The World Order of Soros: Flashmobs, Chaos, Riots & MONEY

Today is international Tourism Day – according to the UN.   “Targeted tourism investments can generate jobs, bolster local businesses, and reduce tourism’s environmental impact while empowering communities and celebrating their cultures.”   In celebrating cultures, a flash mob of blacks took to Philadelphia to decimate high end stores including Apple.   In celebrating cultures, Target has announced the closure of stores in flash mob cities;   New York, San Francisco, Oakland, Seattle, and Portland.   In 2020, tourism in NYC tanked 67% and the economy reflected a 75% drop in revenues.

How’s That Working For You?

But that doesn’t even begin to provide the true picture.   In NYC, a tourist is anyone who has traveled more than 50 miles to visit and lodges there for one night – including the illegal immigrants staying at hotels. They would be dubbed, International Tourists. In 2020 alone, 10% of hotels shut down permanently.   Despite the flashmobs, the crime sprees, the assaults, NYC claims crime is down. Ask the tourists and the residents, and the answers are completely upside down – as in New York has descended into anarchy!   The government is desperate to encourage more people – more tourism to return.   And thus the crime sprees don’t go on the books.

Over the last 3 years, 781 chain stores have closed in NYC.   This doesn’t begin to touch on private and small businesses forced out.   Homeless shelter populations have nearly doubled since May 2022.   And this doesn’t begin to account for the homeless on the streets, or the ‘refugees’ in vogue hotels.   This is how illusions are created – ignore or give partial reality to truth.

Over $1 trillion in Wall Street Business alone – is gone.   300,000 residents have fled.   Most having upper level income. Tourism is in the toilet. Along with the UN headquarters – and their inane call for the importance of tourism!

Ignoring these facts, the UN goes on to tell the world ‘how tourism should invest to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals’.     As though cities are sitting on piles of unspent revenues just waiting to invest an arbitrarily construed amount of $24.7 trillion in ‘emerging market cities’.  

So where are these fabulous ‘emerging market cities’?   McKinsey & Co seems to have the answer listing 440 from a few different countries:   China, Argentina, Brazil, Russia, Turkey, South Africa, Egypt, Indonesia and India.   In other words, the US, Europe, and all western nation cities are being destroyed to give rise to ‘emerging cities’.   Why?  Money.

But today’s global dynamics have changed – and along with it the list of emerging cities has somewhat dwindled as alliances continue to be less enthralled with the Cabalist motivations.   According to a 2022 UN Tracker – tourism in Asia was down 77%, Americas & Africa were down 35%, EU down 21% and Middle East down 17%.   Not a stellar picture for advocating a $24 trillion investment given the UN simultaneously wants another pandemic wipeout. But logic no longer prevails.

California is experiencing a stagnant economy with 12% of the population on food stamps and annual deficit spending of $144 billion. The demographics are even more stellar – California whites now represent just 35% of the state population heavily concentrated in elite neighborhoods. In New York, whites represent 40% of the population.  Texas 40% white.   The New World Order of America.

The entire point of bringing into the US and Europe – droves upon droves of illegal unemployable immigrants would be to create the antithesis of urban touristy megacities.   The reasoning?   In the early 1990’s Soros declared that the US and Russia were the two countries left that needed conquering because The People were patriotic nationalists – difficult to break.   We were simply a challenge.

But in order to continue to create wealth, Soros needed to   a) find alternatives to the dying Western elite, b)   create new markets that he could manipulate – such as emerging market cities…   So he began the process of selling himself to gain celebrity status.   That status would inherently make others follow his lead promoting his investments and thus make him more money.

A simplistic equation, but one that he developed in the hedge fund world of money movement – which included money laundering, trafficking of all forms, and NGO circulars.   To break America gave him two opportunities;   1. If America became a pariah, money would move to other countries where Soros was waiting,   2.   When America ultimately falls, Soros would see the opportunity to scrape and rebuild – for pennies on the dollar.

There really is no other goal in his brain other than destroying in order to recreate. To win thru detachment. He understands that emoting and emotion are killers of monetary success.   So he not only enforces this mantra on himself but on every person that his within his sphere.   His successes brought in like minded money hoarders; Morton Abramowitz, Strobe Talbott, & Aryeh Neier,

When understanding Soros Jewish Heritage he said this in 1995: “In response to a suggestion that he has a fundamental philosophical difference with Israel, Soros replied, testily, “I don’t deny the Jews their right to a national existence—but I don’t want to be part of it.”

Abramowitz went on to have an illustrious career outside of his Ambassadorships, including with: National Endowment for Democracy – the coup and revolution sorcerer.   Carnegie Endowment – an adjunct of the UN promoting globalization. The Crisis Group – working to destabilize the world for colonization.

Strobe Talbott went on to slither his way into the Clinton circular earning him a directorship at the Brookings Institute – which laid the foundation of the FDR New Deal.

Aryeh Neier worked by Soros side creating Human Rights Watch and being named president of the Open Society.   A supporter of NeoNazism his ideologies splintered the ACLU.

ALL THREE work in a tether field with the Clinton Cabal.

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  1. Isn’t it remarkable how much damage a few people can do to the entire world? Evil personified. Let there be no misunderstanding, however – it’s all about the money; it’s always all about the money.

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