WESTERN Governments and Their Intel Agencies Are Completely ROGUE

Rereading the supposedly damning letter signed by 51 intelligence officials regarding the Hunter Biden laptop being a Russian propaganda ploy, I notice some interesting points:   1.   The vast majority of those signing are former CIA agents.   2.   According to ‘their assertion’ they got their damaging information from ‘the media in general, and The Washington Post’ specifically.   What makes this nearly comical is the fact that The Washington Post is the CIA’s go to for planting stories.   This dates to their inception in 1947.

The Letter States:

“Our view that the Russians are involved in the Hunter Biden email issue is consistent with two other significant data points as well. According to the Washington Post, citing four sources, “US intelligence agencies warned the White House last year that Guiliani was the target of an influence operation by the Russian government.

In addition, media reports now say that the FBI has opened investigation into Russian involvement in this case. According to USA Today, “…federal authorities are investigating as to whether the material supplied to the New York Post by Rudy Guiliani…is part of a smoke bomb of disinformation pushed by Russia.” ~ singed 51 intelligensia agents – the vast majority of which are post CIA.    

The same CIA that claims to be the intelligence apparatus of our nation is relying on evidence as stipulated by the Mainstream Media – including their own!   And that is how they formed their opinion to sign this letter of disinformation. Amazing!

Would it not also call into question the expert value of the CIA as an agency?   And would it not also call into question the value of every other Russia Did It determination/allegation?   Including those being asserted ‘again’ by Hillary Clinton as she campaigns for Ukraine via her Foundation’s relaunch?

Timing is everything.   Today Hillary posed for pictures as her portrait as the best Secretary of State was unveiled – 8 years after the fact!   It is like watching The Academy Awards present best picture of the year to a film made in 1950.   In reality, Hillary’s legacy is – Benghazi.   Their retribution for the brutal torture and sodomizing of Gaddafi,   wherein four Americans were brutalized and assassinated via similar means and Hillary did nothing.

While we can know Hillary’s Russia election interference assertions are a comedy – this letter actually provides the evidence or proof that every contrary campaign to demonize Russia is frontloaded by the fake CIA.

It takes the conspiracy out of the conspiracy. It reveals gross incompetence. And outlines implications of outright lying, fraud, and sedition

The letter was released October 19th 2020, just weeks before the Presidential Election. Could it be construed as Election Interference now that we know it was contrived and politically motivated?   Heavy weight names on the list include: Brennan, Clapper and Heyden.

The government that is, that was, that isn’t.  

Our FBI colluded with Pelosi to foment the Capitol ‘incursion’.   Seymour Hersh has just revealed the Biden government blew up Nord Stream II.   60 Minutes unveils that US Taxpayers are footing the bill for shopkeepers and bistro’s in Kyiv.   A government shutdown will still release funds to Ukraine – but not our military service members.   The Secret Service finds a hefty bag of Cocaine in the White House and refuses to investigate.

And still the democrat propaganda that Biden and Zelenskyy are world war heroes continues unabated.   When the Shiitake hits the fan just lie like crazy would be their mantra.

But it isn’t just the US in shambles under the guise of treasonous intelligence agencies, Canada too is falling apart at the seams.   Trudeau’s handling of the Parliament ‘gaffe’ in which a Nazi veteran was given a standing ovation is being rewritten by Trudeau as – Russian Disinformation.   Where is Netanyahu?

Of course the liberal propaganda machinations would not be complete without Hillary chiming in TODAY about Putin interfering in the 2016 election – Putin will intervene again in 2024 in favor of Trump.   Russia Disinformation.  Russia did it!   And she lost because of electoral votes…

Kennedy Jr has been given the non-welcome mat – a wake up call.   Of course, claiming he ‘knows’ the CIA was complicit in the assassination of his uncle and father might be key, but I don’t know – maybe its just a conspiracy that Google, Facebook, YouTube etc… have all conspired to ghost him.

Kari Lakes latest interpretation of Zelenskyy remarks should not be viewed lightly.   She is of the opinion that Zelenskyy has inferred that there are Ukrainian terror cells planted across the west which he alone can activate.   The button for activation is tied directly to monetary and weapon support.   Which may explain Kevin McCarthy’s flip-flop on Ukraine aid amidst a government shutdown.

In a world not dominated by Alice in Wonderland, this admission would be met with a demonstrative McCarthy and Congress calling on the CIA, FBI, NSA, etc… to find the terrorist cells and extinguish their Agenda. Instead, McCarthy looks afraid.   Cowers in fear and complies.   Because these intelligentsia agencies do NOT work for America. Whether they ever did is questionable.  And thus – there is no one to save us!

I’ve said it before:   If you are CIA and you know the agency is rogue and do nothing, you are complicit.   If you are CIA and you don’t know the agency is rogue – you don’t deserve to be an agent because you haven’t the intelligence to do so.  

We KNOW that desk jockey, Lloyd Austin, has no intelligence value.   We know the military is being run like a frat party for trans and CRT while docking physical requirements, mental requirements, intelligence requirements – and now dumbing down tests.   The purpose of which is to be – unable to defend America against ANY threat.

SO.  Where do we go from this horrific mess we label government and intelligence agencies?   It takes a tribe.  It takes not being a coward.   Not being afraid.   It takes holding to The Law lest we become another soul of the enemy.   President Trump is NOT God.   But neither was King David.

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  1. “Kari Lakes latest interpretation of Zelenskyy remarks should not be viewed lightly. She is of the opinion that Zelenskyy has inferred that there are Ukrainian terror cells planted across the west which he alone can activate.”
    If the above is correct, and provable, Who are these terror cells going to terrorise? dissident Ukrainians?

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