Oil, Food, Housing: Recession Looms Like None Other!

JP Morgan warns crude could jump to $185 barrel – reflecting an 85% + increase at the pump – nearing the $8 per gallon mark.   The major cause being Europe’s decision to reign in Russian imports to $-0- with the first phase this May and dry by the end of 2022. This would NOT include Biden’s announcement that more taxes need to be tagged on to the pump price as well.   A well oiled plan indeed!

Given the democrats are well aware that their policies will cost them the House & Senate – assuming no voter fraud – it is likely they plan to incur as much destruction as possible before they leave by November.   Oil impacts just about everything in our lives, not just the miles we drive.   But it isn’t the only target…

Rumblings of a cyber attack on our grids is imminent.   Those rumblings come from liberal news outlets prompted by the CIA and other internal intelligence divisions.   Meaning the attacks could be pre-planned and likely from within.   Such a hack would have the greatest impact during a heat wave this summer prompting a ‘Russian Hoax Propaganda Blitz’ once again and a possible propaganda retaliatory strike by the US Military.   For one purpose only – initiating a full-blown global war.

Technically, given the amount of military aid to Ukraine in the realm of weapons and money, the US and EU have already joined the war.   Putin has made it clear that every piece of equipment is a valid target.   Basically, US taxpayers are footing the bill for the US to send equipment to Ukraine to be promptly blown up.

Reducing our INVENTORY!

After ‘donating’ the Taliban in Afghanistan $85billion worth of free military equipment, the Pentagon claims it has no idea where the $2.5billion in weapon aid to Ukraine has flitted off to –  stating it is too hard to ‘track’.   Too Hard TO Track?   As in it is being diverted to offshore accounts – hard to track?   Depleting our oil reserves, depleting our weapon reserves, the Pentagon is literally setting us up to be defenseless!

Of course it goes without saying that no military weapons are based on lithium batteries… and require that nasty fossil fuel called crude to operate. Imagine a jet or tank powered by wind and batteries that can only withstand a very limited variation in temperature!   GOOD GRIEF!

All these woeful factors will create a recession according to Fannie Mae with mortgage rates already pushing 7% and a sharp decline in home sales which will trickle to construction, which trickles to jobs, jobs, jobs. Home sales dropped by 4.5% in March over February as borrowers are less likely to qualify causing prices to adjust. Housing inventory is up nearly 12%.

A boon for the rental market. No surprise there!   You will own nothing and be drugged happy !!

While Biden is a core finger pointing blame game – this isn’t Biden, it is a consortium of elite people who have coordinated the effort across all western countries.   They own each and every western government.   The heads of state are all puppets without a scarecrow brain among them.

And as I have said before, the BRICS will be relentlessly attacked as they hold out on this globalist agenda aligning more and more with Russia.   Something the globalists did not anticipate which is the basis for the unrelenting Putin is evil pariah saga.

In the midst of this meltdown, the G-20 Summit proved kindergarten is still in session as a number of snubbers left the room, including Janet Yellen, when the Russian finance minister took the podium.   Bojo desperately tried to ‘persuade’ India’s Modi to join the hate Russia parade only managing to make a further fool of himself and the west in general.   As a result, Modi may be blocked from the G7 Summit in June.   I’m sure that will make him acquiesce.  

And the entire meeting was a grandiose waste of time given the snubbing, the mockery, the fakery, was all directed toward Russia and thus no one spoke outside of whispers.

Ursula felt it was the appropriate moment to declare that Russia would soon – default on their debt and predicted Russia’s GDP would fall by 11%.   Ignoring the fact that JP Morgan has predicted another 85% increase in the price of crude – benefitting – Russia! Saudi Prince Salman, who seemed aligned with President Trump, mocked Biden’s demand that oil output be increased and was rudely accused of assassinating the Wapo ‘journalist’ Jamal Khashoggi.      I wonder if the Saudi’s will become a member of the BRICS?

Blackmail and intimidation only work on cowards.

Germany, which is still importing necessary gas from Russia declared that they would find their net zero as of the end of 2022 during the middle of winter.   Without declaring how.   Although replacing the gas with wind and solar is off the table and simply buying more fossil fuel from other countries is to date their green agenda!    Why?  Germany’s failed wind and solar program is seen as a massive bust when winter does the deed and solar and wind are covered in – SNOW!  Making their Green a rusty toilet.

Firing up COAL!  Is their unstated, unhyped solution!

The comedy of errors and hypocrisy is so blatant now that the masses see beyond the masquerade and have the power to upend the agenda.   Numbers are growing in our favor – but undoing the chaos will be much harder than creating it!

6 thoughts on “Oil, Food, Housing: Recession Looms Like None Other!

  1. When ‘back radiation’ was discovered (the linchpin of ‘greenhouse gases’ and therefore ‘global warming’), where were the media accounts announcing this great achievement in atmospheric physics? Where is the scientific research paper, that was peer reviewed, that advanced this new physics of ‘back radiation’? Who was/were the discoverers of ‘back radiation’?

    Here’s the ‘old’ NASA physics, where back radiation is missing…


    Notice: Incoming radiation that’s immediately reflected back into space = 30% (yellow 6%, 20%, and 4% at the top left side of the diagram), leaving 70% left over to be accounted for, and as the diagram attests, only 70% is accounted for (7%, 3%, 16%, 23%, 15%, and the red 6% = 70%). It is the yellow 15% that is supposed to ‘back radiate’ a portion of its radiation to the surface, but the diagram has all 15% radiating back into space via the thick red arrow.

    Now, for the ‘new’ physics, where back radiation is present…


    What happened to the Nobel Prize in physics nomination for this astounding discovery? I can’t find it either.

    We’re told by these Marxist economic sabotage sociopaths that heat energy moves
    from cooler to warmer, when the Second Law of Thermodynamics tells us it moves in the opposite direction! The cooler higher atmosphere can’t heat the lower warmer atmosphere, let alone the surface.

  2. i wake up every day hoping that things will quiet down and it’s always worse! i still can’t believe that these monkeys still believe the bullshit being tossed their way!! you would think that after all the lies that have been uncovered in the last few months the people of the world would be sick of this shit and do something as a group,is it fear,is it stupidity.or both. i don’t expect any help from our elected assholes,we have to do it ourselves.after jan. 6th they managed to take the steam out of america. these people are the essence of evil beyond anything the world has seen,i guess we’ll just sink into total oblivion,maybe that’s what we deserve!

      • We need to kick all of them to the curb and theoratically could be done in six years (length of senate seats) if we begin now. My concern is that every RINO & Democrat in the nation will run as a Republican spewing forth more lies which people will buy into as they are hurting economically and maybe physically from the jabs. In as much as the American people did not seek to overturn a rigged election we are in for more fradulent elections or since the PTB run both parties they will allow the Congress majority to become RINO Republicans, and in 2024 allow a RINO Republican in the White House. Believe they are grooming (LOL) California Senator Kevin McCarthy for that job or another just as corrupt and useless for the Oval Office. It is obvious that the intervention by Almight God is needed so we need to get on our knees and pray mightily.

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