FBI: A Partisan Fascist Organization Ruled by Clintons/Obamas et al…

PATRIOT FRONT:   To read mainstream biographies, one would think this organization was ISIS.   Until one reads their actual ‘activities’ that earn it the grade of ‘white nationalist neo-fascist hate group!   Quite a mouthful of libelous accusations.    Neo-Fascism is defined as an ideology that embraces nationalism, and racial supremacy.   They purportedly oppose Marxism, socialism, communism and liberalism.   In the US they are compared to the Nazi Party, but the comparison is a lax analysis and is more bait than fish.  By contrast, Antifa self identify as neo-Fascists and are in complete diametrical opposition to Patriot Front or Proud Boys.

The label is another attempt to  Recreate truth – to spin a witches brew of hatred by liberal democrats against anyone and anything that is outside of their ‘control’.   If they can’t control you – you are evil, including Christianity and – God.

When researching neo-fascism, I came across a number of msm presupposed organizations which were deemed fascist.   One such organization is the National Alliance which was originally formed by George Wallace.   Wallace was a segregationist who was radical about crime.   The National Alliance was a hodge podge group that frequently caved and re-emerged under new leadership.   It was ultimately dismantled by the Southern Poverty Law center (a George Soros organization).

Today, the same Southern Poverty Law Center routinely attacks and discredits Patriot Front  claiming they ‘incite violence’.   In addition, the SPLC cites that Patriot Front has been in protests advocating for strong nations and a strong border.   Members have been arrested for distributing ‘propaganda’,  one was found tgo be carrying a knife, and another had ‘brass knuckles’!  Dastardly!

These deeds apparently have earned them the label of neo-fascists.

PROUD BOYS:   Again, the SPLC seems to be busily denouncing various organizations which don’t toe the line of radical left ideology.   Proud Boys are cited as having born violent tendencies despite never having lit a city on fire, torched police vehicles, destroyed numerous businesses across the country and never attacking ordinary citizens.   In fact they are targeted not just by Soros SPLC, they are demonized by Soros Media Matters, Soros Vox, and the ADL.   They are conservatives who have called for action against Antifa and those who glorify re-enactments of political assassinations…  and for these Acts – they have been deemed Domestic Terrorists by the FBI – at the BEHEST of Soros.

When reading the rants against these two nationalist organizations, the entire discourse is levied based on opinion of what they could or might do – because their violent antics simply don’t exist!   Therefore, the creation or recreation of who they are is the only means of denigration.

Given they espouse views that are NOT of the WEF, UN, Clintonesque diaspora of totalitarian monarchial rule, the FBI opens its proverbial mouth, and a cartoon bubble version of Hillary words is exhumed.  

Perkins Coie is an international law firm which has been the spoke piece of the Democrat National Committee.   They have represented such notables as John Kerry, Obama, and Hillary.  Other powerhouse clients include:  Al Franken, Salim Hamdan – Osama bin Laden’s bodyguard, Google, and Fusion GPS.

Fusion GPS is allegedly the brains behind the fake Steele Dossier which was used libelously to discredit Trump.   There are ongoing legal considerations that suggest the dossier may have been requested by Hillary.

Most recently, it was discovered that the FBI maintains an office inside Perkins Coie suggesting they are fully compromised.   However, when interviewed the FBI claimed to have ‘several’ offices inside various law firms, cybersecurity offices, and ‘other private vendors’ around Washington, DC.   While the Perkins Coie office was revealed by an insider, the FBI will not comment on where the rest of their insider democrat aligned offices are located.

The alignment of the FBI with specific political bases completely obliterates their nonpartisan, detachment obligation.  The fact that they would defend Antifa despite the holy devastation the organization has wreaked over the last 6 years – while simultaneously labeling anti-violent nationalist groups as domestic terrorists – unravels the Handler Master Control Board.

THE People no longer are relevant.    

The Mission Statement of the FBI is:   Protect The American People and Uphold The Constitution of the United States.   Organized crime and violent crime were the FBI’s foremost tasks.   However, during the BLM and Antifa violence that destroyed major cities across the country, the FBI did little to nothing to Protect The American People.   In fact, it has been proposed that the FBI actually ignored and/or assisted in these riots.

In 2003, an independent review of comparative bullet analysis used by the FBI for 40 years to convict criminals was deeply flawed, misleading and resulted in the incarceration of potentially thousands of not guilty Americans.

Powers granted the FBI have risen in grandiose fashion since Billy the Kid Clinton, including the Patriot Act which allows FBI agents to enter a private residence and search without the owners being informed.

In addition, they have been accused of widely overstepping their authority such as the ABSCAM controversy involving ‘entrapment’, the COINTELPRO program involving the collection of ‘files’ on ordinary citizens, the hugely botched WACO – among many other incidents.

Given their alliance with Clinton and Obama, their nonpartisan analysis of supposed ‘white nationalist groups’ is more than slightly challenging.   As such it appears, they are simply another puppet organization owned and operated by the Cabalists to overthrow America.

And like the CIA – it is time for them to go…

4 thoughts on “FBI: A Partisan Fascist Organization Ruled by Clintons/Obamas et al…

  1. The Ulvalde incident is beginning to resemble another Sandy Hoax. Surprise there.

    The fbi has never been about law enforcement. Mostly False flags and grooming terrorists to frighten the no so bright population. In reality the organization has zero jurisdiction outside of DC and other Federal property. Of course gov has most of the big guns so they usurp the authority. And Waco…. burned children and pregnant mothers to death while blaming it on the group. Incidentally,,, no illegal guns were found. Then you got Randy Weaver and the hero that snipered his wife. He got a medal. Same as the jerk that killed Ashli Babbit. He was proud of what he did. Shoot a woman halfway through a window in the head.

    The whole US of A shebang started off with the coup of the Articles of Confederation,,, installing a aggressive central government which the first thing hero Washington did was send the military after folks that refused to pay the whiskey tax. Most had just got back from the revolution fighting against the tea tax. Jefferson was kind enough to cancel the tax. Then comes the war of Northern aggression to destroy the South, Been down hill ever since.

    So far every item in the so called Bill of Rights except one has been obliterated and they’re working on that with all the Sandy Hoaxes. Americans continue walking around eyes wide shut yet screaming for the little woman’s right to kill the unborn and the right to mutilate young children in the name of gender confusion.

    America has overdosed on depravity and stupidity… there are no vaccines for that although I’ll bet Pfizer could come up with something at warp speed… safe and effective!

  2. Helena, That “Patriot Front” has to be a self-parody of an FBI front organization. They got busted in Idaho purportedly on their way to somewhere to do something, with one smoke bomb in the U-Haul they were transported in. A few dozen of them.
    They’re a laugh riot meant to keep the racism meme alive. And the FBI has all the money they want to do stupid stuff like this. Like the Whitmer plot in Michigan, and other stuff.

  3. I’d bet a substantial amount that they were involved in Uvalde. How did a kid get the funds to purchase $4k in arms and ammunition, plus a new truck?
    They need to go.

  4. if there’s any group that’s running rampant around the country causing mayhem it’s the FBI,they do what they accuse everybody else of doing,shitting on the document they took an oath upon,to serve and protect.you know what FBI stands for,f-ing bunch of idiots.

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