Al Qaeda in US – Has Risen From The Grave

Obama has declared al Qaeda defeated – since 2012 – and suddenly authorities are warning that not only is al Qaeda not defeated, but they are going to wage attacks in New York, Virginia and Texas this coming Monday! Well gee whilakers Obama how’d they get here if they were defeated four years ago?

Reminds me of how voter fraud is a ‘myth’, and all those dead guys voting is simply fantasy… Or how it is reminiscent of the absolute denial of US and EU culpability in the creation and financial support of ISIS – except we now have proof positive in the form of emails between Hillary and Podesta talking about just that fact during her tenure as Secretary of State – while pushing through the largest arms deal in history to the largest funder – Saudi Arabia – simultaneously. All the while knowing that those arms are going to ISIS. With Obama’s approval, of course.

At the same time Assange has stated that the Hillary/Soros/Rothschild/Media/Hollywood cabal will NOT ALLOW Trump to be President. While he doesn’t say how that will happen, the concept sounds quite real given they (the cabal) obviously have no boundaries. And while the media contemplates how a Hillary President will be mired in health problems and FBI investigations, they miss the point. The cabal doesn’t care about Hillary per se, they only care about having their puppet in office. As far as they are concerned she could be comatose because she isn’t the one ruling or making any decisions, those are all framed and supplied to her.

If you are curious what it looks like to be completely controlled, your mind no longer yours – look no further than Hillary. They tell her what to say, what to think, when to take a break, when to go to the bathroom, when to eat, where to eat, she is the equivalent of a machine. But the rhetoric of her representing women… and the poor… is the target audience.

Adding rhetoric to rhetoric, the US is now accusing Iran of harboring al Qaeda militants… Stupid is as stupid does. Iran is Shia, al Qaeda hate Shia, al Qaeda kill Shia, Shia are the target of both ISIS and al Qaeda who support Sharia Law which Iran opposes and the Saudi’s demand.

Creating false enemies ultimately shows who is the true opponent.

So we now have a defeated terrorist organization returning from the grave to attack US citizens with weapons provided by the Saudis, purchased from the US, with taxpayer funds.

I wonder if the Saudis bought the weaponry with cash or credit? $80 billion in one haul is a lot of moola for a regime that is feeling a tightened wallet given they tanked oil to try and break Russia, but instead find themselves being – broken.  Assuming the deal was credit and ‘something else’ entirely, the bargain chip has been played.

Do you believe the Saudis would come and defend the US if we were attacked by ISIS and al Qaeda?

Do you think Hillary’s cabal have any intention of waging war on Russia and China?

It’s already written.  And we paid for it.  That’s what makes the cabal so smug.

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