The World Of DATA Is An Illusion

The Job Market is showing signs of cratering.   Real People – not a Matrix Algorithm – but real people are being laid off in hordes.   The Tech market leading the bandwagon is claiming their layoff reaction is due to ‘inflation’.   The claim is that during the online Pandemic panic tech firms over-hired.   Now they are cleaning slate of superfluous employees, particularly highly qualified ones…   Illogical?   Absolutely.   Yet that is the narrative.

Of the $525 or $700 or $800 billion doled out in PPP Loans, the vast majority of the funds went to the Largest Corporations representing just 5% of businesses.   In other words, the PPP Loans which were created to go to small businesses – didn’t.   Tech companies were some of the biggest beneficiaries.   Revenue took a hit between 2021 vs 2022, yet when compared to 2019 – the spikes were higher by 60%, 80%, and double.

A Subsidy.   A Scam.   What happened to $800 BILLION?

For Example: META’s income between 2019 and 2022 rose 66%.  

Media 2022 – META shares take a 20% DIVE!   Media Jan. 2023 – META shares soar 20%.   As though it was ‘engineered’.   Between 2021 and 2022, Google/Alphabet added 34,000 jobs – an increase of 22%.   Same period – profits tanked.   For both companies, pretax income in 2021 was stellar.   Alphabet’s income in 2021 more than doubled over 2019.   It’s revenue to date has risen over $100 billion.

These are not causes for layoffs.

Where are the layoffs coming from?  

Many of the tech layoffs are from obscure companies located predominantly in New York and California ~ according to tech-crunch.  212,294 in 2023 so far, and 164,709 in 2022.   Shopify declared their layoffs were “due to a need to be more efficient now that the stable economic boom times were over…”   Dropbox claimed that their layoffs are due to slowing growth and ‘investments that are no longer sustainable’.  META claims it is restructuring.   Yahoo also says it is restructuring.

A closer look reveals these companies have been buying back shares since 2019 while incurring debt.

Who benefits from the share buybacks?   The same trio:   BlackRock, Vanguard and State Street.   Fink, Buckley and O’Hanley are the respective CEO’s of these three giants.   They Control and Dictate the market, the price of shares, the buys and sells, the media press releases, the news, etc…

The economy is virtually an illusion.   White House press briefings continually spike false information to dispel notions that America is in a decline.   A monopoly game with fake money.   Because in reality, the West ran out of money long ago and has been peddling the shell game for a decade or more.

Example:   Germany just announced the purchase of 60 Chinook helicopters from Boeing for a price tag of $7.8 billion.   Germany is in the midst of a recession.   To pay for the deficit spending, Germany has announced they will borrow an additional $18+ billion in 2024.   High unemployment, high inflation, packing on more debt, Germany is simply another Matrix of reality.

Does the US even have ‘gold reserves’ or is that another false piece of data?   How Deep Is The MATRIX?

As I noted above there are 3+ accounts on how much PPP loans were distributed.   Different media = different facts.   Facts are created opinions.   Money is allocated – and suddenly it cannot be accounted for.   Ukraine aid?   The infamous Pentagon Paper Caper wherein they had lost $3 trillion before 9-11.   Remember the $1.2 TRILLION infrastructure bill?   It was labeled The Bipartisan Infrastructure and Jobs Act.   Yet bridges are collapsing, trains derailing and jobs are lost.

Where’s The Beef?

The Bill was signed 1 ½ years ago. According to CNN a whopping $2.2 billion had been dispersed over 166 different projects by the end of 2022: A pedestrian bridge in Phoenix. A Snow melting project in New Hampshire.   Renovation of an airport terminal in Boston.   Yet train derailments and bridges falling down have yet to be ‘addressed’.   Why?

The White House decided to use some of the money to create a website map delineating the use of funds with dots showing ‘potential’ funding project locations.   Then the disclaimer;   These maps are illustrative and represent what states project they may use requested funds for. All announcement data represented on these maps, including award and project locations and funding amounts, is preliminary and non-binding. Awards may be contingent on meeting certain requirements.

A downloaded data set revealed the ‘announced funds going to different federal departments’.   It does not reflect ANY disbursements.   The Infrastructure Bill is represented via a ‘four step plan’.    Step one was Biden signing the Bill. Step two – agencies decide how they will review applications.   Which is tantamount to delay.  As of today the WH reveals they are only 1/3 of the way thru Step two… a year and a half later.   WHY?

Because there is NO MONEY.   It is an infinite loop.   Moving money from A to B to C to D to A…

In a world of manufactured Data, the unraveling is always subject to hitting the wall of distractions.   The Infrastructure Bill was a distraction.   A deflection in order to subvert a Fact.   Just as 9-11 was multi faceted to subvert the Pentagon debacle of losing $3 trillion.   Lives are of no consequence in the Agenda given earth is vastly ‘over-populated’…

According to who?   Are there really 8 billion humans?   Who tells us this?   The same people who tell us algorithmic and data lies all day long.   The same people who declare at the end of every statistic that the number is an ‘estimate’.   Remember when the Data experts declared they would no longer count CoVid cases?   They never did count them – Covid data was assimilated by; Wikipedia, NYT, Johns Hopkins, Facebook, Google and various analytics…, including Bill Gates IHME.

The World Of Data IS An Illusion.

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  1. “Where’s the beef?!” Classic. Sadly, not very many young people will get that one. Please keep writing; your perspective is a mirror image of mine and I enjoy reading my thoughts in your work. Thanks.

  2. Oh well. All their lies and deceit make for good articles. There’s that!

    And I imagine they have stolen any gold. They claim they recovered the gold/silver in WTC vaults but never really say what they did with it. Then there’s the disappearance of Iraqi gold,,, Libyan gold, Ukrainian gold. And now the US is stealing oil from Syria. Stole oil from Venezuela,,, from Iran claiming sanctions. Like US law and sanctions extends to all the world.

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