President Trump

Obla-de-obla-da, life goes on – bra, la-la how the life goes on…

Well – der party ist over and now we have to watch the dance moves that the White House will attempt to master before making their – ta-da exit. In the meantime, Trump will be busy working out specifics, solidifying and extrapolating friends from foes, and targeting repair to some of the most heinous issues affecting The People. Hopefully, that will include Obamacare and graft. Hopefully that will include an astute riddance of ISIS and al Qaeda. Hopefully, Trump will restore the premise of working in partnership rather than demonizing and vilifying to the point of a world in chaos waiting for war. And hopefully the Soros/Rothschilds cabal is steaming and stewing!

And while we are all waiting for the nay sayers who promised to ‘leave the country’ to follow through on their word – Schumer, Cher, Streisand, Gaga, and a host of lesser known wannabes, as in previous years, their veiled threats will most likely come to eat crow as they realize their entire value system is defined by their pocketbook which is fed by America.

But the biggest upset may be a landslide of politics and politicians throughout Europe as they watch The People rise in defiance of all the sickening corruption. How will they eat crow in order to preserve their watch? Hollande? Merkel? Mexican President Nieko? Google who has been collaborating with Hillary? Apple? Facebook? Prime Minister Renzi of Italy?

What these people may have learned from this upset is – keep your mouth shut!  Taking sides could destroy your entire cabal of wealth!  Take a lesson from Netanyahu who told his Cabinet NOT to say anything about one candidate or the other because it may come back to bite you. And that applies to the US politicians as well; McCain, Romney, Bush, Ryan, Colin Powell, Madeleine Albright, Bloomberg, Bradshaw, Weber, Humphrey, and more, who may have just witnessed the downward spiral of their political careers.

And then there is the reshuffling within the corrupted media, NBC and CNN most specifically, that could use a bit of truthism in journalism.

As we watch the unfolding of everything this upset means, the domino effect will be an interesting consequence. I think by far the biggest consequence we will see is the staving off of WWIII that a Clinton Presidency would have instigated. Oddly, it is the Republican candidate who has stated that his main premise, the core value he wants to pursue is ‘partnership’ as opposed to hostility. And as the New York Times so blatantly professed, “His triumph holds the potential for overturning the world order,” which merely proves the collaborative demise of the media in their attempt to manipulate and subvert The People in order to usher in the beginning of Elitists world dominance. Obama and Hillary will no longer reign as King and Queen…

While they, the NY Times, refuse to acknowledge the truth and continue to pander back to a rhetoric of Russia and Trump, once again demonizing and blaming Russia for all the ills and sway of The People, they don’t seem to realize that these are words on deaf ears, their war mongering has lost. They are whining.

It’s almost like these people have been held captive for so long they are afraid of freedom. They’ve been living underground for so long, they don’t know what the sun feels like.

Apparently there is one poll that accurately predicted the Trump win – as well as the BREXIT win; Democracy Institute which is affiliated with and funded by The Cato Institute. The Cato Institute is a Libertarian ‘think tank’ founded by the Kochs, Rothbard who embraced the “Old Right” which saw welfare as an abomination, socialism as enslaving, and globalism as communistic. and lastly, Ed Crane whose mentor, Milton Friedman, gave him the desire to implement concepts of; individual liberty, free markets, limited government and peace.

Friedman was also Ronald Reagan’s mentor.

Oddly, again – the Libertarians voted predominantly – Hillary, not recognizing that she embodies everything they oppose. Even Ron Paul was cynical about a Trump win claiming it would be status quo and denouncing Reagan as a spendthrift in the process. OUCH!

True to form, riots have broken out in Portland, Oakland, LA and Eugene in which The People create mass havoc, destruction and chaos because they didn’t win. A reaction that only feeds the concept that we have created a generation of ‘entitled hypocrisy’ fearing their welfare payments might reflect a change and demanding murder and carnage…

These are the people that referred to Trump’s ‘hate filled speech’… they use slander and profanity and demand an assassination. Personally, I think we should take their threats seriously and show them that their speech is inciting a riot and a death threat. According to the New York Times, when a death threat was initiated by a man, Anthony Elonis, using Facebook, the FBI intervened because it is illegal to use a form of interstate communication – like the Internet – to make a the threat of injury or death. He was sentenced to three years in jail.   TWITTER users? You make these accusations using your profile, your picture, your background info! Hopefully, the FBI and Sheriffs Department will intervene and take appropriate actions to secure you in jail.

Maybe you need to find a ‘safe place’ like Saudi Arabia, to whine about Democracy.  Tch-Tch – oh me, oh my.

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