Hillary’s WWIII – Russia, China and Israel…must go

Why do both Jews and Muslims support Hillary when Jews and Muslims are religious rivals? And why has ISIS not targeted Jews except in threats? Is there a correlation?

Mz. Hillary claims that she is a friend of the Jewish and Muslim people alike. She openly supports Sunni Muslims, and openly disapproves of the Shiites. Why doesn’t she like Shiites? Because the Sunni’s don’t. Recently, she spoke at a seminar for Sunni Muslims and for some reason claimed that she considers herself more of an Ishmaelite – as in a descendant of Abraham and Hagar, present day world Muslims, as opposed to the Christians and Jews who are considered the offspring of Sarah, Abraham’s wife.

In essence, Hillary is claiming she aligns herself as a – Muslim.

So if Hillary embraces the Sunni Muslim world to such an extent, why do the Jewish people support her? Do Jewish people align themselves with Sunni’s and rebuke Christians?

Enter ISIS. The conspiracy rift claims that the Sauds and Israeli’s colluded to create a super-army, ISIS, so as to eradicate the nasty Shiites and Christians. Maybe that was their initial intention and to some extent it remains their intention, but ISIS went – rogue. They decided to expand their froth of killing.

Is it a coincidence that after Hillary claimed Russia was responsible for hacking the DNC and her computers that ISIS made an announcement that they were to target Russia?   That would imply that ISIS has puppet strings…

How many Jewish people has ISIS killed? How many Sunni’s?

Most of the casualties have been Christians and Shiites.

Jewish targets? None.

Hillary’s campaign plan to defeat ISIS is to engage more Sunni’s in the battle. To stop the flow of ‘foreign fighters’ from Europe and the US by confiscating their passports… Police the banks for terrorist financing, intercept online chatrooms, and putting troops on the ground – Muslim troops.

Trump’s plan is to destroy their revenue source – oil. Cooperate with the Russians. Troops on the ground. And stop regime changes that leave entire countries susceptible to ISIS invasion.

So where is Israel? According to Israel’s intel chief, Major General Herzi Halevy, they don’t want ISIS defeated in Syria because they feel Assad is more of a threat than ISIS! So Israel is supporting ISIS…so if ISIS is not the threat, who is?  Russia and China according to Soros.

Where is Saudi Arabia? They stand aside.

So if the Jews and the Muslims really believe ISIS is not the threat, then what are we doing?

We are engaging in a Holy War against Shiites and Christians in a diversion of a military escalation against China and Russia.

The media states that Hillary has been a fervent supporter of the Jewish community… When? What did she do? The Israeli relationship with the US has suffered its worst during the Obama administration and Hillary’s Statehood. She has affirmed her support of a Palestine state and during Netanyahu’s re-election, US ‘money’ was used to attempt to defeat him. The money came from OneVoice Movement, founded in 2003 by Gary Gladstein a former Chief Operations Officer at Soros Fund Management. Soros wanted Bibi out. By default, Hillary wanted Bibi out. Why? Because he will never cave to a Palestinian state over Israel.

Why doesn’t Saudi Arabia give the Palestinians a portion of their country?

OneVoice advocates for a two state region of Israel and Palestine – as does Saudi Arabia. In addition, OneVoice lists as its partners: Association of British Muslims (wanting to define and extend Islam education in the UK), the Christian Muslim Forum, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, the New Israel Fund (funded by Soros), Yachad (the “British J Street”), Labour Friends of Palestine & the Middle East, the UK Labour Party and Labour Friends of Israel.

So while Israel and the Jewish people in the US support Hillary, they can’t be Israeli Jewish aligned with Netanyahu – so they must be aligned with the Saudi’s. Clinton is Netanyahu’s worst nightmare. She has already assumed her presidential win and organized a powerful team to step in ‘the day after’ and begin immediate action in the Middle East – Palestine being forefront on the list.

Also on her list is the South China Sea dispute which has ramped up with US intervention to the point that China has declared a state of emergency – ordering nuclear weapons to high alert. Hillary/Soros despises Putin – Russia has put their nuclear weapons on high alert. Hillary will catapault the world into a war like we have never seen before – and Gates will get his wish for massive diminishing world population.

This is why the Hillary/Obama clansmen state that ISIS is not our threat. Because they have no intention of using precious resources and power on them when the plan is to instigate a world war with China and Russia against the US, Europe and Middle East. The weapons have already been sold to the Middle East. Not for use against ISIS, but for the coming war that will – once and for all – create the one unified world power.

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