6 thoughts on “WEF Yaccarino Introduced to Twitter as CEO for Censorship

  1. You can only DO so much. After a while you begin to notice that there are those who listen, the few that do, and those who think you’re just some babbling old fool, and there are many of those. You can only DO so much. So then you prepare for the future and save yourself and your immediate circle. To hell with the rest! Most everyone have had equal opportunity to sift through the lies. That many have chosen to follow them is tragic but to go along with them is fatal.

  2. Batten down the hatches, as I have done. Survival of the most informed is at play. In fact, survival against all sorts of attacks is on my mind all the more these days. However you look at it, the future is pretty grim. Nothing is improving even with the opposing rhetoric. We, you, I, and lots of others, have to realise it is all about survival from this point on. Survival is the name of the game for sure.

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