Cabalist Regime Goes After OPEC+ via price caps and NOPEC Bill

The Far reaching hand of global control is now extended toward OPEC+.   A Bill has been drafted and passed its initial Senate Judiciary.   It is called NOPEC.   The purpose of the bill is to give the US control over OPEC, because they operate outside of the rein of tyrannical cabalists.   OPEC has cut supplies by 2% and the Biden handlers have taken up arms!

While the ‘stated purpose’ of the Bill is to prevent OPEC from manipulating the price of oil, the reality is quite different.   Reuters is of the opinion that the oil market is ‘tight’.   Of course it wouldn’t be tight if the US lifted the drilling bans and allowed the US to be oil independent once again.   But that rationale seems to fall on tone deaf ears because it doesn’t justify NOPEC which is designed as an extension of World Economic Forum’s Great RESET.

NOPEC is structured so as to allow the US to circumvent a country’s sovereignty and allow the US Justice System to sue other countries and their relative companies based on US law.   For example, if the US government feels that OPEC is price fixing, then the US could sue OPEC and demand restitution.   It is a ridiculous concept born of ‘globalization’ and a UN installed global government.

The fact that the US shut down its own oil supply, sanctioned Russia cutting former oil imports from them, sanctioned Venezuela so that we can’t import from them, controlling the Middle East is next on the agenda.   It is essentially in line with Europe’s concept of an oil ‘price cap’.  

The oil price cap is considered a sanction on Russia and means through which the EU will control what it deems is a fair price for Russian gas.   If Russia were to uphold the agreement, it could undermine OPEC.   Such a sanction is likely to mean that Russia simply stops all exports to the EU.

While attempting to make the entire story about a nonEuropean country, Ukraine, the true point was highlighted by Bolton yesterday when he demanded a Russia Regime Change.

NOPEC has multiple ramifications of precedent.   Should the US try to control OPEC, other countries could establish similar caps and legal action against American industries such as agriculture, steel, machinery & equipment, etc…   Lawyers would find themselves the largess beneficiary and citizen classes would reap the largess chaos.   Food would become weaponized.

More likely, OPEC countries would simply cross the EU and US off their list of trade partners in everything! And our economies would wither to dust.

The Obsession:   “For European leaders, the task has been to find new ways to target Moscow’s income from energy while avoiding the risk of shortages, soaring prices, and potential blackouts at home this winter and the next and the next… “

While the current Price Cap plan offers an exemption for Hungary, Malta, Greece and Cyprus are concerned that their shipping of Russian coal and oil could be negatively impacted. Meaning Russia simply would cancel EU countries.   In addition, the EU proposal includes restricting supplies of steel, weapons, weapon parts, personnel, and travel.

Russia is the EU’s largest supplier of iron and steel at 15%, while unfinished steel imports from Russia were 42%.   China is the world’s largest importer of steel, and like Russian gas, China will likely be more than happy to increase their steel and iron imports from Russia.   The EU is building itself a bigger and bigger hole wherein the people will pay as shortages mean higher inflation.

The EU’s trade balance with China is similar to the US with a significant negative balance.   Before the Russia-Ukraine war, Ukraine’s economy was ranked lowest in all of Europe, and 112th globally.   Average net salary was $426 per month, unemployment was 43%, and Russia was its main import and export partner!   Ukraine’s major exports were oil – which has been severely hampered, and grain – which is sitting in silo’s going stale.   It is expected that the economy will contract by 45% to 50% for this year alone.

IF the EU thinks that Ukraine will supply all that Russia did, they will need billions for repairs and building the necessary facilities over the coming decades.   But, like the near $100 billion US Taxpayers have forked over via Biden’s wallet that have essentially completely disappeared, so will the EU’s – because the government corruption is beyond any we have ever seen – anywhere.

Today, in line with Poland’s demands for having US supplied nuclear weapons, Zelenskyy has demanded the EU completely nuke Russia as a ‘pre-emptive’ strike.   This is about CONTROL.   This is about DEATH.  Zelenskyy is truly an evil man.   Russia refuses the Cabalist Regime Change Mandate – and Soros owns Ukraine.    Soros owns Zelenskyy and Soros is PISSED.