Corporate America – A Pedophilia Blackmail

History is written mostly by white men.   Certainly that would true in the US given that whites are and have been the dominant race.   I doubt there is much white history written by African authors.   I wonder how much Chinese history is written my Muslims.   And yet, Plato and Aristotle must be cancelled because they were white men who wrote about philosophy and history.  

Oddly, this easily identified anomaly is oddly not understood.   Or is it?   Why are Mega conglomerate corporations embracing this obvious illogical platform?

Typically, corporate America targets their consumers based on consumption demographics.   It’s just like – Profiling!   You know, that negative narrative associated with our Men In Blue.   Today 77% of the US population is represented by Whites and Hispanics. The median age is 38.   Gender demographics seem relatively neutral.

Corporations used to spend billions on research targeting.   Ads on television were typically geared toward the female as the dominant shopper. But with online shopping, the demographic closed considerably.   This audience target algorithm was called out on occasion by feminists, otherwise, it was simply business.

If I am buying a dress and I am skinny, I don’t want to see that dress modeled on a woman who weighs 300 pounds.   And visa-versa.   So that market shifted to accommodate different figures.   What they didn’t do – was cancel. What they didn’t do was skew.

And yet today, these same corporations seem to have sidelined their profit and marketing strategies to accommodate a race that makes up 13% of the population – Campaigns have been ongoing in creating black-only care products.   And yet, the larger minority, Hispanics are given – nothing.


Why do the powers that be favor blacks over Hispanics despite the 7% discrepancy in demographics? Could it be that Hispanics are less inclined to murder, destroy, rape, assault, and steal? Could it be that we are catering to a highly aggressive portion of society for the very purpose of civil disruption?

Because Corporate profits and shareholder rewards are being brutally desecrated. In 2020, Nike’s income had fallen 40%, yet their stock value increased 30% over the same time frame.   How is that possible unless they were told that no matter their political disruptions, the powers would support the stock?   As in manipulation.

Target.   Beginning of 2020 their shares were tagged at $92.47 – despite their pronouncement of all things BLM, chaos, and destruction, their value increased 140% over the last year.

In order to discern this oddity one needs to look at the prime investors which are the same for both companies:   Vanguard, Black Rock, and State Street.

Vanguard Group:   Manages $7 trillion in assets.   Mortimer Buckley is Chairman and CEO as of January 2018.   His MBA came from Harvard.   IN 2013 as he began to climb quite quickly in the ranks, he was quite graphic in his deference to London. He is a vocal Democrat.

Black Rock:   Managing over $8.7 trillion in assets, Larry Fink is the Chairman and CEO.   He had high hopes of becoming Hillary’s Treasury Secretary upon her 2016 win.   Blackrock is the largest stakeholder in the arms industry and in fossil fuels – despite being a vocal Democrat alignment.

State Street:   The laggard holds a mere $3.1 1 trillion in assets.   They have a long history that includes multiple controversies for fraud, nondisclosure, grievances and gender whatevers.

There is a thread that appears to align these three conglomerate institutions.   Their Chairs or CEO’s serve on the board of The Boys and Girls Club.   A charitable organization.   Their website depicts a nearly 100% black audience. One of the Club’s dominant partners is Panda Express China. Other partners include the MLB (wholly owned now by China), Disney, Coca Cola, Comcast, Schwab, Microsoft, Ratheon, etc…

Why would these corporate giants care about The Boys and Girls Club? Philanthropy comes with predications.

The Boys and Girls Club was a non-inclusive Boys Club up until 1990.   In 2019, 250 former youth members came forth from the Boys Club detailing sexual abuse claims.   Including rape.   A scandal reminiscent of the Franklin Scandal during the 1980’s in which Boys Town was the source of the young lads who would become the rape victims of elite pedophiles – including George Daddy Bush.

And thus we have a thread.   A corporate blackmail thread that would derail a Ceo, a Chairman of the Board, and a lineage of elites who would sell their country to protect themselves from public humiliation. It further displays the Chinese connection to this Hyper Blackmail scheme which became media fodder with Hunter Biden – an obvious sex addict, drug addict, addict without any morality whatsoever!

Full circle.   Why would the Hyper Powers That Be want to create a Black America with 13% of the population?   One answer:  Because the chaos thus erupted would result in the annihilation of US blacks.   Because the renegade blacks are an easy target.   Because the corruption is rampant. Because Blacks are more susceptible to that instigation.   And easy malleable puppets.

BY – The Democrat Party and the New Republican Party in alliance as per the doctrine decreed by The Economist – a Rothschild Rag.

2 thoughts on “Corporate America – A Pedophilia Blackmail

  1. I certainly believe the Chinese connection is much bigger than anyone imagined. The Chinese control our media and entertainment industries which is where we get most of our information. Now with Joe Biden at the helm they have their perfect puppet who will sell us down the river just as he has been doing on a smaller scale for 47 years. The Democrats are taking our rights away as quickly as possible. They’ll soon pass a law that will ensure they never lose another election. The only barrier in their way is the Supreme Court so I expect they’ll be packing that soon.

  2. BRAVO!!! you explained that perfectly! i can’t remember if it was here or brandon smith’s column ,they posted the top CEO’s of big american companies and i believe only one person was an american citizen. how can these people have any real feelings about america,they could care less about it,they want their new world order.

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