President Trump – God Bless America!

New information has been sent to me today and the topsy-turvy world is once again about to be turned upside down.  The reason Pelosi is pushing for immediate impeachment of President Trump has nothing to do with the Antifa/Skinhead assault at the nation’s capital yesterday, and everything to do with information that is rumbling close to being made public. Albeit – not from me – yet.  

This information follows some interesting tweets made by Lin Wood before he and Trump had their accounts suspended.   Lin Wood has made it clear that the pedophilia aspect of Congress is very real and the primary source of the blackmail against congressional members.   Members were targeted and video taped.   In that view he gave us what we already suspected: Epstein is NOT dead.

The other information is related to the COUP.  

All other media points right now are distractions.   And have no bearing or worth.   Don’t watch the news.   Don’t allow them to pull you into the maze.   Some may find the information difficult.   But know that it is irrefutable.

God Bless America!

9 thoughts on “President Trump – God Bless America!

  1. If only we could have some hope in this treasonous time. Liberty and Justice for all, regardless of income or connections. Politicians should not be exempt from prosecution. With the last 9 months, many of us are losing hope in all our systems as they’ve been infiltrated from the cities to the White House. I quit the news, Twatter and Farcebook already. I don’t need communist politicians to tell me how to think.

  2. Excellent advice…I haven’t watched the news since 9-11. It’s a total waste of time, even the local garbage.

  3. This is exactly what I thought was the reasoning for this mad rush to remove our President. We can only hope the truth will be brought to light soon! Thank you, Helena, for your amazing reporting that many dare to not touch. I came across your website just a month ago (feels longer in these crazy times), and am grateful to have found your honesty and truth for those of us looking to find it in these extremely trying times.

  4. So Pelosi is trying to have him removed so he can’t declassify everything? That would make sense! I’ve been following Wood’s content closely. Thanks for the update.

      • Helena,

        I read and share your posts most days here in the UK, and this post gave me hope there would be a fair and equitable outcome to the election in the USA.

        Can you now the information you based this particular piece of writing on and where that intel originated from as the situation has seemingly gone from grave to terminate. Usually you are so en pointe and extremely knowledgeable and to your very great credit a fantastic writer.

        I fear that the cavalry is lost somewhere in the far distance unless there was none in the first place and there is to be no reprieve for any of us mere mortal peasants from what is to befall us.?

        • The Italian/Germany connection just quietly disappeared… Maria Zack had posted audio interviews as well as the signed affidavit by a Leonardo IT Tech. The CEO of Leonardo was indicted on bank fraud stemming from irregularities before he became CEO – and sentenced to 6 years in jail. Everything coming out of Italy now is that they are in crisis mode with minister quitting while some 325 members of the mafia are on trial. With censorship so broad – difficulty finding out much. Our biggest problem is/was allies. Bojo spun on a dime and cratered to Bill Gates promising him power. I doubt Germany was ever an ally – a wolf wearing a sheep mask. France always hated the belligerent Americans. The lies and deceit perpetrated is unfathomable. And now they looking to destroy Trump financially. Agenda 2030 has been initiated – and the Global RESET means staying OFF the grid as much as possible.

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