Immigration Entitlement

Norway’s largest immigrant population demographics; Poland and Sweden.   Australia’s largest immigrant population;   England, New Zealand and mainland China.   Canada’s largest immigrant population; UK, China. Number of Syrians in Canada – 18,000 representing .1% of the population.   Switzerland largest immigrant population; Germany, Italy and Portugal.   Ireland immigrants: Poland and UK.   Japan? Foreign residents represent 1.22% of the entire population and are primarily from China and Korea. Portugal’s immigrants; Brazil and Cape Verde.

So why isn’t the media all in a tizzy over the demographics in other countries?

Recently, a number of refugees were relocated to an island in Scotland. They complained bitterly because they said the island wasn’t metropolitan enough and had an aging population with an average age of 55-59…

Of the 436,000 legal refugees brought into the US from 2011 through 2016, California took 36,000 representing .09% of the refugee population, roughly 2000 came from Syria.   Total Syrian “refugees” are estimated to number 6.3 million.   So California has given home to .03% of the Syrian refugees.   In other words, the numbers are so relatively small it’s like paying $20 on your $63,000 debt, it would take 3150 years to pay it off without interest…

In Australia immigrants must be ‘skilled workers’, must pass a comprehensive test, must have an employer lined up ready to employ you, and must remain squeaky clean for two years before you can even apply for residency. After 4 years of lawful residency, you will be considered for permanent residency which may take another year.

Canada:     According to the government, “For example: a 25 year-old female with excellent English ability, basic French knowledge, a Master’s degree with 2 years work experience in the country of origin, no prearranged employment in Canada and a spouse that has studied, lived and worked in Canada might score upwards of 80 points overall. This combined score of the six factors would make her eligible to apply for permanent residency.”

 The immigrant policies of nations around the world are strictly defined.   They have been defined in the US since 1790, revised and updated. Still, the illegal immigrants in the US are estimated to number about 12 million representing 3% of the total population.   Total immigrants in US amount to about 44 million or just over 13% of the population with most living in Texas, Florida, New York, Illinois and New Jersey.  Still – not good enough…

Gaining legal status is a difficult and costly process, however, abiding by the laws is required of every citizen. When laws no longer have effect, society collapses. Those immigrants who followed the rules through hard work and tenacity can feel bitter when a magic wand is waved and millions are simply granted a waiver.  But that is what the Liberals and Socialists are arguing.

Within this societal chaos, the rules of Order melt away and the entitlement schematic rises to the surface. I remember as my kids grew they would continually ask if something was ‘free’.   Amazement reined as they found that our house wasn’t free, my car, and ultimately even the water.   A generation has risen that was apparently not given this guidance and so they believe that everything entitled should be free…  Of course, it follows that everyone who has worked to gain wealth should then pick up the tab for all the freebies that youth can’t afford because they haven’t worked.   Somehow the switches that govern logic and rational seem to be turned – off.   Big Daddy is thus the godhead!  “You have the money, you pay, I don’t have the money so I won’t pay…”  What happened to the widow who gave her only penny?

Until this socialist generation is willing to foot the bill ‘themselves’ for the massive immigrant policies they support, they will never learn that entitlement means someone still has to pay and ultimately it will be ‘them’, should be – them.

Refugees vs Veterans: A Cost Analysis

Over 4 million veterans are on disability… They are eligible to receive ‘as much as’ $3000 per month for their disability and medical care – max $36,000 per year. Every year more than 8,000 veterans commit suicide.   They are injured, they are traumatized, and they are left to die in waiting rooms at VA Hospitals that are rife with corruption.

The average cost per household of Middle Eastern refugees is about $258,000 over five years, or $51,600 per year. More than 95% of refugees are on welfare receiving free housing, medical care, food, and a stipend after that five year period.  

Even more absurd. It costs the US 12 times in $$$$ what it would cost to provide the exact same services for the refugee were they to resettle in another Middle Eastern country. That means the cost could be reduced to $4300 per year for a household if we simply let them stay where they speak the same language, have the same customs, share in the same morality, ethics and belief system.

This ludicrous solution that we support is so far removed from logic and reality, no one wants to actually analyze the facts and figures.

A conservative estimate states that the US spends about $1 billion per year on refugees. If we continued to provide for all those refugees, albeit in their own region, we would save about $920million ‘per year’ which could be diverted to our Veterans and no one would notice. Except our veterans…of course.

What these numbers do not reflect are the subjective costs. For example, veterans would not be denied jobs that were allocated to refugees. Veterans would not be so reliant on disability if they could have a worthwhile job that was re-allocated to refugees. Crime costs to society.   Education costs?  The dollar savings amass!

And yet, and still, the press and the media continue to harp about the ‘poor refugees’ and the ‘bad veterans’.   Why?

Because the media has an alternate objective. A refugee portrayed as a victim of our military is more entertainment than a veteran who has given his very life and being. It’s like a shell game.   Find the truth under the shell… but not before we take all your money…

They prey on the innocence of youth. They prey on falsification of facts. They prey on the subversion of facts. And they have an outlet that can reach millions – with partial truths, half truths and even out-right lies.

Hollywood dives for these games because that’s what Hollywood does! They act for money! They pretend. They are driven by one and only one God – Money. And the only reason people buy it is because the actors have become that much more adept – at their craft – pretending!   For $$$$$.

The stage, the play, the act, wasn’t always quite so subversive. While their heritage is “The Court Jester”, a step above the poison testers and a step below the prostitutes, today they seem to have created an elitist persona for themselves elevating their prowess to realms of godlike proportions.

Personally, I still see the Court Jester and marvel how so many Hollywooders are self imposed experts in such industries that would normally require PhD status and decades of experience.   They provide ‘expert testimony’ for such scientific theories that are normally relegated to ‘scientists’, and have opinions about everything that apparently earn them prime time news coverage, prime placement in the media, and commentary sections that utilize their ‘expertise’ to defend an intellectual theory… even if their claim to education fame is a GED High School Diploma!

Sadly, to me, they still remain, The Court Jester.

What’s even more disconcerting is that these people – know they have no education – know they have no expertise – know they have no knowledge or wisdom – and still find great victory in – pretending…



The Trojan Horse of Immigration

Refugees, they are awarded green cards, food stamps, free healthcare, and welfare. We grant this status to 70,000 automatically each year although Kerry wants to increase that to 100,000. But Kerry isn’t alone, there are a number of prominent Republican Senators who want to increase immigration. According to the US Department of Health and Human Services, of the Middle East refugees that have arrived since 2008 over 91% are on food stamps, 73% are on Medicaid , and 68% are on cash welfare.

They come from predominantly Iraq, Burma, Bhutan, Somalia, Cuba, Iran, Congo, Sudan, Eritrea, and Ethiopia. But additional refugees come from Saudi Arabia and Jordan… despite the fact that these countries are our allies. So how can you be a refugee from a country that is not at war? The US now houses 20% of all international migrants, of the 41 million immigrants currently residing in the US, 1.02 million are from the Middle East and North Africa.

By contrast, the Muslim population in Germany is nearing 6 million. And the shift in societal norms is already rooted. Germany has Sharia courts, Sharia law, polygamy (although illegal is accepted as a part of the Muslim rule), and as such the multiple wives are granted single mother status giving them additional welfare funds and rights by German law. And while mainstream media would have us believe that Germany is welcoming with open arms, the Germans tend to disagree with this evaluation and purging of their ideals. Censorship is clouding reality. Anyone who speaks out against the Islamization of Germany is considered a terrorist themselves. A radical. Probed by the Intelligentsia.

The sole reason Germany is accepting so many Muslim immigrants is because population in Germany is shrinking dramatically and laborers are in deep shortage. Why? Values changed and being a mother in Germany was considered a worthless occupation, a non-occupation. Women stopped having children or had just one. Germany’s foreign born population now represents about 12% of the total population. How this will change the political, societal, judicial, and religious values could completely reframe Germany in the short term and decades to come.

How does this stack elsewhere in Europe? In Britain, it is estimated that 50-85% of the Muslim population is on welfare benefits. In addition, 24% of female and 20% of male Muslim immigrants claim disability. It is believed that the unemployed Muslim population costs Britain upwards of 18 billion euro per year.

In Denmark, 40% of the welfare budget is spent on the Muslim population while they make up 5% of the total Danish population. Many sects claim that working in a foreign country goes against Islam as it means supporting or contributing to a system that is non-Muslim.

Rome is a particular target for jihadists and radicals as it houses Vatican City.

Where are the Christian refugees? We certainly don’t hear about the US, Australia or Germany taking in the Yazidi’s or other Christians persecuted and executed in the Middle East. In fact the – 20 – Christian refugees that came to the US were put in jail in San Diego as they awaited their fate. Two towns in France stated they would only take Christian refugees from Syria. But these mayors were chastised for their stance.

This is not about immigrant children escaping gangs, rape and abuse, this is about terrorism. Pictures on news sites, blogs, etc… like to show pictures of young children arm-in-arm, children sweetly smiling, children looking like they stepped out of a modeling catalogue when depicting resettled immigrants. That’s not the story. Most immigrants don’t have papers, they have only their word that they come from Syria or Yemen or Eritrea. If they come for economic relief they are not granted refugee status.

Where do the Muslims typically settle when migrating to the US? Predominantly in New York, LA, Detroit, Chicago, DC/Virginia, San Diego, Boston, Houston, San Francisco and Dallas. Which basically accounts for every major city in the US. Other cities where growth is escalating include; Tampa and Miami, Jackson and Nashville, Minneapolis, Seattle and Portland.

How many terrorists are in the US? How many came via the Trojan Horse of Immigration? Those are numbers that are virtually impossible to know with any absoluteness, but we do know they are here, more are coming, and they have an agenda. Interestingly, if you look up the FBI’s most wanted terrorist list, it overwhelmingly contains people who purportedly committed some criminal offense dating back 30 or 40 years ago. There was no mention of anyone involved in 9-11. And according to the US State Department, The Muslim Brotherhood – is okay – no terrorists there…

How do you solve the importing and radicalization of terrorists?  Well, one thing you don’t do is shut your eyes and bury your head and claim it’s all about ‘peace’.  Imagine how you might be treated ~