Hillary House Of Cards – WikiLeaks Exposes DNC Staffer Was Source

Death by suicide would seem to be the fate of a number of acquaintances and adversaries of Clinton.

Suicides are the mainstay it would appear for the politicians involved in the UK paedophile scandal, they are a mainstay for the 33 or so JP Morgan bankers, for various whistleblowers and journalists, and they are the defacto conclusion for the Clinton entourage.

Seth Conrad Rich was gunned down in NW DC while purportedly on his way to meet with the FBI – at 4AM. At 4:20am he was walking down the street from his brownstone talking on the phone with his girlfriend and was shot in the back. His hands, face and knees were bruised. That would mean he was attacked and assaulted before being shot twice in the back. The police report states it was a ‘botched robbery’, but nothing was stolen.

Hillary had little to no sympathy for the murder, instead invoking her platform for greater gun control… And yet the media attack Trump over a comment about Muslim Brotherhood co-hort, Khizr Khan drew media attention for weeks?

Rich was hired by disgraced Debbie Wasserman as data director for voter expansion – meaning advocating for greater voter turnout by eliminating any state requirement for a picture ID. But the DNC was hacked, emails were leaked, and Wasserman resigned as a result. Wasserman willfully corrupted the DNC agenda by quashing Sanders – thus the voters were discredited, nullified or perhaps ‘mis-counted’ – as the primary was rigged.

Voter fraud is rampant in the US. Voter counting fraud is rampant in the US. Look no further than Florida which routinely counts a 130% voter turnout… and no one does anything – it is a yawn.

Could Rich have discovered the Wasserman discrepancy? Was he the source of the Wikileaks? In fact, Assange alluded that the source would be an embarrassment to the DNC, Perhaps one day the source or sources will step forward and that might be an interesting moment some people may have egg on their faces.”

Fast forward, Shawn Lucas serves the DNC with papers alleging a fraud class action suit for their corrupt handling of the Sanders campaign and he is found dead the two weeks later – unresponsive on his bathroom floor. Unfortunately toxicology tests can take more than six weeks.

Hillary again – no comment.

Victor Thorn, prominent and prolific writer of conspiracy theories and anti-Clinton pieces is found dead by a “self-inflicted” gunshot wound. How do they know it was self-inflicted? They found no ‘evidence to suggest otherwise’, but they also found no ‘evidence of suicide’ – it is simply the go to explanation for a hugely successful, diligent, productive individual who had no reason to kill himself.

HOUSE OF CARDS: List of Hillary ‘purported’ crimes:

1) email server breach

2) Benghazi deaths

3) Foundation illegalities

4) Foundation charitable contributions tally in at just 9%

5) Saudi connections

6) George Soros/Rothschilds puppet

7) Whitewater; death of Vince Foster – by suicide – and the disappearance of files

8) Silencing of Billyboys mistresses

9) Looting, damage and theft of White House property at the conclusion of Bill’s term

10) Illegally gaining access to private FBI files on Bill’s mistresses

11) Sold high tech secrets to China in return for donations to Bill’s campaign

12) Cash for pardons at the end of Bill’s term

13) Has been personally indicted for her absolutely disgraceful and rageful behavior when out of sight of the ‘lime-light’

And numerous lies upon lies that are routinely kicking her in the proverbial arse as she forgets what she has said: Mark Twain – “If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything.”

And as for her treatment of the ‘gold star’ families of Benghazi… she said the parents were liars.  The latest fateful deaths sound like The Cleaner has been called in to tidy up the messes Clinton continually creates.  Soros is most likely furious that she is so incredibly – stupid for getting caught – as in Nixon did what all President’s do – but he was stupid enough to get caught.

And still, our good ole boys and gals of the GOP Establishment state that the reason they can’t vote for Trump is because of his offensive comment about Khizr Khan, temperament, and because he reads The National Enquirer – therefore, they prefer to support fraud, corruption, collusion, suspicious murders, slander, lying, cheating, tax fraud, illegal server usage, narcissistic rages, possibly espionage, blackmail and Sharia Law.

And while the GOP and Congress might endorse each other with pats and kisses and champagne toasts – they have about 11% of THE PEOPLE on their side.  Not a good tally for re-election.

12 thoughts on “Hillary House Of Cards – WikiLeaks Exposes DNC Staffer Was Source

  1. Oh Helena, I got distracted by Mikey. I came here originally to say what you have listed is indeed a most “short” list. But it is appropriate to the audience at this time. Thank you.

  2. what’s wanted covered up, will be. cite all the “sources” you want. silence can be bought, and lies are the rule of the day.
    the truth is hard. most can’t handle it. thank you Helena. Mikey, I wish you truth, I wish all of us truth, it is the only thing that will indeed save us. And we will be saved, for the truth, even if known to only a few of us, shall set us free. Peace be with you. Amen.

  3. no debunking of anything has been done on Hill’s end of things. I have clicked those links that “prove” much todo about nothing. They lead to more vague disclaimers. no proof of anything. People have been schooled well I think to not think but just trust, even if it’s grasping at the very last threads of a sweater that was unraveled in plain site. It is sad. I am sad for you. I am sad for us all. May the end of the silliness be near. Amen.

  4. Snopes.com has been taken over as a defender of fake news now, as all good sources eventually tend to be. or is it that some of us are finally just waking up to it, Mikey, no disrespect to you for clinging to any tiny shred of sanity by the hair of your chinny-chin-chin, but it’s just is not credible anymore. thank you Helena.

  5. But Mikey – you didn’t debunk anything at all… all you have is a police report stating that Mr. rich was conscious… that means absolutely nothing either way except that they don’t know. That is by no means conclusive.

    • The rest of the debunking is in the Snopes.com link I provided before. It traces the entire false chain of unattributed story sources being recopied and distorted. That’s rumor, not news.

    • Mikey – silly-willy, there is nothing to corroborate he was ‘conscious’, simply that he was alive, beaten to a pulp and with two bullets in his back.
      Second, The Cleaner/attacker would not have been known to Mr. Rich, that’s goofy. And third, Hillary never would do any dirty work personally…
      It is naive to think that all these things are coincidental, and does a disservice to those who are victims –

      • The police who found him report he was conscious. Here’s their official press release: http://mpdc.dc.gov/release/homicide-2100-block-flagler-place-northwest I do appreciate “silly willy” however. It’s much nicer than the responses I get from others who disagree.

        Seriously, I don’t make these assertions without checking facts. I know people often have an agenda, and it’s hard for us spectators to know the truth without research.

        • Ok – the report indicates that he was conscious and breathing – but that still ins’ research proof of anything else. There is no mention of him talking and if he had – what could he possibly say? A description of a guy or guys in the dark after he suffered severe blows to the head?
          I research extensively and try to visit sites from all different angles and conclusions, liberal, conservative and in-between.
          Sometimes my research hits a dead end, other times it takes me to even more interesting places and sometimes to an entirely different blog idea. That’s what research is about…
          Many times I provide ideas and present them as such – vs conclusions. The point is to find the truth behind the muddle that is so completely corrupted – that’s why people come to bloggers – because mainstream don’t research any longer. They print what they are told, say what they are told and ask no questions.
          The point of the article was to present the house of cards that Hillary has created for herself – and each time being caught with her hand in the fire.
          Each time she tries to circumvent saying what is truth and muddies herself further.
          In the meantime the police have provided no answers to anything at all on anyone… and three people are dead in a short time frame – all of whom had a negative link to Hillary.

          • And I didn’t actually address the HRC house of cards issue. I was only pointing out that the theory that Rich was murdered in some kind of set-up had been debunked. I agree Mrs. Clinton lies, and also conflates, usually as a way of avoiding admitting her own mistakes in judgment. I wouldn’t have ever considered voting for her if I didn’t sincerely feel that Mr. Trump’s level of ignorance (of which he appears proud), and mentally unstable behavior represents a danger to the nation’s future. Unfortunately, to me he must be stopped by any non-violent means necessary, and there’s no other way of guaranteeing it aside from voting Democrat. I’ll have to hope that the checks and balances in government will restrain the attempted excesses of a Clinton presidency.

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