Google, Hollywood, and High School Dropouts Descend on Italy to Solve Climate Change…

The UK’s Independent media is highlighting a story on Honduras. The point of the story is a lament because all the able bodied men have left the country while women, young children, and old men are all that are left to manage the towns and eek a living.   They discuss how the migration has increased dramatically over the last two years and the impact this has left as entire townships are deserted unable to survive.

Of course, these statements would verify all things Trump.

The vast majority of migrants storming the US border are men, not the poor women and children that the media would like us to believe.   Villages without men will ultimately die.   The reasoning given for the mass exodus? Climate Change. Of course.

The added spice? It’s all Trump’s fault. Of course.

But Honduras’ ails have been on-going for decades and can be attributed to an arena of causal factors:

Honduras has been a tourist destination for decades despite the rise in crime and internal poverty.   With some of the world’s best beaches, fabulous snorkeling, rain forests, a barrier reef, Mayan ruins, and flora, it has been a tourist haven for Canadians, Mexicans, Americans, and Europeans.  However, as the gang warfare escalated, eliminating those elements became a challenge.

Although Honduras has abundant natural resources including; minerals, coffee, tropical fruit, sugar cane and textiles, those industries were not properly managed by the government resulting in land degradation, soil erosion, deforestation, loss of rain forests, and mining that has resulted in heavy metal pollution in freshwater and rivers.

Giving the government more money, handing out free meals, and aiding and abetting the constant flow of immigration of the working age male population to the US will NOT solve their vast problems. Nor will blaming Climate Change, ICE, or Trump eradicate the devastation.

Nor will talking about it endlessly.

And yet, Google is hosting a Climate Event in Sicily wherein hundreds of private jets, exquisite yachts and helicopters transport the pretty people, many of whom are endowed with the intellectual education of their GED, to solve the global Climate Change agenda. While Google reports the camp is to be a “meeting of the minds” between technology giants, powerful business owners, and others who are known to be global thought leaders, one conspicuous absence would be, Jeffrey Epstein.  He was typically the party favor man providing the entertainment…

In essence, the ‘camp’ would seem to be nothing more than a frivolous Hollywood tete a tete to see who can look the prettiest.

The who’s-who list of billionaires attending the posh event at an opulent hotel include; Obama, Prince Harry, Katy Perry, Zuckerberg, Bradley Cooper, Tom Cruise, etc…etc…etc.. ad nauseum.  Oddly, the list would seem vacuous with regard to actual scientific brainiacs.

Literally, none of these attendees have any scientific knowledge, bioscience knowledge, or any education whatsoever in a field remotely connected with Climate Shifts. But they do share a common Liberal hatred of all things Trump and the Trump Effect in the US, UK, Italy, Hungary, Czech Republic, and Austria.

Of course, the sheer magnitude of all these highly notable GED billionaires requires massive security likely equipped with Glocks, SIG Sauers, P90 Submachine guns, Remingtons, etc… to protect their prettiness while spewing kilo’s of carbon footprints.

I’m sure we will also be privy to their assorted designer cloches, Milan shoes, and champagne, caviar and lobster tastebuds. The cost?   Likely could support every Honduran citizen for the next five years.

Some ‘scientists’ estimate that 100,000 kilograms of CO2 will be vaped into the air and atmosphere as a result of this singular meeting.

I imagine Honduras will be on the list of topics given that a reinstatement of its pristine vacationland could be fast tracked as the pouring of male gang members equipped with debit cards, cell phones, new clothing, and cash, hijack US borders, leaving the women and children to work the resorts.

It is estimated that over a million Hondurans live in the US. Unfortunately, it is an estimate because most of them are without Visa’s living in the US illegally.   While no one denies the poverty and crime in Honduras, the solutions should never include leaving your wife and children to save yourself.  Imagine if these same million strong able bodied men sought to instead reconstruct their country?

What a novel idea.

Syria is an interesting example of such nationalism as they rebuild with fierce conviction and amazing craftsmanship from nothing but rubble.  And while many hundreds of thousands of Syrians have requested to return to their country from Germany, Merkel has denied that levy, because, well, that would devastate her agenda  of destroying Germany before she resigns and moves to – Honduras…

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  1. The Honduran government, presided by Juan Orlando Hernandez, is NOT encouraging the migration north, NOR is he financing ANY of it.

    It is the work of leftist Chavez wannabe Manuel Zelaya, who had his auto-coup derailed in 2009 to the consternation of all leftist elites everywhere, including the WH-State Department suspects at the time, the Obama-Clinton administration, the U. S. Ambassador to Honduras at the time Hugo Llorens.

    Helena, you should pause before painting countries like Honduras with a broad brush based on news feeds from the usual Old Guard Media.

    In 2009 that little country of Honduras, my wife’s country of birth, united almost unanimously to block the piti-Chavez Manuel “Mel” Zelaya from turning it into another Venezuela. He had a plan to become president-for-life, had spread big money around.

    Every civil institution united. Mel’s own Liberal Party, the opposition National Party, three of the four “tiny” parties), the Chambers of Commerce, the Catholic Church hierarchy and (and laity), the Evangelical churches, and all the workers’ unions except for the teacher’s union which had been captive to communists for decades already. And ALL the newspapers, radio and TV broadcasters (except for one TV station, and one or two radio stations).

    In fact they stood up against the entire world, including the unanimous vote of the United Nations. And the gringo bully authorities, the U. S. ambassador Hugo Llorens, who had lent his support to Zelaya’s fraudulent “referendum/survey” vote, and who was rumored to have an amorous relationship with Zelaya’s son. And Hillary Clinton herself, who made a personal call to interim president Micheletti to tell him (order him?) to resign and let Zelaya retake the office, and made a not-so-veiled offer of a bribe, asking him “What will it take to make it happen?” To which Micheletti replied “Only an invasion”.

    In the aftermath, the diplomatic, political, economic pressure forced them to eventually accept the re-entry of the man who would be dictator back and without having to face punishment for his crimes. Now stirring up trouble in Honduras in the streets because apparently there are certain clauses of immunity/amnesty in that accord that have expired and leave him vulnerable legally to arrest for any new crimes.

    Sounds like the Deep State gallery of rogues in the States. Who by the way have set the New York attack dogs onto Juan Orlando Hernandez, who is holding back the social injustice warriors in Honduras. The neo-Chavistas in Honduras have been involved in sending the hordes of people north, and they are saying here and there that the mass migration will stop if Zelaya gets back into power.

  2. I love your article, I love your climate change story. The idiots have left the state!
    Kudos from Cindy in LA!

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