Climate Change – WH Committee to Research Effects of Climate Manipulation

After Nigeria’s Climate expert told Bill Gates and Soros to essential fark-off, they managed to convince their puppets in the White House to comply instead.   A five year research project will study the ‘effects of geo-engineered climate’ around the globe.   That research means studying different means of shading the sun and then writing an analysis of ‘what happened’ next. 

The scientific concept is akin to ‘let’s give everyone an untested vaccine and see what happens’… That Scientific Expert research caused massive deaths and significant ‘adverse events’.   Playing with earth is apocalyptic.

The five year project includes: Spraying sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere despite the known harmful effects on the environment, animals and humans.   Scientists say it is worth the risk. Atmospheric sulfur dioxide is like volcanic ash. It will cause deforestation, acid rain, respiratory disease, toxic waterways, dead fish, dead birds, dead animals, and air pollution.   Its caustic characteristics will destroy the ozone layer protecting earth.

The atmospheric injections last for 6 months and require boosters at a cost of $10 billion each.   The supposed effect would reduce the temperature of the planet by 1 degree if employed continuously – forever. If the earth naturally heats up a degree – the net effect is zero and will continue to degrade as earth’s warming isn’t simply a reaction to the sun. But a reaction to our polar vortex movement.

Another hilarious method proposed is ‘cloud brightening’ which is achieved by spraying salt crystals in the air over all ocean masses.   The effect of this solution lasts – several hours. The aliens must have been on vacation the day scientists came up with that solution!

Every manmade solution in science comes with ‘side effects’.   Every Pharma Drug lists anywhere from 10 to 30+ side effects – including death.   Every action to alter climate comes with side effects including death to all life on Earth.   And scientists find this an acceptable risk.   A risk even Steven Hawking decried as insanity!

Historically, climate has impacted hundreds if not thousands of civilizations.   Their solution was always to vacate to a location that is habitable.   Adapt or move.   We have evolved since then to be able to mitigate – unfortunately we don’t spend money mitigating – we spend money fixing broken beyond repair.   A mentality lacking in depth solutions.

But this mentality mimics the Pharma concept of not curing – and instead pushes the inevitable a few years out.   When Climate scientists declare that we need to get rid of cows and pigs and chickens and replace them with water thirsty crops that don’t provide nutrients – Houston we most definitely have a problem. The problem isn’t the climate – it is the incompetence of science.

Western California is the perfect example:   Chicken Little has been screaming for 100 years and yet nothing has been done.   They didn’t build reservoirs, they didn’t clear forest debris, they didn’t ration water, they didn’t void Pepsi’s and Coke’s enormous water contracts that empty reserves for sale of bottled water across the globe.  

In 2021, 15 billion gallons of bottled water was sold across the US. Priced at $1.23 per bottle retail – consumers spent roughly $18.5 Billion for bottled nonsparkling – tap water. How many of those bottles were recycled?

Playing with weather is a power play and nothing more.   The power to control – the power to give and to take away – the power to give death or life… these are the reasons why weather manipulation is not about saving earth.   It is about the high these people feel.   The accolade.   And the money it generates.

According to ‘rainforest-alliance’, the frog population is indicative of our global warming as they are under threat of extinction…  

  • 2005 – heavy rains lead to frog population explosion!
  • 2013 – frog population decline more severe than what scientists previously reported!
  • 2022 – explosion in frog numbers!

What this tells me is that el Nino and La Nina are doing their dance.

A company called ‘Make Sunsets’ claims that for $50 billion per year they can return the world to its pre-industrial temperature.   Temperature records didn’t begin until 1880.   Therefore the time frame for comparison is 140 years in the entirety of earth.   But the means for measuring have changed dramatically making past estimates relatively useless:   “data were collected by inserting a thermometer into a water sample collected by lowering a bucket from a ship.”

According to the EPA measuring sea temperatures is not remotely accurate until 1971 and more accurate beginning in 2005. Everything prior was done using outdated methodology giving false results.   So now our baseline is just 50 years to 18 years.   Meaning the pre-Industrial period began in 2005!

Climate Change is real – but our global administrators are not concerned about evolving with the change and instead want to ‘fight’ Change…