Trump Protestors – Children without Ethic

Hillary represented the concept that a) she was above the law, and b) that lawlessness was justified and there is no fundamental right and wrong any longer. Her supporters would seem to have taken heed of this – her message. The current riot behavior is truly ‘deplorable’. The riots instigated by her campaign during the election were ‘deplorable’. The chaos that she embraces and encourages is exactly what We The People voted OUT!

While Doug Giles uses a different word to define the behavior (check it out at Clash Daily), I will use a multitude – hypocrisy, selfishness, narcissism, disrespect, laziness, uneducated, and without a basic understanding of right and wrong.   It’s a psychosis of a sort, a generation lacking in the ability to behave, a fundamental child rearing discipline.

Maybe it’s a result of Child Care, this was the first generation to be obliged to a facility for their entire child rearing initiation.   But these same institutions that raised a generation of children also – educated them – or noneducated, however you want to look at it.

A college professor told all his students they could skip their big test for the semester and instead tend to the tears and sadness because of the election results. REALLY? Did he give them all A’s? Or maybe the only ones who got A’s were the ones voting for Hillary… That’s the discarding of education our institutions have become, a depraved version of ‘safe spaces’.

Second. Do any of these rioters have jobs? Or is the reality that they are welfare junkies who are now scared stiff that their ‘fix’, their newly elected Trump won’t hand out their checks so they can behave like idiotic brats? And if they are employed and took a ‘personal day off’, if I saw one of my employees out setting fire to cars and smashing windows and beating up people senseless – I would be calling for sharp shooters and a squadron to help secure my office!

Third. What do they think these riots will do? What will be accomplished? Will Trump apologize for being elected and hand the baton to Hillary in deference to the chaos? Will the police intervene and find themselves shot or the target of a lawsuit? Will businesses invite the rioters into their shops for coffee and a good discussion? Will lawmakers sit down and acknowledge these rioters are good law abiding citizens who just like to be heard?

Do insurance companies cover all this crap? And what happens to rates?

The reason these crazy people think they can act without concern for anyone else is because they haven’t been taught anything different. They have not been subject to consequences. Not by their teachers, and certainly not by Hillary.

The solution?

Certainly NOT more Hillary. Certainly not more ‘non-educated education’. And even jail will not produce any monumental changes or awakenings. All these solutions provide is more fodder for the aggression.

So what can be done?

There has to be a consequence. Labor is a good one.   Labor is like exercise, instead of testosterone, it releases endorphins – a feel good hormone. It stimulates a sense of worth, and it unleashes a need.   The first order or need would be to rebuild every single structure that they have destroyed in the past eight years. For free. That is – a consequence.

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