LABOR SHORTAGES To Bring Next Stage of Suffering

Labor Shortages.   Every industry across the globe is lamenting their labor shortages, including normally echelon industries such as – banking, investment banking, hedge Funds!.

According to the Rothschild Economist, within the banking investment business, there are massive labor shortages.  Could it be because of adverse reactions to the Vaccine? Could it be because of Death Rates among the vaccinated?   The Economist is a liberal Rag and would never report anything outside of their designated Emperor.   So the truth is as always – an enigma.

But theses ‘shortages within the cross industries do support a ‘supply chain crisis’ albeit in a completely different light.  It isn’t a shortage of containers, or trucks, or railway cars…  it is a shortage of people!

When arbitrarily murdering a vast percentage of society, it is impossible to presuppose those deaths within any particular line of occupation.   Perhaps all medical personnel will die from the Vax and its Boosts.   Perhaps all military soldiers will become obsolete.   They and we don’t know how or if it is possible to isolate a particular segment of the population based on their expertise or tech knowledge so they have NO reaction whatsoever to the vaccine.  As a result, industries will be impacted randomly.

While taking DNA samples routinely via the ‘Tests”, the information garnered from this massive sampling of 7Billion+ would take a bit of time to assess.  And I imagine we are still in this phase of the Vaccine Trial.   Is there a particular DNA that is more prone, subject to more lethal results, or have incredible immunity?   This is what the DNA Tests are being used to evaluate.    Why?   To create a more potent vax that can target specific DNA’s.  We are the ongoing Trial –  we just were not paid to be a part of this Pharma experiment.   Way too expensive!   And using people from small villages in India and Africa was no longer viable for experimentation.

How do we really know who and how many people are dying?   We rely on the exact same algorithm mantra that was created by Bill Gates.   As such, the true death toll is a sci-fi anomaly.

The CoVid case count was fake, the Covid death count was false, the lockdowns were false ‘science’, the masks are false ‘science’, and yet we are facing a massive shortage of labor – why?     Because of Adverse Events that Bill Gates told Trump – to ignore.   And he did.

How many people can no longer work because of the Adverse Reactions?   Is this why we continue to advance more undocumented, unqualified, unicorns into the US across our borders?   To fill the vacancies left by the vaccine mortality and injury rates?   Who succumbed?   In New York – if you remember – it was the homeless, the undocumented, the nameless, the old on SS, the persons unworthy of a – grave.   But the unemployment rate skyrocketed despite the majority of deaths attributed to the unemployed.

Then the unemployment rate tanked – and still employers are desperate for employees.   Everyone is working but there is a mass shortage of workers that did NOT exist before CoVid.

That was Cuomo’s Success story – worthy of accolades and a Book Deal!

Now, in the face of a democrat midterm crisis, we are warned that a massive lockdown equivalent to the China zero-CoVid mandate, may be implemented in the US.   So as to prohibit voting.   Certainly, it would NOT be beneath the mindset of what we have already witnessed.

Foresight is everything.

You can’t fight an enemy that you don’t know exists!  

Oddly, The Rothschild Economist is backing off the Russia Regime Coup and instead focusing on world regimes that back Russia… as in The BRICS. One of the largest of which is – India.

My 2cents claims that India will be the next target of riots, protests, chaos, street burnings and looters.   All under the guise of NED Democracy.   The Point – To Destroy The BRICS.   Because this alliance has become the crucial definition of success vs failure.   And right now – Failure – is the Globalist Agenda definition.

Ukraine provides a parallel.   The West assuredly pronounces that Ukraine is ‘winning the war against Russia’. While simultaneously propagandizing media showing abject destruction.   Mass exodus of the population.    Infrastructure destroyed.  Scarcity of food and water.    Yet somehow this translates to a WIN?   Never… in reality.   But as long as people focus on the “I Love Ukraine” mantra they lose sight of the crises at home!

Labor Shortages translate to further supply chain slowdowns – and the FOOD scarcity that is the next phase of the depopulation agenda.  The Great New World Order where a RESET is about suffering.   Anguish.   And the Key is – Suffering!   To literally cause suffering so as to weed the population.

Imagine.   Imagine…   Theory has it that Lennon was somewhat held at gunpoint and ordered to create this national wonder of a song.   Lured into the NWO with the promise of fame and wealth!    But he became disheartened and wanted out, disillusioned with the Cult/Mafia.   He displayed signs of returning to his familial roots in Christianity/Catholicism.   Of course, once joined into the Cabal, one does not simply exit stage left.

Many have been forcibly ‘exited’.

That is the code.  

Labor shortages across the globe are the impetus for the next stage of ‘suffering’.  Klaus Schwab stated that people hadn’t suffered enough, they needed to understand true suffering!     “They” – he did NOT say everyone – he said “They”.   Saving a fleet of aging decrepit ‘politicians’ will hardly create a New World – or even a world of ‘the strong’.   Unless the elite are prepared to live a very primitive life style.   Which they are wholly incapable of given their resume qualifications do not include actual productivity.   Do you think Fauci could mend a broken bone?  Does Gates know how to harvest crops?   Does Pelosi know how to dress herself?   Would Bezos be able to fix his yacht engine?

In the movie Logan’s Run – every person was required to enter the death chamber once they achieved the age of 30.   The point was that after 30, one’s productivity and usefulness declined.   The Movie conductors within the CIA seem to have short-circuited on this 60 year old ideology and failed to progress much beyond intellectually.

 WE STILL have the Power To Turn This Around…  as long as we get off our COUCHES of Complacency! 

Pfizer in Cleanup Mode After More Whistleblower Details Emerge

Pfizer is making shock waves across the internet, and it AIN’T GOOD NEWS FOR them…

First:   Last July revealed the Pfozer’s contracts with various countries were based on stronghold control.   Each country was prohibited of reselling or distributing the vaccines to any other country sabotaging WHO’s obvious fraudulent declaration that ‘rich countries were withholding vaccines’. The contracts stipulated nondisclosure parameters for all governments.

Second: A ‘peer reviewed’ study found that the fetus death rate among pregnant women was exceptionally high as miscarriages quaked at both 12 weeks and again at 20 weeks. As a result, the studies authors claimed the vaccine should be immediately halted for pregnant women, children, and those of child-bearing years.   In fact, Pfizer vaccine inserts state that; “available data on the vaccine administered to pregnant women are insufficient to inform vaccine-associated risks in pregnancy.” The CDC notes that spontaneous miscarriages were also a side effect of the H1N1 vaccine.

Third Stinger:   A whistleblower revealed the abject catastrophic trial process at Ventavia Research Group wherein employees were lying about outcomes, concealing adverse reactions, concealing deaths, and mass hysteria within the labs themselves.   Falsifying reports, unclear, and unsanitary labs, vials left at room temperature, and staff that were wholly untrained.

Apparently Pfizer failed to provide the proper documentation to the FDA and the FDA failed to request it.   The trials on children are virtually nonexistent. In fact the Phase 2 trial (a Phase 3 Trial has NOT been conducted) for children 5-11 years included just 2268 children from various countries and the trial is not publicly available.

And yet, the corrupted FDA ‘independent council’ which is majority comprised of former and current Pharma employees or recipients of funding from Pharma allowed the authorization.

WHY?   Because Pharma Owns our governments.

Obviously the entire authorization and approval process was – defacto, unilaterally faked.   And documentary evidence obtained by the whistleblowers attests to this global assassination.   The FDA collaborated. As did the CDC.   As did WHO.   As did Johns Hopkins.   And every Governmental Body within.

Contrary to the Bolsonaro accusations of mishandling, the CoVid lawsuits will likely target the abject stupidity – negligence – and death squads perpetrated by global government officials –

And Still, despite the actual documented evidence, Pfizer, in cohorts with their paid media distillers of moonshine, and our Global Healthcare System ignore the Facts and continue to push for vaccinations for as young as six months!

It took a year of vaccine inoculations to jab upwards of 70% of Americans before the evidence mounted fact upon fact upon fact.   All the while, Pfizer continues to spew non-evidentiary trials that are nonexistent or even worse espouse the nonliability statement, ‘we don’t know’.  

At the bottom of the list of side effects is this statement: “There is no information on the use of this vaccine with other vaccines.”

As such, global governments are mandating death certificate passes while advocating for ever more squads to jab free citizens.

The EU reports 24,526 fatalities from the vaccine and 2,317,495 adverse events/injuries.   According to VAERS there have been 17,456 deaths and 622,743 adverse injuries. However, VAERS does provide a few disclaimers   1. Their data is 4-6 weeks lagging,   2.   Certain data is not made available to the public,   3.   Despite the fact that the number of deaths and adverse injuries for CoVid’s vaccine is greater than all reported incidences since 1990, this has yet to trigger a ‘safety signal’ as per ALL rules and Protocol.

ANY doctor who supports the bogus trials despite having knowledge of corruption is a co-contributor to fraud and murder.   The supposed Pfizer trial (the actual trial data is not public) on pregnant women involved less than 2500 participants.   The whistleblower details false data and purged data by in-house employees.   A typical study at phase 3 would require a minimum of over 30,000 participants to even be ‘considered’ valid.   But Phase 3 Trials have yet to be conducted for children or pregnant women.   As such the validity of a vaccine would have to be determined by ‘outside’ nonaffiliated unbiased medical personnel.   The FDA Panel does NOT meet that criteria even closely.

Today OSHA announced the terms of the private business mandate that will take effect January 2022.   As such they have colluded and are also liable in the ultimate renegade outcome.

Information is continually leaked. Whistleblowers continue to emerge.   And the number of naysayers continues to rise. In abject shock and anger.   They needed cowardice.   It has now been revealed that only certain ‘batches’ of the vaccine are behind the current death/murders and injuries.   Likely to protect certain persons. It is also known that members of Congress who contracted CoVid (congress is nonessential to this staged depopulation) used Ivermectin to cure themselves despite claiming it is NOT authorized.

Soon enough their status will be revealed and their fear will not be redeemed as they realize they too may be subject to ‘depopulation’.  Imagine their surprise…  The GREAT RESET has officially Launched!  And they can no longer hide behind their lies.