GUN Laws: The Constitution

The abject call from the Liberal Progressives is for the federal government to create a universal gun law. But given that we are a sovereign nation based on individual states, why is a Federal law so important?

Currently, each state is given the right to create their own gun laws based on the votes of the people of the state. Sometimes, the state laws are not embraced by other states, or their citizens, but – then – who cares?

Who is the body that wants to create a Federal Law to circumvent any sovereign state law?

What is the ultimate purpose?

Circumventing state law is the reneging of The Constitution. The entire point of our existence as contrasted with the British Puritans.

The Puritans. An evangelical messed up cult that immigrated to the US in order to flee the oppression of a monarchial British government.   As in – what?   Fleeing one to be the same?   No accounting for the logic of British intelligentsia.  But that would be – who we are.

Anyway, like Australia, the US was colonized by a bunch of rag-tag misfits bent on being better than their colleagues and mentors.

And somehow, Australia has elevated itself to being the bench-press, the benchmark, the Governor of moral aptitude, for all people – most specifically – Trump. They have self nominated themselves to righteous levels of ignominy and knighthood.


The baron-robbers of British history. Arrogance knows no bounds. We can find comfort in the reality that most of our history has been contrived and manipulated to fit an agenda and has little to do with – reality.

So, what do we do with this knowledge?

Well, you have choices. You can sit on your arse and do absolutely nothing. You can get off your arse and make a difference. You can DO.

Because, ‘doing’ nothing is making your do – worthless.

My do – is to write and write and write.  NOT FOR PROFIT.

The people that ‘encounter’ me in their criticism or praise of my blogs are always an interesting dichotomy.   I have been accosted by the Open Society Institute, and railed by liberal jaunts.   But there are still those who see between the raindrops, and have sights for something sweet. And that would NOT include anything Socialist.

To lay the wisdom to rest, let me offer, I lived in East Berlin before the Wall.

There remain countries within Europe which sit unstable n the fence leaning and then realigning.   It is a difficult journey when knowing who is truth and who is lie becomes such a gamble.

I always reference. Who started WWI? Who started WWII? Who annihilated the Russians? The Bolsheviks.

Why do we choose to blacken the truth from the document?


6 thoughts on “GUN Laws: The Constitution

  1. “Messed up” Puritans! You too are a victim of the coverups of history. “Cult”? Cult is what the Swamp Class uses to describe people like you, a word that has been converted from a word used by anyone who thought anything about a group of common belief, into a meaningless pejorative. Go try to look up the meaning of the word in the pejorative sense. You get a confused hodge-podge, a witches’ brew of things, always prefaced with a disclaimer that the word smiths (read “Newspeak”) don’t have any idea how to pin down a precise meaning for the word. Like the word “sect”.

    I’m not a Puritan and definitely not a Calvinist, but those are harsh descriptions, for Puritans that they taught us in public government indoctrination centers. They were full of humor.

    It only took the Puritans ONE harvesting season to figure out that a secular socialism would not work and is not the same thing as Acts 2 and Acts 4,upon which it was based. That common property idea only works for groups that have the pressure valve of expulsion or excommunication, as in the early church and in certain modern Christian new religious movements,

    Otherwise, a pretty good article. 🙂

    • we are all ‘victims’ of coverups – otherwise it wouldn’t be called a coverup – now would it? I suppose the Swamp likes to call ‘me a cult’ in that I support President Trump and anyone that does is deplorable, insane, and a degenerate cult idiot… Newspeak? As in 1984? Yes, that is the game. But they have hijacked multiple games: Bolshevik Revolution, 1984, Nazi’s, Protocols. This dissecting through the maze becomes a research maniacal attempt. Alas, I try. And if one does not try, then one is no longer human. In that, waking up the sleepy sometimes calls for a bit of drastic words – words mightier…

  2. You are far more courageous than I. All I do is bend the ear of my 30 Facebook friends each and every day. Putting yourself ‘out there’ seems a dangerous pastime to me, so much so I use a VPN to hide my website browsing habits and identity. I take my hat off to you. Your work has definitely been an inspiration to me. I have found invaluable information with regard to lots of my concerns on your website. People like you were the focal point of a short story I wrote recently. A bit tongue-in-cheek, though there were serious connotations to some of the content. Not sure I should post the link to the story here – probably not. The gist of the piece was that voices such as yours were instrumental in bringing about change. The way they are removing dissenting content off the net these days the more alternative views on the net the better, but by creating such content you invariably catch the attention of the web content judge and jury (an extremely biased body what I can make of it). Anyway, keep up the good work, as it is very much appreciated by myself and lots of others I should think.

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