Marxism or Communism In The US: Are They The Same?

While Communism is believed to be synonymous with Marxism, the communism that has been activated in various forms in the Soviet Union and in China, are actually bastardizations of true literal Marxism.   And that corrupt translation is what has been transposed throughout history and interpretations today.  

What Gates and Soros envision is actually not the utopian vision of Marx and the barefoot socialists who believe in some bizarre Eden.   The Gates and Soros agenda is to reinvent according to the ideology of Mao or Lenin – call it Marxism, teach it as Marxism in theory, but supplant something far more totalitarian and cynical in a world power agenda.

And as such, they are deluding the Marxists and the socialists into believing a completely false premise with the hope of gaining support from a class that is ignorant of the truth or history.

Communist China is not Marxist, it does not follow the concept of empowering the working class, it follows the dictatorship of slave labor – completely contrary to true Marxist thought.   When the Bolsheviks rose up against the Monarchy in Russia, the initial impetus was to free the working class from their peasantry.   But when Lenin took control, the peasants were persecuted, and ultimately became insignificant as human beings subject to death. This is the bastardization that Communism infected in both China and the Soviet Union.   Most of Europe jumped onboard as well, infatuated with the ideals of Marx, but unwittingly embracing what would become the opposite – government by the state for the state at the behest of peasant labor.

IN essence – China and the Soviet Union recreated a completely adulterated version of Marxism that came to be labeled Communism.

Communism came to be a completely radicalized version of this new indoctrination – and the people were completely duped. So when we pen China’s communism as a Marxist ideology, it is really much more complicated – and mutated – much like a virus mutates.

Sometimes the virus mutates and becomes much more deadly, and sometimes it mutates and becomes much more benign.   Communism is a deadly mutation of Marxism.

When we look at what we are facing today in the US, in our fight against ‘the swamp’ or the ‘deep state’ or the ‘cabal’ – we are fighting a deadly mutation of Marx wherein control, totalitarianism, dictatorship, slavery, and peasantry are the preferred outcome.

And this morph – becomes ever more complicated.

Who is responsible for this gross mutation?

Lenin, Stalin – and ultimately Mao, because it was Lenin who coached Mao, who technically coached Mao in the ways and means of instilling control over masses, upon masses of people!   It wasn’t about ‘The Greater Good’. It wasn’t about the ‘working class’.   It was about control – and about power. Period.

Quite different than Marx’ vision.


Buzz words to attempt to pacify The People into thinking what our world is redefined as being and the laws that rule, are hereby – imposed.   We didn’t vote for it. We didn’t elect it.   It was – imposed. That is called – Tyranny.

In the past communism has attempted to rule and govern before. So how did we rid ourselves of this beast?

During the rise of the Bolsheviks and the overthrown of Russia, terrorism gained control under the redefined Marxist ideology instituted by Lenin.   But Lenin had no desire for the wimpy utopian vision of political and societal and moral ideals, instead, he advocated to use those principals to gain a propaganda following which he ultimately executed.

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn rose in the Soviet Union as a dissident.   A writer, his impact redefined the Soviet Union, gave a voice to the people, and was instrumental in the fall of communist rule – with a lot of impetus from then president, Reagan.

What that taught the world – was the fact that one man can destroy an army.

And that knowledge spread like wildfire, igniting a faith, a belief, a unity that maybe we can overcome this infiltration, maybe we will succeed!

The Communist Party never went away, when defeated, they simply withdraw like a withering beast into a cave where they regain strength, redevise a plan, and suddenly exit into the world ready to wreak every possible villainous feat possible.   The desire is – to destroy. And they have typically used the time to regenerate.   When they emerge, their opponents have since gone asleep, deaf, dumb, and portly.

It was Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn who had every faith with the Republic of the United States. With the limited government intervention and the rule of the people.

But 20 years in the US, the rise of immorality, political apathy, and a dummied down education, and Solzhenitsyn was decrying the collapse of the west.   The US was on collision course of failure led by a ‘communist core that was gaining ever more power’.   Solzhenitsyn fled to Russia, and the US continued its fragile fight against an unseen evil.   Instead, we chose the way of pop culture, head in the sand, drugged, brain washed, and oblivious.

Waking Up – This Is What We Created.

And now we demand President Trump fix all this… for us… because… we deserve it! And if he misses dotting an i or dropping a comma, we are instantly willing to accuse him of failure and toss him overboard.

He is fighting for us.   What are we doing?

When a woman gets pregnant, she gains weight. Doctors advise that it will take the same length of time as the pregnancy for the woman’s body to be as it was pre-pregnancy.   If this communist agenda in the US began in the early days of the Russia Revolution in 1917, that means Trump has until 2107 to make it right – for us idiots who complacently allowed it be made wrong. And we need to think about what that means and how we can support his efforts instead of criticizing our perceived notion of his faults.

4 thoughts on “Marxism or Communism In The US: Are They The Same?

  1. Marxism was a con job to get labor organized so it could be controlled by the elites in oppositions to corporations owned by the elites.

    This sounds bizarre. As one of the elites asked innocently when accused of this duplicity, why would we promote a movement against capitalism when capitalism works so well for us?

    The answer to that is control over all production and people. Capitalism in its form at the turn of the century was competitive. Competition is hated by all good capitalists. Attempts at circumventing competition with Trusts were thwarted by Trust Busters in the government. Communism would be used to eliminate competition as the elite would assume control over government and capitalist means of production. This state owned capitalism would in fact become elite owned capitalism as the elite controlled the state via the party.

    Marxism was the trick to dupe the working class into supporting Communism. So they experimented with this in Russia , first with the Mensheviks having labors support by promising to win the war (Czar was called a German sympathizer )and once they got control moved in with the Bolsheviks who took it over with brutal suppression of both labor and Mensheviks/Czarists .

    With the help of Western industrialists like Ford and Rockefeller’s and then recognition by FDR they were able to industrialize and build up militarily to conquer Europe .

    The elite in the West were playing a double game though. They weren’t going to let Stalin have Europe so easy. In order for the US to become Communist the people would have to be conditioned and weakened. A depression followed by another great war would be needed.

    So they installed the anti-Communist Hitler as leader of Germany, relaxed reparation requirements under Versailles with the help of Wall Street snd the newly created BIS, and US Industrialists facilitated technology transfers with cartel agreements with German companies allowing Hitler to rearm and setting up the War against Fascism.

    Mussolinis rise in the 1920’s with his economic fascism (or corporatism as he called it ) was widely admired by Hitler and US industrialists/bankers, even FDR himself who tried to push through the NRA (eventually implemented unofficially in WWII as the war economy). Hitler incorporated it into his National Socialism. This was a government led economy based on public private partnerships. The elites could maintain private ownership and partner with the state, or even control the state, and could achieve what they want without Communism.

    So the fight began against Fascism with the Capitalist Democracies allying with Communist Stalin. Uncle Joe and FDR side by side to save Poland (and FDR took on Japan to save China)

    Fascism was defeated in name but many of the Nazi Scientists and Industrialists were absorbed by Germany and the US to share their knowledge with the West. Communism was allowed to take half the world. Thanks in part to the US withholding aid from its KMT ally in China while Stalin armed Mao. The War over Poland and China left both in Communist hands. With Communism entrenched the elites were able to create the Cold War. A long war pitting Communism vs Democratic Capitalism with the goal of creating a synthesis. This synthesis would yield something resembling Mussolinis Corporatism, but Global and not National.

    In 1990 the stage was set for the NWO. China and FSU would adopt the Wests now neoliberal form of Capitalism (inequality and cartel like behavior with public private partnerships) . They did so willingly as their elites wished to live as richly as western elites and own their own wealth instead of sharing it.

    The Soviets chose a different path, willing to embrace Democracy seeing how easily that can be controlled by oligarchy. China chose to keep the illusion of socialism as it was the peoples religion, while the party elite fleeced the valuable state owned property from the people into their private ownership/control while keeping authoritarian controls over the people

    So now the global elites were prepared for global conquest. WTO to give corporations free access and the EU (modeled after Hitlers vision of a united Europe dominated by Germany) were created. A new war on Terrorism was needed to get people in the West to voluntarily give up their rights and unite the rest of the world to follow in the US footsteps.

    A new economic order was in development, using the pseudo science of Climate Change to set the groundwork for Sustainable Development, Agenda 2030 and a Green Economy using Big Tech/Data to control peoples lives and consumption

    But the people weren’t buying in since fear was limited due to lack of immediate danger, so a Big Pandemic Industry was created to terrorize people into surrendering the last of their liberties and submitting to dangerous vaccines that may be used to cull the herd and replace them with AI/robotics who dint get sick or need social security. Increasing pandemics are being blamed on Climate Change so a Green Economy is a vaccine against Pandemics.

    The Green New World Order will be Green Fascism. A global version of Mussolini’s public private partnerships with the elite firmly in control of the global and national governments. The tech of today gives them unlimited powers

    What started as Marxism evolved via national Communism, National Fascism, Neoliberalism and now Global Green PPP Governance

    Not unlike Global Communism except for private ownership of the elites of all wealth and total control of the people .

    Red China today is the testing ground and model of this Green NWO.

  2. Agree with your analysis, but President Trump is dealing with a lot more than just “Communism” or its American Deep State version. He is dealing with an occult network (remember John Podesta’s emails?) and also a pedophile network (Jeffrey Epstein). Those two networks go together and feed each other.

    The country needs an exorcism. Hopefully this was partially accomplished when the US Bishops recently re-consecrated America to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, but what really needs to happen is the Pope’s obedience to the Blessed Virgin Mary’s request, in 1929, to consecrate Russia to her Immaculate Heart. This has not been done as requested, the numerous lies and claims of the false friends of Fatima notwithstanding – and barring a miracle, it will certainly not be done by this wicked Pope, who has surrendered the Catholic Church to the Satanic UN.

    • I completely agree, and have written about these issues as well. But Trump has been fervently breaking up sex trafficking operations more than any other President. Even closing the borders is a part of that issue. Still, they likely bring some in via private planes, but there will always be loopholes. Much of what Trump is doing is behind the scenes – including the Flynn case and how that could implode massively against the Deep State players. Patience…

  3. It does not really matter what left leaning “ism” you call it, because in the end, freedom will be denied, people will die, people will be murdered for resisting the new normal, and a host of other changes will be forced upon the people of the world all designed to control populations and thought. Call it Gatesism or Faucism. It’s all the same crap that goes against basic human existence.

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