the most, the fastest, was the object. Hormones were the all answer, widely used to promote greater ‘productivity’.

And it all worked in one manner. The Netherlands became the second largest agriculture exporter in the world next to the United States despite being just 2times the size of New Jersey.

But things started to collapse.

Antibiotic use in animals is being called to the mat as the number one reason that people around the world are becoming more and more resistant to the effects of antibiotics. Some countries consider this to be a global crisis. WHO has stated that if the use of hormones and antibiotics in animals is not stopped, even the most simple ailments like strep will no longer respond to any known antibiotic treatment.

Every year, 2 million people in the United States get infections that are resistant to antibiotics, and at least 23,000 people die as a result. Dozens of new, virulent bacteria have emerged over the years, including methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, or MRSA, which causes more than 11,000 deaths in the United States each year. Consumer Reports found that 97% of the 316 chicken breasts it tested were tainted with potentially harmful bacteria, and about half harbored at least one multidrug-resistant bacteria.

“Animal welfare groups say conditions go beyond being morally objectionable and that the farming practice has become an incubator for disease. You have an industry focused on keeping the costs as low as possible, giving as little feed as possible. We don’t see animals as animals any longer, but as products.”

For years The Netherlands widely accepted the use of GMO’s, second to Spain. Of course this necessitated the ritual dumping of pesticides, glyphosates (roundup) to mitigate against pests. The nutrient value of a product is relative to the nutrient value of the soil. If the soil is contaminated, this will pass on to the crop. So, not only were crops absorbing the harmful effects of glyphosate, the soil values also broke down as certain types of soil bind with the glyphosate.

They have recently passed a law which will ban all use of glyphosate as of the beginning of 2016. In fact the majority of Europe has either partially banned GMO’s and Roundup, or fully. But is it too little, too late? Have they already destroyed the land?

It would appear that The Netherlands believes they have. They are one of the top land grabbers in Africa and Asia.

It’s not just the landscape and farming in The Netherlands that has changed. It is just a picture of what once was so, when I was child – and what is – now. It is a place where values seem to have been replaced with open rule. Where the lines of right and wrong have blurred. And where purpose is a lost sheep without a shepherd.