UFO’s: Declassified June 2021

While the first actual documentation of a UFO was in 1440 BC, as was common then became the norm for the next 3440 years.   The “why” is simplistic and complex.   Obviously, the concept could undermine religion.   The Truth could create panic.   The Truth could reveal the source of the real Cabal.   The Truth could be riddled with accusations, and delusions.  As it has been done.

Somehow, TRUTH has become an evil.    

While pyramids have long been questioned as to their engineering, and as to their sheer physical possibility, the questions were typically quashed as ‘conspiracy’, or simply ‘unfounded’.   But isn’t nearly everything ‘unfounded’?   Science is Theory by definition.   And the science that denounces UFO’s is based on a flat earth sort of mentality – if I don’t have an explanation in today’s knowledge, therefore it is an impossiblity.

What an amazingly narrow thought process.

And yet, despite science continually bulldozing antiquated scientific thought, today’s scientists still maintain the creative capacity of a Neanderthal.

Biden has announced that Trump’s demand for a full UFO Report is apparently complete and will be released, according to Biden, this June.   Whether it will be authentic, redacted, edited, or simply another government illusion – is anyone’s guess.

But the FACT remains – there have been verifiable, documented, recorded, pictures, videos, evidence, of UFO’s for over 3400 years. I think it is well past time to – tell the Truth.

Donald Trump says he has heard ‘interesting things’ about aliens…   But like every governmental official, he has taken a sworn pledge to silence.

Accounts are variable depicting UFO’s as various formsincluding:   rocket shaped forms, silver cylindricalforms, and black triangular forms – like pyramids, with varying alien depictions from short to tall to reptilian to humanoid robots.   Some people report abductions, others report sightings, but the sightings have ramped upped in the last few years seemingly aligning with the 2030 Agenda.  

There are multiple theories – aliens from another dimension that live within ours, aliens from the future, aliens from our past, aliens from other galaxies…. All seemingly plausible.   And all – universal – not random.

My father was stationed to Roswell for the famous dissemination of UFO’s and Aliens.   Of course, his code was military, and back then, code ruled.  So he never shared even the slightest of those months/years. Nor did any of his military affiliates.

Yet, the witness visuals were coded and classified, until – now.

I imagine there is a percentage of the population that will be unable to assimilate the Truth, having been lied to and lived a voluminous life of lies.   But I also imagine there will be many who will demand answers to the obvious question(s) – are they friendly or are they confrontational?

I suppose the easy answer is if they were confrontational – we would likely no longer exist.   And therein becomes the – complex.

When we came to the US, having no television our entire lives, my brothers became obsessed with reruns of The Twilight Zone and The Outer Limits.   Fictional Fun!   And yet – decades later I begin to wonder if Hollywood in general has been a parlay of shrouded knowledge rebranded as ‘fiction’.  And they were used as a platform to slowly indoctrinate and synthesize the reality.

How much of our current science and technology is actually literal theft documented as a patent that was actually the result of UFO analysis?   Was this done purposefully?

For example, documentation by military personnel state that UFO aircraft travel at over 30,000mph, with a g-force equivalent to 600+.   They state that they can fly at 50 feet or 50,000 feet. They fly under water without any deviance.   They have no exhaust, no fire propulsion, and can make a right turn on a dime.

These are not the accounts of a few conspiracy observers. These are documented within military archives.

But to me, most importantly is the fact that there are multiple accounts that observe multiple vehicle descriptions. Which would give thought to the consideration that there are multiple venues of aliens…   Who might not agree amongst themselves.  Or how they envision Earth’s future.

And therein is – the Larger Issue.

To add to the fray of science and conspiracy, scientists claim there are possibly as many as 14 dimensions – or more.   Most people can’t conceive beyond 3.   Some have a superfluous knowledge of 4th and 5th.   But it is fair to say that the concept of the 14th Dimension is well beyond comprehension.   But. Comprehension does NOT mean it doesn’t exist.   It simply means it is – beyond….

MRna:   While ‘fact-checkers’ sitting in their sloven dank apartments while partaking of prostitutes and imbibing rituals would determine themselves to be the Factoids of the Globe, they are in reality – sloven high school graduates with an Adonis psyche.

IN fact, Bill Gates gave his own personal ‘scientific’ explanation of how the mRNA works in a person’s system. He explains in this video that the injected RNA replaces the defunct/bad DNA and usurps its function. Well… that would mean, according to Gates, that mRNA does in fact alter DNA.   And all the other scientists are simply faking an orgasm.

If the purpose is to alter DNA, then what is the purpose of this altering?

According to Conspiracy theorists, it is part and parcel of the creation of a hybrid alien/human.   Those who survive – are considered the strongest link…   But it does not come easily as we have been witness to Hillary face plants and Merkel’s unexplained, convulsive shaking.   We are also witness to the complete physical transformation of Bezos.   As well as the mental acumen of Elon Musk – which I would venture is – off the charts.

While many will hold to the concept of conspiracy and lack of evidence, those same individuals are likely to be the sheeples who will follow the Twilight Zone episode wherein the captured ‘people’ soon discover they are the menu items on a spacecraft leaving earth…  

9 thoughts on “UFO’s: Declassified June 2021

  1. While I believe there could be millions of other types of beings besides humans, the more advanced of those would have no reason to visit earth other than to study the planet. Certainly there would be no reward in studying humanity. Dinosaurs would have been much more interesting and less corrupt. But I don’t believe in UFOs since the distances to travel from star system to star system are beyond comprehension.

    • Tom –
      I like your view of things, but I must offer another perspective regarding interstellar travel: At the beginning of man’s ascendency, fire was beyond comprehension. Over the ensuing years, so were, before they were presented, the telephone, nuclear power, cell phones, the internet, and the advances of medical science incomprehensible. Unless you believe we, as intelligent and self-aware beings, truly ARE alone in the universe, why would we not postulate that there are thousands of much more advances species “out there”? (And I do not believe this position offends God, who in His omniscience, could have designed others being also in his image.) And given that premise, many advanced beings would have advanced to the knowledge and use of near-light speed travel using propulsion systems that to us, at our stage of development, would seem incomprehensible. In fact, to me it actually seems logically intuitive that some of those advanced being HAVE been observing earth, maybe for thousands of years, and could hold concerns that our present course, considering vast nuclear arsenals possessed by a dozen countries and fears at the boiling point, is headed for self-destruction, so compassionate “intervention” is necessary.

      • I agree with you that they may be observing us for many years, but what if they are not coming from these places that are millions of light years far away, but they are actually
        very close to us and are really worried about our nuclear weapons, which could affect
        them. This opinion is of a writer who says that they live inside of our earth and they may be the ones who destroyed other past civilizations, simply because there was a possibility that their lives were in danger. So I think that compassion is not in play, but
        a real thread and they feel that intervention is necessary, that is why there is more of them seen in the sky.

        • I too believe this is a fair probability – however, I don’t see them as destroying past societies given most had no means whatsoever of doing anything harmful to earth. There are accounts of UFO’s that fly into the oceans – so earth’s core could be where the fallen angels – the Nephalim survived.

          • Too bad that the book he wrote is only in Czech language, I think it would be bestseller if someone translated it into English. It is available to download.
            The author name is Robert Homir.

    • The military has declared that UFO’s exist – as well as thousands of citizens across the globe. Comprehension is why we have not been allowed in the loop of knowledge…

  2. i worked with a guy who thought that earth was a penal colony for the universe,it’s the place where they put all the misfits,imbeciles,trouble makers,etc.he said that’s the reason people spoke different languages and had different skin colors and looked different,i laughed for a week over that one! after much thought maybe Louie was right.

  3. “integrity, honor and respect.” … And there are fewer still who wear them in their heart.”
    I’m about a month into following your missives, Helena and I must express how much I relish your compelling, eloquent and creative thoughts. And you insights are phenomenal. Obviously, I’m now a big fan and your periodic offerings deserve a much wider audience. In my opinion, you are THAT good! Thank you for your diligent and passionate efforts to bring a deeper understanding and your unique European-born perspective to the crazy events in which we are currently immersed here in the USA.

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