Assange Editorial – by Helena

Everyone is waiting for THE ONE article/email that Assange is going to release that will be proof positive that Hillary should go to jail. But they haven’t. Or have they?

You see, nearly every email is justification to put her behind bars, it is the perception of the American people that has changed. We think that graft, fraud, slander, defile, vengeance, hatred, elitism, and a profound dislike of ‘humans’, these qualities are okay. And so, we are looking for something even beyond what we can even comprehend… Do you see how crazy that is?

We are so numbed that we don’t see what is in front of us.

Assange complied with his promises. Our system, is just so broken that even to this amazing height of illegality – we say, ‘nah’. And wonder why we are living in this spiraling government control. They are not our Country. They have nothing to do with this country. They have only – themselves.

And so, he gave us what we asked for. We simply became too weak and greedy – to see.

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