FACEBOOK: “Community Standards” Don’t Apply to Dark Web

With little fanfare or mainstream media discussion, Facebook has closed its doors to third party blogging which is coincidentally, mostly conservative.   As of August 1st, this new rule quietly went into effect.  Of course it does not apply to paid content which now dominates the newsfeed and has absolutely nothing to do with any user’s particular preferences.    However, even there, a precedent was established with the decision to permanently ban Alex Jones and specific pages from Infowars, therein the censorship of US MSM is officially initiated.

While smaller bloggers scramble to try and adjust to the rulings, the attacks will likely rise as Facebook’s “Community Standards” rules loosely define terms of ‘Violence and Criminal’, Safety, and ‘Objectionable Content’.   These terms are created by and monitored by Facebook and are not necessarily a legal demonstration of conduct.   Therefore, Facebook has nominated itself as the censorship police – which would mimic Communism.

While our current MSM is dedicated to the meme that Censorship is Trump commenting on his view of specific media cites, true censorship is being invoked in order to silence what is deemed not to be aligned with the approved propaganda.   We routinely are subjected to a single narrative that is mass produced throughout hundreds of stations across the US.     It is the same methodology used in China, former communist Poland, Russia and Romania.

Still, amidst the scandal of information hawking and sharing Facebook has apparently been busily coercing US banks to share information on their customers including credit card transactions, bank account balances, and shopping habits so that it can ‘partner’ with banks in offering their services… although insiders are stating that Facebook actually intends to become a competitor.

According to a law enacted in 1999, the FDIC offers an ‘opt out’ clause in which any customer can refuse to allow their information to be shared.  However, the ‘opt out’ must be instituted by the customer, it is NOT automatic.   In order to opt out, a customer must read their banks policy and sign a clause that specifies what sharing is allowed and what is not.

India accounts for the largest share of Facebook users, with the US coming in 2nd, Brazil 3rd and Indonesia 4th.  Bothe Brazil and Indonesia are slated to become Facebook’s biggest sources of advertising fueling the growth of their market share.  And while Facebook made the very public announcement that it had removed 32 fake accounts that were clearly pro-Russia, CNN estimates there are over 82 million fake accounts…  Obviously the word didn’t make it to Zuckerberg’s security personnel.

Africa is a target market, but in order to spark the climb, Facebook needs more mobile phones to be distributed among the population.  No problem. In Africa, smartphones average less than $50 – compared with the US price tags of $600 to $900.

Although Zuckerberg is supposedly wallowing in waves of lawsuits and lacking credibility, obviously Facebook is continuing to ramp up and expand – albeit not so much in the US as the target markets where billions of additional users still languish, and potential advertisers are lining up with cash.

If that isn’t enough…, in 2014, Facebook set up a means for people to access Facebook through the Dark Web via Tor, a site that promotes child pornography and the sex trade.  Of course, much of the content on Tor is illegal, and given the alliance, it traverses some very interesting ideals and ethics.   As of 2016, Facebook claimed it had over a million users through the Dark Web.  Apparently, because of Facebook’s international base, and the fact that different countries have different regulations with respect to Tor’s illegal activities, Zuckerberg feels entitled to extend even greater access giving advice on Facebook for how to enter the Dark Web securely, without being caught by authorities…

They even advertise how government login credentials can be bought on the dark web – by anyone…  DNC, Clinton, anyone.  How convenient that Facebook is promoting this at the height of the Russia hacking investigation.

Odd, that none of this Dark Web content is subject to the scrutiny of Facebook’s extensive rules ie, “Community Standards” which just dumped Infowars and thousands of smalltime bloggers…

Sexual Immorality precedes The Fall

The ever deepening sexual abuse that is surfacing everywhere we look is truly a cavern of Hell. For the most part it has been completely ignored, completely enabled, and completely embraced – even coveted. It is a disease far more insidious than cancer and far more potent than any opioid.   What makes people go to the extremes that they do can’t be cured by a one hour sexual harassment class, or a gnarly wagging finger of reproach.

When a woman in the Philippines is willing to sexually abuse her 2 month old and eight year old while live streaming her acts for an audience in Canada, the UK or the US, the perversity of the world has truly consumed the soul. There are no lines, no boundaries, at all.

The fact that despite the turmoil we are currently just beginning to unveil, politicians will remain ‘unnamed’ and therefore continue without consequence is reprehensible.     Calling out a few to take the fall for the many, will not close the cavern. The stories are a fraction, a speck in the universe of the fall and decay of morality.

Still, in the midst of the media frenzy regarding sexual perversity, front page-center, they highlight a ‘Victoria Secrets Fashion Show’, wherein sexy models parade in garters and strings…   Why is this ‘News”?  While they aren’t ‘the problem’, they certainly are a contributing factor! Do you think those models haven’t been sexually harassed, abused, and assaulted? Don’t be naive.

They are no more immune than the children in The Philippines, the children in foster care, the children in orphanages who have been victimized for decades with little to no consequence to the massive ring of perpetrators.

The Franklin Scandal, the Savile Sandal, all watered, white-washed and shoved under the table while hundreds of thousands of children were victimized, and brutally murdered, sometimes as a part of demonic rituals. While the UK is still ‘investigating’ the claims involving over 1400 politicians, entertainers, sports people and the uber wealthy, the ONLY perpetrators that they will name so far are – dead, because they don’t want to sully anyone’s reputation…

Dead children.

And still, Hollywood claims innocence. Their ethics and morality in no way contributed to the situation we face. The movies, depictions, titillations, were all – okay. Their cover-ups were worth the money they gained. And to name the names is just not worth the cost.

Meryl Streep, who defended Weinstein, has now come out and claimed she was beaten to a pulp, watched as another person was beaten, all while Cher stood as a bystander.   But she isn’t naming who this heinous person(s) is, because she might not make any more money in Hollywood.

Who do you think develops the Dark Web?

The same people who want to unravel our world and create chaos within the grip of Hell. Laughing hysterically while Christians are falling, Jews are supplanted by secularism, and natural laws are nullified. Reverends debate the Creche, a shelter is sued for blessing a dog, cake makers are put out of business, but sexual predators? They get to skate.

The Darknet that hosts the child abuse, sexual exploitation, pornography and pedophilia, has been slowly coming to the surface, finding legal mediums to provide its service to a clientele that includes our husbands and wives, our neighbors, and our children.  The excuse is often, ‘well I was just curious’…  I’ve heard it before.

In Jim Nelson Black’s, Decline of A Nation, he enumerates historical ages which parallel our current course of self destruction:

“In ancient Greece, the first symptoms of disorder were a general loss of respect for tradition and the degradation of the young. Among the early symptoms was the decline of art and entertainment. The philosophers and pundits distorted the medium of communication. Rhetoric became combative and intolerant; intellectuals began to deride and attack all the traditional institutions of Hellenic society.

New thinkers in the society argued for “fundamental change” and called for giving the youth a “voice in society.” Without traditional guidelines, the young men grew wild and undisciplined destroying the old order. Slowly Greece devolved into a disreputable and lawless nation. The Romans conquered Greece in 146 B.C. By placing everything under military authority, they were able to restore order and bring back the rule of law.”

 Sound familiar?  It should.

Black notes that there are three aspects of decay; social, cultural and moral. He states that historically, this lawlessness is found in the degradation of youth, followed by a decline in arts and entertainment, the distortion of communication, combative rhetoric and intolerance, and ultimately the complete collapse of rules and order within traditional religious institutions of society.

New thinkers emerge demanding a ‘voice for youth’ in society, and a ‘fundamental change’. And without guidelines, the youth grow wild, undisciplined and destructive.

This is historic, and it is present day. It dates to 333 BC, to 146 BC, to the Dark Ages, to the French Revolution, etc… What makes it different today is the sheer magnitude. It has permeated every city, country and continent. The ultimate historical consequence has been – martial law.  Today, that would equate to The New World Order.  Because it is about reframing the world, not just a segment, or a colony, or a country.

As people succumb to this Dark World, they are giving up their souls, life has no value, infants and children are bought, sold, abused, and carved up without care.

But we still have a choice. We can choose to succumb, or not, as a person, a city, and a country. Respect, tradition, values, boundaries, rules, order, and religion define a society – and by definition, the absence – destroys a society.