Government’s Illogical Matrix

Once again the EU is crying the blues over a lack of funding for climate change in poor countries.   Apparently these poor babies only received $80 of the $100 billion pledged and without that additional $20 billion, they just can’t make ends meet in reducing their carbon footprint impact. Of course that carbon impact is roughly less than 1%. DANG!

The fact that three countries (China, US and India) represent 50% of all global emissions and yet are given $-0- climate mitigation funding does seem a bit – ODD.   But then logic has no place in imperialism.

That same bizarre logic is being tabulated in the CoVid mania.   While the White House pinky swears the rate of vaccination among those over 18 is 73%, all other data points to more like 50%.   A differential of 31%.   In the corporate world, that +/- statistical error would get everyone fired.

The CDC goes on to make the assertion that 95% of all Covid hospitalizations and deaths are attributable to the ‘unvaccinated’.   But the CDC Tracker for CoVid was dismantled in March 2021.   And the numbers are literally dropped out of thin air as – pinky swears.

General Milley declared that there was no one who had advance knowledge of the affects of an Afghanistan pullout.   Of course, Macron was praised for his advance prediction via his crystal ball and yanked all French expats back to France in July, a full month before Milley’s botched ignorance.   Not to mention the fact that Generals typically go to War College and learn Tactics I and II.   I imagine Milley was asleep during his tenure at the Navy War College where he states he studied national security and strategic studies.   “National” security as in the US… NOT China, SIR!

As Corporations around the globe scream loudly for more workers given a massive shortage since the CoVid lockdowns began, oddly they simultaneously place vaccine mandates on their employees … further reducing their available workers as employees quit en masse.

This illogic would seem obvious in a world surrounded by reality, but in the new found imperial matrix, everything up is down.

“But I don’t want to go among mad people,”  Alice remarked.   ”Oh, you can’t help that,” said the Cat: “we’re all mad here. I’m mad. You’re mad.”   ”How do you know I’m mad?”  said Alice.   ”You must be,” said the Cat,  “or you wouldn’t have come here.”   ~Alice In Wonderland

Italy has declared that ALL workers provide proof of vaccination – both public and private – to be allowed to work.  Because they have a severe shortage of workers already which is affecting their most essential industries…  Other countries in the EU have instituted vaccine mandates for ‘cultural activities’.   You see, unvaccinated people will be expelled and deprived of culture. The losers of course are all the businesses deprived of – business as the unvaccinated simply invent new culture.

The industry MOST affected by the worker shortage is agriculture which will create food shortages.   Logic.

If all the illegal immigrants were forced to work in agriculture that would alleviate a double dip given those illegals are not working at all and getting paid nicely to do nothing….

According to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, food prices have already risen 33% since last year.

Logic according to the Pentagon, ‘when in doubt, lie’.   The Pentagon pinky swore that their drone strike took out high level assets in Afghanistan province…   And of course MSM was quick to high-five the Pentagon!   But it wasn’t true. They have known from the beginning it was a lie and sat for 3 weeks on the lie, and simply pulled a General Milley, ‘we never said pinky swear’,,, so it doesn’t count as a lie.  Now it is revealed the strike killed 10 people including 7 children and parents loading water bottles into their vehicle.   The Pentagon is asking for forgiveness by claiming it was a ‘mistake’…   Makes one wonder just how many mistakes they do make on say – a daily basis…  Syria comes to mind.

Meanwhile January 6th Gulag detainees in DC prisons are reporting of beatings, injuries, solitary confinement, and no access to lawyers or family.   The same DC police that Pelosi is calling to nationalize given their reputation for being so sweet and kind and willing to kill even sleeping victims and unarmed victims without ANY recourse. Which is likely exactly why Pelosi thinks they would make a great gulag America police force. I guess that’s logical somewhere.

Just in time for Winter Flu season, Israel has released data showing the Pfizer vaccine has waned considerably and does not work;   “the vaccine’s ability to prevent severe disease and hospitalization is waning over time — as is the shot’s protection against mild and moderate disease)”.  Israel states that the vaccine is now only 39% effective at doing anything.

  1. the definition of vaccine is: “a suspension of attenuated or killed microorganisms (viruses, bacteria, or rickettsiae), administered for prevention, amelioration, or treatment of infectious diseases.”  
  2. CoVid is derived from the family of coronaviruses, the most prevalent of which is the common cold. According to ‘science’ there is no viable vaccine for a cold…

The FDA decided today that the CoVid booster was only effective if a person was over the age of 65.   I wonder if that has something to do with vaccinating healthy potential employees vs probable retirees milking their Social Security benefits when the witches brew was empty?

Because even the Elites need to eat…

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  1. Government illogical? What are you smoking? Without government, we would all…survive rather well and prosper beyond imagination. The proof? Dinosaurs survived and prospered for over 170 million years without government, health care, big pharma drugs, the media and I-phones. Man will not be around in another 100-200 years. No way will he survive for another 1,000 years no matter how “technologically advanced” he becomes.

  2. [Thermal energy is responsible for 90% of the atmosphere’s heating, not anemic longwave infrared radiation]

    The Electromagnetic Spectrum is composed of the same substance throughout the spectrum, photons. The intensity of the radiation is determined by the distance between a photon’s wave’s two humps, where gamma radiation has the shortest distance between wave humps, therefore is the most powerful radiation type on the spectrum…

    Sunlight, ultraviolet, and shortwave infrared-derived thermals are emitted from the surface during daytime hours, heating the atmosphere directly via those three sources’ thermal energy. When the sun begins to set, those three radiation categories weaken into shortwave infrared radiation. Then when nighttime arrives, shortwave infrared radiation weakens into even weaker longwave infrared radiation, and it is this longwave infrared radiation that assists in keeping the atmosphere from cooling more during the night.*

    This relatively weak longwave infrared radiation is too anemic to directly heat the atmosphere at night. When emitted by the surface at night it is directly absorbed by carbon dioxide, methane, water vapor, and indirectly absorbed by nitrogen and oxygen. Longwave infrared radiation photons indirectly heats the atmosphere by its photons bumping into a gas molecule’s electrons, and this kinetic energy produces heat energy.


    During daylight hours, only stronger sunlight, ultraviolet, and shortwave infrared electromagnetic spectrum radiation can be emitted by the surface via thermal energy. At sunset, the electromagnetic spectrum weakens to shortwave infrared radiation, then to longwave infrared radiation at nighttime.

    Since longwave infrared radiation can only be emitted at nighttime, we have therefore identified the focal point for the ‘climate change’ fraud, where during daylight hours the Earth’s atmosphere magically fails to turn into trillions of tons of ice, crushing all life below.
    * “Greenhouse gases in the atmosphere including carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4), nitrous oxide (N2O), and water vapor, absorb this infrared radiation and keep it from passing into space. This energy is then reradiated in all directions, and the energy that is directed back toward the Earth warms the planet.”

    That’s a lie. Once absorbed by the atmosphere, longwave infrared radiation is destroyed; absorption means the radiation has been destroyed, therefore can’t be re-emitted back down to the surface to be once again re-emitted for further atmosphere absorption:

    “…when a photon is absorbed by an electron, it is completely destroyed. All its energy is imparted to the electron, which instantly jumps to a new energy level. The photon itself ceases to be.”,photon%20itself%20ceases%20to%20be.&text=The%20opposite%20happens%20when%20an%20electron%20emits%20a%20photon.


    “Eventually, the “excited” electron loses the extra energy by emitting electromagnetic radiation of lower energy and, in doing so, falls back into its original and stable energy level. The energy of the emitted radiation equals the energy that was originally absorbed by the electron minus other small quantities of energy lost through a number of secondary processes.”

    In the context of the subject at hand, the “lower energy” would be microwave/radio radiation, since microwave/radio radiation are the next lowest radiation types on the electromagnetic scale.

  3. Forwarded Message :


    Re: “Not by Fire but by Ice,” by Robert Felix

    Okay, re my addition to your “Climate Change” list.

    Hopi Indian Prophecy had informed military officers,
    which had been misinterpreted by them, and which
    mistake is costing us billions of dollars each year.

    Cyclical Climate Change – or millennia-long repetitive
    cycles of precession of the equinoxes – not Co2, drives
    climate changes.

    That misdirection shall take millions of lives, via global
    starvation—because coming cold weather reduces
    crop quality/quantity.

    I had asked my state’s governor, to prepare every
    greenhouse, for conversion to food-production
    facilities—thinking that studying Felix’s analyses would
    alarm him, to take action. No interest.

    The de-populationist elites secretly know this, but hope
    to reduce the number of “useless eaters,” as they call the
    common man/woman.

    — just my opinions, not carved in stone, so you need not
    debate —


  4. i try and keep my temper under control but just reading the first two articles in the gateway pundit i was already yelling to myself!! God i hate these people for what they have done!! no jail or gulags or camps for the ones who had a hand in this coup,hanging in public ,period!!

    • I am glad you are reading the gateway pundit I have recommended them for about two years. Their headline is essentially the entire article which is investigative but not researched. Different approach each quite enriching

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