The Future Of the US – a labyrinth

It’s actually quite interesting to read the opinions of various self proclaimed academic intelligensia from universities across Europe evaluate the US political conundrum. I think the university professor respect has dwindled as education has become so communistic in their teaching agenda.  And I am not immune, I think I have lost my respect for the academia given that their opinions seem so eclipsed in bias and perhaps even paid commercialism, that I feel compelled to investigate their alliances, their background, their agenda, their political affiliation, their economics – etc… No longer are we given the gift of truth. Everything we read, everything, is subject to graft and fraud. And that, my friend, is quite depressing.

A German professor has offered his take on the Hillary – Trump brewhaha… sp? But wait, his bio states he actually taught at Princeton, University of Chicago, University of Pennsylvania, Univeristy of Glasgow as well as the Centre for European Studies and the Weatherland Center For International Studies at – Harvard. Harvard being the bastion of liberal and questionable bias. But his true focus is how Hitler was able to carve a new phenomena within the masses that ultimately supported his regime – including the barbaric annihilation of Jews.

Is he a good guy or a bad guy? I have no idea. But he attempts to argue for and against the rhetoric that attempts to claim Trump and Hitler comparisons. The problem? Hitler comparisons could be made to every person, every president, every candidate if we manipulate the traits. It is like the idea that a phone book can be analyzed in depth and support the idea that it is a labyrinth of codes and conspiracies. The point? If you look hard enough, you can make anything fit your agenda.

Just as Hillary resembles Hitler, FDR, Kennedy, Merkel, Hollande, Bush, and even pious Jimmy Carter can all be said to share traits. We can sway the analysis to fit the outcome we want to obtain. For example: given that Hillary adamantly supports Beyonce and Jay-Z whose rhetoric is inflammatory, traitoresque, rude, lude, crude and just pretty much – disgusting – that would mean she embraces the same ideals of anarchy, corruption, slander, fraud, offensive language and injustice.

Which is what makes the agenda – a worthless analysis.

Across the globe we are seeing a corruption that we feared but wished to ignore. We are having a hard time wrapping our heads around the absolute massiveness of its tentacles, the pervasiveness, the people we hoped and trusted were truth, and the collapse that is much, much more than we could have even – imagined.

In that, we have witnessed a select few people who have offered their lives, literally, as sacrifice for the truth. They are no less heros than the military men and women who daily sacrifice their lives so that a few highly paid, overpaid athletes can cry – wah. In that – I would like to point out that a number of the Hollywooders who cast themselves as prudent sayers of political savvy haven’t even graduated from ‘high school’.

And so we find elite professors of liberal agendas supporting the ideals of Hollywooders who have at best a few years of high school education… That in and of itself – should be cause for alarm.

While this phenomena can be attributed to numerous ‘sides’, as an academic, I would think they would take heart in knowing their rhetoric is on par with corruption. So when did evil become good and good become evil? When did corruption, fraud and murder become the American way? When did we accept it? When did the masses lose their perception of right and wrong?

When did the masses say – fraud, rife, slander, murder, thievery, and corruption was okay – but saying an offensive statement – is worthy of death?

When did we make that transition of rationality?

Because, sadly, it all seems to have it’s root of spiraling demise, in my very own generation. We/I am to blame.

I look at Donna Brazile who has been proven to have broken the law in providing Hillary with the debate questions beforehand, and the question is – should she be fired? REALLY! C’Mon people, not only should she be fired immediately, but she should be brought up on charges and serve time in jail. She BROKE the law! Why is this even a question?

The media would have us serve warrants for traitorship on Assange because he broke the law in hacking into private emails which opened the Truth to the Public, but Brazile is immune despite the fact that she did nothing – absolutely nothing that could be described as Truth and instead corroded ethic. Her corruption exists, her fraud exists, why is this even a question posed by the media?

When did Truth become a crime?

I think where we all fall short is in thinking that the trove of Wikileaks is even one one thousandth of the truth – when in fact, it represents a speck of sand on a sixty mile beach of sand. I think that is what Assange was attempting to reveal – this is nothing – absolutely nothing – in the vast ocean of droplets of the oceans of corruption.

And hopefully – that will take your breath away… as you recognize this is just so small in the grander scheme of things – and it will end very bad before it is brought back to good.

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