BREXIT -Burned By Soros


They are out! They are in! They are safe! They are ruined! The pound is up! It is down… It is up – and down and turning all around – Mother May I – Theresa?

Brother. Bother. UK’s Theresa May, Help!

Parliament must vote on whether the UK can start the initiation of Article 50 in leaving the EU. The government is appealing. The people’s vote doesn’t count. And a stalled process only makes the entire fiasco a mockery of justice, and The People.

So who is behind this stall? Mz Gina Miller – an investment manager, Deir Dos Santos – a hairdresser, and the People’s Challenge group, set up by Grahame Pigney, an expat living in France, and backed by a crowd-funding campaign. Not exactly a stellar bunch of heavy weights…

Who is Mz Gina Miller? The wife of investment guru Alan Miller who came aboard New Star Hedge Fund and was wooed by Soros. Shortly after Alan’s initiation, Soros was dangling an opportunity – $100 million in investment management potential which would amount to a 40% initial startup investment stake. The fund is based in Bermuda to avoid taxes.  No surprise.  Two years later, in 2003, New Star brought on two former fund managers from Soros Fund Management, Sajid Ramzan and Chris Beton.  I’d say Soros has a say in the fund’s operations. Since their initial founding the fund has reaped billions. Thank you Soros.

Enter BREXIT and A favor deserves A favor.

Soros has been openly opposed to Brexit.  Tapping one of New Star’s partners, Gina Miller, to do his bidding would explain how she could exert the influence she has over the entire judiciary and parliament of the UK despite the fact that she is nobody.

Then there is Grahame Pigney whose LinkedIn site recognizes Gina Miller as an associate. How would he know Gina, he’s an expat living in France?   How can a vote that has been decided by the People – be contested by a couple of wealthy operators?  Lord Thomas who is presiding over the case brought by Miller is a member of the European Law Institute which is considered a Soros Open Society apparatus since its founding. And so the circle is complete.  Soros has organized a fight.

Miller, New Star, Lord Thomas, Grahame Pigney, the entire exploiters of the anti-BREXIT vote, are now attempting to uproot the voters via pressure from Soros.

What say you UK? Who is your Master?

You, The People, have a say, have rights, have the power, if you choose. And like the US, you can rise up against the shadows and just say – NO! Because, our world, our history, and our future are at stake. And that’s worth fighting for!

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    • Expose Soros, dig up his internal dealings and interference and create a legal case to expose his meddling for what it is, Manipulating Elections. There are organizations which deal primarily with representing judicial action against his agenda.

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