Europe Pick A Side – A Tectonic Shift

Europe is now being faced with a diehard question – pick a side.  Which side?

The media are quick to proclaim that Trump has shunned Europe, but is that really true?  Was Europe ever a true ally? 

While Merkel is staunchly standing her ground even if it means her country dissolves into oblivion, it would appear Macron is nervously trying to ascertain whether now would be a good time to jump the Rothschild ship and plunge into the mania that Trump is powering.

With the shadows of Norway and Sweden ever closer to evolving into third world countries, and the conservative eastern blocs swiftly gaining traction, a monumental tectonic shift threatens the mainstay, the mainstream, and the global Swamp.  Plan, A, B, and even C seem to have fallen flat, and the Rothschild cabal are seeing their stronghold ripped apart.

The Mueller shill is outed. Comey is finding his backside whipped by his good ole buddies, and the winners are – losing.   The Swamp tactic for global control was to bomb the smithereens out of any country they wanted to take control over.  The systematic ideal was to claim the bomb campaign was for the greater good, and would ultimately prove a profitable greater good as rebuilding what they destroyed became the elite agenda.

The ‘sky is falling’ Libertarians and Liberals are convinced that Boeing lost a $20 billion contract, 100,000 jobs, and a peaceful partner in Iran.   But Boeing shares didn’t respond, they never were 100% committed to the contract knowing the iffiness, and have several years of backlogged contracts to fill.

The more conservative EU and Eastern Bloc countries now include:  Poland, Croatia, Hungary, Belarus, and the Czech Republic.   But Italy is also joining the ranks with a coalition of the Five Star Movement and the anti EU Lega Party taking power.

That being said, when the media refers to the European partners, the European concerns, the reference includes exactly two:  Merkel and Macron.  If Macron jumps ship and decides he wants join the winning bandwagon, Merkel’s power will be nonexistent given her soon to be third world buddies will be devoured into – well poverty and Germany will be left holding the bag for the remaining EU member states.

In the midst of the tectonic rift, the EU Commission is blustering as it continues to lose precious ground – and by default $$$$ – that it desperately needs to fill their burgeoning pockets as they do virtually – nothing.

While Germany’s Soros funded, government funded media, Deutsch Weil,, would have us believe that Merkel and Putin are collaborating, the hoax is replete as they attempt to find an alliance where none will ever exist as long as the Soros cabal continue to manipulate Merkel’s strings.  In fact, with Merkel begging Putin for help in the Iran Deal she opens the door for the lifting of Russian sanctions by the EU.  Once she convinces the EU Commission that this is the only way to maintain her credibility with Iran, Trump merely has to revive an Iran pact with a new Nuke deal.  Thus Merkel will have opened the door for the US to follow her lead in releasing Russia from sanctions, and Trump will have won both the Iran and Russian debacle at the behest of the EU.

Putin will be back on track, North Korea is salvaged, Germany will become the new Muslim nation, and Iran will be business as usual, albeit most likely with a new and improved democratic government…  a gift from Bibi.

Ahhh, and The World Turns.  Checkmate.

2 thoughts on “Europe Pick A Side – A Tectonic Shift

  1. Not so fast, Helena. Things may go that way. A Christian prophet in the 970s had a dream in which a bride representing Europe was doing the marriage thing with Russia. It looks to many like Trump is calling the shots, but to me it looks like the Swamp Neo-cons joined the Israelis lobby with the help of some misguided evangelical personalities to get him to “de-certify” Iran for Israel.

    Based on what? Bibi’s show and tell that looks back to when Iran lied about their nuclear program? Outside agencies, including the same ones neocons blasted when they said Iraq had no nuclear program, have confirmed that after the accord, the inspections showed they did indeed give up those ambitions. Why would they want to give the American generals and Bibi a legitimate justification for putting the punishing sanctions back in place, let alone have a nuclear punch-out with the only Middle East power in the region already nuked up. Israel has more than a hundred nukes ready to go, and who doubts that they are able to send them off in a split minute?

    Nah, Israel, maybe just Bibi and political allies, want to pull their big brother America into a war with Iran. They wanted that for Syria, but it didn’t fly. Obama felt the fierce blowback from Americans against bombing Syria to help the rebels (some of knew they were helping al Qaeda jihad allies anyway).

    Too many lies that past 100 years to cover for too many wars driven by too many interests that have nothing to do with national security.

    • I am swaying. I don’t trust Bibi. I don’t trust the motives. I don’t trust the Saudis, and when any one sides with them, my radar goes into overdrive. But I think what we have witnessed is Trump somehow able to dodge impeachment death and more as the barbs fly relentlessly. And that ability is what inflates my hope – I don’t believe anyone else could be sod forcefully seemingly dedicated. And we so need a ‘super hero’ a real life hero, to lift us out of this cow pasture. Or we’re all just going to die. I don’t know if Trump is 100% real, we are all so defeated it is hard to go there, but I want to believe it! And that means Hope still Lives.

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