France: Budget Chaos = Tax Chaos = Civil Chaos

The Socialist block of the EU is descending into complete chaos, London, France, Germany are seeing unprecedented riots and the respective governments have no idea what to do!   Macron did nothing, then he gave, in, now he thinks that in order to show ‘strength’ he must fight the yellow vest movement.   And stupidity reigns as he has lost complete control of his country.

In a speech to the French people, Macron offered no solutions, and merely framed a slew of empty words:   “We can do better, and must do better”, “I believe in us”, “Truth, dignity and hope”…  But as he spoke the rhetoric glanced with the impact of a spitball, protests continued unabated, and 150,000 police and security were deployed to try and quell the immense volume of discontent.   MERDE!  Police have been caught on video punching demonstrators, clubbing them, and kicking them on the ground.

Polls indicate Macron now has a disapproval ranking of 80%, and calls for him to step down have gone viral.   In the midst of the onslaught, France’s economy will likely suffer incredible economic hardships as tourism is at a standstill and businesses scurry to defend their wares.   Looting is rampant, and vandalism is spiking fears that a civil unrest could devolve the country into chaos and bankruptcy.

France’s government has not recorded a positive spending budget since 1970.   Since 2002, government health spending has doubled.  Government spending is roughly 1.29 trillion Euros per year – $1.5 trillion.   The US has five times as many people as France and spends four times as much per person for government expenditures.   As a percentage of GDP, France’s military spending is a full percentage point below the US at 2.3.  As a percentage of total world spending, France’s military spending is 1/10ththat of the US.  The discrepancies are enormous.  If the US were to stop footing the bill for the EU countries through NATO, the budget deficit of France would be crippled.

Germany is even worse.  Their military spending is a mere 7% of what the US pays.   Yet Germany’s population is 24% that of the US.   The US picks up 35% of the total world expenditure for military, basically supporting 28 EU member states, Australia, Canada and Japan.

If the US relegated NATO spending to the countries it defends, and simply quashed our share completely, the redistribution to our military would be roughly $310million.   Total economic and military assistance to other countries is roughly $45 billion with Afghanistan, Israel, Egypt, Jordan, and The West Bank receiving the bulk of the shares.

If the US became sovereign in its truest sense, we would have at our disposal $45.3 billion additional funds that could be allocated toward military personal salaries, housing, and medical care.   If all the funds went to active military personnel, that would provide each one with an additional $35,000 per year.

When European governments cry foul on Trump, when they ridicule and malign him, they stand to create an irreversible economic spiral for themselves should Trump decide to revoke their subsidies.   Our allies are not necessarily – our friends.

But then, what we are witnessing is that these governments are not representing their people, they are fake, they are props, likely put in office with the help of voter fraud.

The gender pay gap in France remains unchanged since 2000.  Wealth inequality in France shows an constant increase for the top 1% and 10%, despite media notions that France is a country of equality.   While their education spending is a large portion of the government budget, the disparity rises as the proportion spent on University education far exceeds formative education, and thus the top tier benefit from those expenditures.

The youth unemployment rate in France is 21.5%.   By comparison, the youth unemployment rate in the US is roughly 8%.

Perspective:   The minimum wage is France is degraded by age.  Standing at roughly $11.5 per hour, for those between the ages of 15 and 16 it is 20% less, and for those 17 to 18 it is 10% less.   An average workweek is 35 hours – on a monthly basis their earning power is 12.5% less.   The average monthly take-home salary in the US is 42.67% higher than in France.  The price of buying real estate is 400% higher – in France.

Taxes in France are exceptionally high.  A self employed person can expect to fork over 70% of their income in taxes at the base level.   Employees pay 22% into Social Security, deductions and exemptions are significantly less available, the top tier tax rate is 45% and applies to anyone making over 152,260euro.   They have local taxes, residence taxes, land tax, professional tax, gift tax, inheritance tax, income tax surcharges, wealth tax, VAT tax (20%), capital gains tax, property tax, and the infamous petroleum tax.

And still – despite paying little for their military, which consumes over15% of the US budget, France operates on a budget deficit and has for the last 50 years.  I think Ocasio-Cortez would fit right in.

This is why the Yellow Vests are protesting!

Germany and France Report NYE Assaults! Sort-of…

While France and Germany censor their media, and attempt to portray their growing violence as nothing more than hooliganism, downplaying the extremism, occasionally the truth is revealed.

In France the small immigrant town of Champigny-sur-Marne was subjected to a slew of violence as black immigrants savagely beat a police woman and policeman in the street, destroyed over 1030 vehicles and randomly set fire to whatever they could.   No one was arrested. Why?

In November, a French policeman assigned border patrol in Calais was sentenced to six months in jail for slapping a migrant.

Migrants on the streets have taken to protesting the police and government claiming a humanitarian crisis whereby they are unfairly and unjustly treated. And so Macron’s government has established a laissez faire attitude toward the migrants and the MSM is not focusing on the continued riots and violence, instead they are focusing on Iran.

But riots in France have become near commonplace, erupting virtually every month this past year.   And despite the fact that just a few months ago, France was quite pridefully miffed when ‘an area’ was called a no-go zone by the US, now entire Districts and parts of towns are openly recognized as such.

In Paris 510 people were arrested over NYE and 140,000 security forces were required to be dispersed across France.   By comparison, the US deployed 1500 security in Las Vegas, and 5,000 in New York City.   Why? Possible terrorism.   And yet, the discussion regarding the entry of ‘more immigrants’ remains a debate.

A culture of violence begets a District of violence begets a country of violence.

Germany reported sexual assaults on women in Berlin, Hamburg and Cologne citing the assailants as being men from Syria and Afghanistan.

Sometimes the reports are so benign the brutality and/or violence seems minimal – that is unless you happen to be the victim.   Our compassion is squelched because the media needs to pretend it is all nothing in order to placate and expound on the notion that there isn’t a problem.

In fact it has become so perverse that Rainer Wendt, Chairman of German Police Union, stated that Germany was sending the wrong signal by providing safe zones for women. According to Wendt, such a thing would end equality and freedom of movement… Of course he seems to be a bit upside down in his thinking – given the freedom and equality have already been devastated by Germany’s decision to attempt to integrate violence into society.

Within Wendt’s point is the concept that ‘safe zones’ are even required to be created given the environment of assaults. However, failing to address the cause or eradicate the problem will ultimately never provide a solution.

When Germany and France attempt to censor the media and the world from the truth about the impact migrants have on their country, on crime, on society, on citizens – they are condoning the behavior.   And as long as the behavior is condoned, it will grow, infest, and find chaos to be its joy.