Democrats Irrational Attacks: Subliminal Manipulation in Media

I was recently asked how it is that Democrats within the political arena can not see what seems so obvious with respect to this flagrantly manipulated impeachment?   When witness after witness are not truly a witness to anything and can offer only an opinion or their own ‘interpretation’?   When The House blatantly states that the American people are not worthy to vote?   When politician after politician claim they will put Deplorables in ‘gulags’…?   How can their rational minds be so oblivious?

It started in the 1950’s.   An experiment with ‘subliminal messaging and manipulation’.   Books were written about it. The success rates were astounding!   It was used extensively in commercials and print advertisements.   And then quite suddenly no one talked about it any longer.   It didn’t disappear, it likely expanded exponentially, only it took on a more sinister design.

While subliminal messaging/manipulation that is obvious and causes your thinking or decision making to be swayed is not illegal per se, manipulation that causes you to change your behavior or deceive you is illegal.   Unfortunately, it is also incredibly difficult to prove.

The most commonly used terms implanted in commercials are sex, penis, blood, death, and the F word.   There are also occult messages, skulls, women’s figures, etc…

In the early 1950’s through the 1960’s the most common usage were underlays of pictures like a coke or a bag of popcorn or a candy bar, that were intended to entice moviegoers to buy these items while watching the movie.   But the statistics were so positive, the concept expanded to an art form of embedding unassociated words into commercials.

Disney movies have been cited as having explicit sexual messages throughout targeting children.   Advertising and marketing companies have become experts at subliminal manipulation.   Matrix Reloaded, The Shining, Memento, Psycho, Total Recall, Alien, Black Swan, etc… all use subliminal manipulation in some manner.   Why? To escalate viewer reactions and responses, and in some instances overlay porn to trigger emotional uneasiness.

So why would we think this same manipulation of thought would not be used to sway a person’s political belief?   To even alter their understanding of truth?

News ‘people’, anchor ’people’, are trained in another type of subliminal messaging – neurologic. Utilizing gesturing to direct words or even confuse words is common. Body language is common.   These manipulations are overt and thus not illegal – we can see the blatant actions.

Imagine the potential underlays depicting President Trump as evil?   Imagine underlaying the word in clips?   Imagine utilizing words like fake or truth?   Imagine – it’s easy if you try…

Voices can be supplanted as an underlay as well, entire dialogue that undermines or alters the perception of the listener. Obama was frequently posed in front of an image that appeared to be a halo giving him a godly depiction.

These techniques are likely embedded in video games, computer games, movies, sitcoms, advertisements, billboards, everywhere.   And yet, no one is sued.

“Subliminals are inherently deceptive because the consumer does not perceive them at a normal level of awareness, and thus is given no choice whether to accept or reject the message, as is the case with normal advertising. ATF holds that this type of advertising technique is false and deceptive, and is prohibited by law.

The problem in this legal fight is not legislation, unfortunately. It is the proof. Because of its nature, subliminal messages are nearly impossible to prove. How do you prove to the judge there is a naked women in the Diet Coke can? How do you prove to the jury there are screaming faces hidden ice cubes? In this legal system, you can’t. The evidence would be considered circumstantial. Advertisers would of course deny any such activity and claim that if you stare into anything long enough, you will find it. The most substantial evidence is they are spending billions annually on research and subliminal advertising.”

Given the vast use of subliminal advertising, given evidence proves it is effective, given the incredible hatred the Democrat politicians have for President Trump, given that logic and rational thought seem void in the minds of many democrats, and given that their choice of news, advertising, and television is quite different from that of conservatives, and given they seem unable to explain their animosity in a coherent factual account – it is conceivable that their thoughts have been somewhat manipulated both consciously and subliminally.  

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