Environmental Pollution: A Catastrophe of Decades

Where are all the charities tackling global pollution?   When I was growing up, pollution, the environment, and saving the whales were the calls to action!   Decades later, billions of dollars later, thousands upon thousands of charities later, what has been accomplished?

I recently saw a meme on Facebook that made a frivolous statement that going green, cleaning the environment, cutting carbon emissions, neutralizing our pollution would all be beneficial gains.   True.   Somewhat.   So what?   Rallies and protests, federal funds, grants, billions from concerned citizens, and what has happened?

According to the UN, land based agricultural run-off, discharge of nutrients and pesticides and untreated sewage including plastics account for approximately 80% of marine pollution, globally. Great!   Who is doing anything to mitigate this?

Apparently – no one – not any country on earth. Not the NGO’s, not Greenpeace or WWF, or any of the hundreds upon hundreds of NGO’s that have reaped billions on sympathy.

According to the UN, there are now close to 500 dead zones covering more than 245,000 km² globally, equivalent to the surface of the United Kingdom. Is that diminishing? Hardly.   China, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines dump more plastic in our oceans than the rest of the world combined. Has that statistic changed? Yes. It has grown!

While the Greta’s of the world would demonize developed countries for their global warming footprint, what are they doing to alter the pollution that has grown unabated for a hundred years?   Global warming is simply the new – NEW.   It is a fashion statement.   And in a decade it will be replaced with another fashion statement in which charities demand more funding to alleviate another crisis that will never be dealt with because all the money goes to pay salaries and administrative expenses to demean The People.

If an NGO was truly about their cause, wouldn’t there have been a positive impact these last 50 years?   Has whaling decreased?   Are our oceans less polluted?   Does China have non-mask days?   Remember the Animas River in Colorado that was completely devastated due to negligence by the EPA?

Everyone is about the talk – but who is actually ‘acting’?

“Talk the talk, walk the walk”.

Europe and the western greens were aghast when President Trump pulled out of the Paris Climate Accord. “How dastardly!”   But what has the accord actually accomplished?   Have they altered the output of Germany’s pollution? No.   China’s? No. France?   UK?   Japan? What they have done is redirect funds to Africa which has -0- carbon footprint, for the purpose of constructing an infrastructure system that will help the transportation of palm oil – to Europe.   Ahhh!

And then, there is the factual calamity that many if most of those who scream the loudest are among the largess of polluters. Jane Fonda is notorious for her own carbon footprint while screaming, “it’s not my fault – they are guilting me!” So if it isn’t her fault – then whose fault is it?   Bill Gates?   Bloomberg?   Obama?   Buffett? Has Jane Fonda’s protests changed anything? Has she lowered her carbon footprint?   Or, is it the continuum of finger pointing?

The garbage that floats in island patches throughout our oceans has grown exponentially.   Teams of NGO’s have commissioned studies and research and evaluations for decades, spending billions to determine existence….   One such project included The Ocean Voyage Institute which claims it has removed 84,000 pounds of polymer nets and plastic trash.   One patch alone is estimated to contain 80,000 metric TONS – 1.8 trillion pieces.

Yet no one seems to acknowledge this travesty of growth that can be trajected to every single city, country, continent and government dating for at least 5-6 decades.

So.   To address the meme. Would a clean environment, wherein there were no polluter, no arsonists, no travesties, be better for our environment? The answer is a resounding – YES!   But the solution is pathetic.   It starts with you! Each individual! Including Jane Fonda.   It means no more pampers.   It means no more wipes.   It means no more water bottles.   It means no more electricity in ‘elite compounds’, it means shutting down office lights, it means no more superfluous air flights – say once a year…   It means eliminating yachts.   It means no glyphosate. It means organic farming. It means so much more than most are willing to actually – do. Oops.   It means planting trees, not having wood floors, it means no more paper, it means deescalating city growth which is a cement paradise.

You want to talk the talk? Then you need to walk the walk!

It isn’t about a President.   It is about – YOU!

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