Belarus vs Poland – The Migrant Crisis Stages The Great RESET

MIDDLE EASTERN migrants have been crossing from Belarus thru Poland with the desire to   reach Germany.  Germany is hailed land of the free – as in free housing, free medical care, free food, and freedom to commit crimes without any consequences.  

The media hypes the narrative that the illegals are organized by the Belarusian government, Lukashenko, who has been chastised by the EU for human rights oppression against those bent on initiating a coup.   The vast majority of the illegals are young men.  Pictures show them smiling and laughing as they remain tucked in a barbed wire ‘no go zone’ with neither Poland or Belarus willing to admit them.

Where do these migrants come from?

Migrants from Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq pay travel agencies upwards of 20,000 Euro to fly to Minsk and then travel by car to the border.   It is hard to believe that these thousands of migrants from war-torn countries have 20,000 euro, meaning it is a contrived and paid for crisis.  It also seems far-fetched to think a country of Belarus’ means would foot the bill.

In FACT – it sounds distinctly like the same frontiers of deep pockets paying Haitians to travel from Chile to the US border.   Those pockets would include Soros and the Catholic Church.  Oddly coming on the heels of recent visits by various government officials to The Vatican.

Open the Coffers!  Iis the likely demand.

The fact that Belarus is aligned with Russia is of course no coincidence given Russia has also been accused of somehow orchestrating the cavalcade of young male migrants.   Russia and Belarus have refused to allow the internal presidential ‘coups’ orchestrated by NED and other CIA/MI6 branches.  And that has proven to anger those bent on the New World Great RESET.

Reports of atrocities committed by the Belarusian security forces protecting their border include one from a Syrian woman, Al-Moallem, a former teacher speaking ‘English’ while depicting screaming children and women left to starve in the bitter cold after their taxi drives away.  She gives an interview while being filmed in a Polish refugee camp all smiles…

Classic fakery – where’s the green-screen?

Czarek Sokolowski is the photographer credited with the photograph of the smiling Al Moallem.   Uploaded to Shutterstock it is for sale.  At the time, Sokolowski was in the midst of making a film, Democracy Photographer.  Were these actors?

The EU now blames Belarus for the border crisis and has called for the institution of more sanctions.  But what is the evidence?   When did a manufactured accusation suddenly become a government fact?

As the tale is told, Belarus president Lukashenko, who refused the EU coup, is coercing migrants in war-torn middle east countries to fly to Minsk, then he hires them a car to drive to the Polish border where Belarus guards will escort them across into Poland.  The airlines being used include ‘private planes’ and Iraqi Airways, and reports state the taxi’s from Minsk to the Polish border are Kurdish – as in US allies.   Maybe the EU Commission should ask Soros how the Haitians came to the US border?    But then the EU is a Soros NGO…

The escalation now has Russia and the EU as the players simply because of alliances.   But the reality is far more complicated and has been ongoing since the EU began its open borders policy.   The various migrant passages have been mired with complications from Greece, to Libya, to Lithuania, to Turkey, to Hungary, to every significant entry point.   These countries have taken the brunt of migrant influx while the EU mandates the migrants remain in the entry country until Germany or France can ‘process applications’.    Which may take years…

Of the 1.1 million immigrants who settled in Germany since 2015, roughly 10,000 have actually ‘mastered the language enough to get a job’.   Apparently Germany thinks represents a grand SUCCESS!    That would be 1% over FIVE years at a cost of  $25.65 billion per year.  Not a stellar economic statistic.  And hardly a positive business decision.

In 2016, the EU was in crisis over the vast incursion of migrants from war-torn regions of the Middle East and Africa.   Of course, the Middle East wars were perpetrated by the US and EU but that hypocritical notation is no longer popularly relevant.   The original northern land route to the EU was thru Lithuania.  But Lithuania didn’t want the migrants and either deported them or sent them to Poland camps.   Ultimately, the EU supported Lithuania’s ruse despite simultaneously calling it a violation of human rights.

Although Belarus is a country in the EU, it is NOT a member.   Their alliance with Russia is problematic.  And therein lies the sum total of the dispute.

As of 2019, the European Development Fund has been tapped for over $3.1 billion for refugee resettlement.  But the funding is blurred as expenses are categorized under a variety of terms not immediately relevant to migration.   NGO’s are given funding that is never tracked.   And the actual cost is unknown.

But all of this is somewhat of a distraction:    What ultimately does become clear in the EU and the US is that immigration is vehemently pushed so that the relative costs can bankrupt a country and literally destroy their economy while escalating crime   Simultaneously, the fraudulent Greenie Weenie Fund  filters more and more money into the countries from which the migrants fled.

The idea is to create a new environment fit for the elite without a middle class and with less peasants to feed.   A global Monarchial Rule.

A SHIFT.   The Point?

Theories abound.   Climate is changing, albeit not in the way that is being propagandized.   Some countries will become more valuable than others in this climate/polar shift.   The elite plan is to make sure they own the ‘right countries’ and that those countries have the quality of lifestyle for which they are accustomed – as well as the infrastructure to sustain food needs.

Ultimately, the idea is for both America and the EU to be decimated.  China?   Simply a tool.

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  1. Hi

    “When did a manufactured accusation suddenly become a government fact?”

    Right about the time a manufactured disease suddenly became a government emergency.

    The best government is no government. You’ll agree soon enough 🙂


  2. hell,i thought they said Afghanistan had peace now! why they’re teaching gender studies there now,next i guess the Taliban will be mincing around with lip stick and dresses on! my point is if the world leaders are bringing peace,why are there all these refugees trying to get into east and west Europe and america,i thought these people are always saying how much they hate america but they sure like all the free shit!! send them back,close the border,get rid of shit the pants and his side kick chuckles and clean out the house and senate,maybe then we have a fighting chance.

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