FBI Director COMEY CAVED … – Again

Comey caved – again.

His response only makes him look even more of a coward, caving to bully tactics instead of acting like a ‘Man’. Fearing for himself. Acting with the bravado of a dog with his tail between his legs. A politician at heart, he has sold out Law, Order, Justice, and the American People for his own self interests and hide. He doesn’t have the guts, the crimshaw, to be Director of FBI, of men who value honesty and liberty and will put away self for that cause and pursuit.

Instead, Comey shows up as a wilber-milk-toast, a quitter, a woos, weak and lily skinned. And I imagine those agents within the system are roundly furious that he represents their efforts.

Why did he cave? He was most likely threatened. Of course, an FBI Director threatened who caves is exactly the type of blubbering toothless worthless fool we don’t need as our security and law representative. If he was threatened he should have a) resigned immediately, and/or b) had the guts to let the People know who, what and why. Only then would he have earned even a trifling of respect.

Imagine the email hack that could shed light on the conversations and heated arguments and threats that led to his decision? A fly on the wall…

Comey – majored in Religion and Chemistry at College of William and Mary having written a thesis analyzing liberal vs conservative religious attitudes. It would seem he believed in neither given that all religions condemn cowardice. One of his most prized accomplishments as Deputy District Attorney was to prosecute Martha Stewart for insider trading which helped her to avoid a stock loss of just $45,000. Of course the irony is all the billions that well connected wall streeters and Clintonites reap that is staged as ‘politics as usual’. Pay to Play.

He was also involved in an investigation in 2004 regarding domestic surveillance – NSA. And we know how well that has panned…

After those stellar accomplishments, his work history seems a bit vague with him joining Lookheed Martin and then Bridgewater Associates, an investment management company. I imagine he took with him a trove of secrets from Lockheed that earned him a very choice $$$$ at the investment firm. His subsequent appointments seem to be rife with questionable ethics including being appointed to the Board of HSBC after they were hit with a $1.9 billion lawsuit settlement for their complicity in money laundering fro the drug cartal and terrorism… Yum! What a stellar job history.

Between June 2010 and May 2013 when Obama appointed him Director of FBI – he worked for Bridgewater Hedge Fund, as their in-house counsel which they desperately needed to thwart the 30% turnover in associates and employment related harassment and intimidation tactics. One of the employment questions asked at Bridgewater is what an entrant thinks of God and abortion?

It would seem that this is where Comey lost his virginity, his ethics, and his values.

Associated with Mccain, Romney, Bush, Obama and Clinton, Comey would seem to have no honor or loyalty to anyone save ‘himself’ given ALL of the aforementioned are in the pocket of Soros. And by association – Comey.

But the Wall Street cabal is not without it’s massive pressure as well, claiming that a White House without Hillary will cost them trillions. These pressurized despots include the likes of Soros, of course, lloyd Blankfein, CEO of Goldman, and Janet Yellen who stand to lose should Trump win. And that is simply – not acceptable.

And so we are left with another ‘leader’ – small ‘l’, who has sold out The People for a bunch of uber wealthy corrupt, manipulators whose model is that people are expendable, money is god, and values are for cows.

Tell me… how do I submit to that?

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