The Great RESET Unraveling in Freefall

The Feds have destroyed the economy, now they are going after the stock market which appears to be in a Freefall. Politico is calling for a ‘regime change in Russia’, and according to The Economist, the US inventory of ‘javelins’ is -0- having given our entire supply to Ukraine.   The first phase of the Pfizer document dump is damning and every person who has suffered an ‘adverse reaction’ is likely in absolute tears.   That would be – Millions.   Just in time for Bill Gates to declare all future vaccines will forego Trials given they are unnecessary and require too much time…

Western countries are illegally seizing Russian assets, and discussion of Putin’s health is of major concern.

The Soros NGO’s were already staged and outfitted BEFORE Politico released the stolen draft regarding Roe V. Wade.   Ketanji Brown is considered a ‘person of interest’ in the theft.   And dismissal of the Supreme Court is being suggested by the Left.

Day One of the Great RESET unraveling.

Roe v Wade:   If Roe V. Wade is overturned, it simply shifts the authority to individual states.   The largest loser is likely to be Planned Parenthood whose federal funding has been a falsified target for decades.   It means the vast majority of person’s previously using abortion as their means of contraception will now have to take responsibility.

President Putin:   It is speculated that President Putin has cancer, with some claiming it is thyroid.   Various cancer medications can cause uncontrollable tremors including; thalidomide and cytarabine.  Putin is scheduled to undergo surgery May 9th.

Stock Shock:   Anyone who has looked at past reactions to the federal reserve hiking interest rates can see that the feds have actually never changed the trajectory of the economy in either direction. Their hikes or drops have always been initiated ‘after the fact’ when spikes had already begun cooling.   Thus this .5 basis point hike is a purposeful injection to parlay a full-blown depression instead of a recession.

Given ALL the shortages were created as opposed to a natural supply/demand occurrence we can conclude that crashing the stock market is their agenda.   As interest rates across the board are hefted, so goes the housing market. The only way to lower the interest rate is thru origination fees, which are basically paid to the lender for the privilege of knocking off a quarter point or so.

Pfizer Doc Dump:   Pfizer will progressively dump 80,000 documents, the first of which occurred today.   Despite NO major media reporting on the contents, the adverse effects for 46,000 trial subjects, the vast majority being female, revealed 42,000 such events.   The efficacy of the vaccine waned after just one week and Pfizer had suggested that pregnant women and babies should be exempt despite the CDC and FDA pushing the jab knowing the harm.

Still, democrats were busily supporting the jab despite the news and called for a fourth bout of nanoparticles given the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd didn’t work.   Twitter is exploding with anger!

Russia Asset Seizures:   According to International Law in order to ‘seize another countries assets’ the International Court must deem those assets are linked to criminal activity.   Russia’s actions in Ukraine have NOT come before the International Court. Typically this is done when drugs are seized.   Any action by the US or UK to simply seize assets without proper authority makes these countries subject to ‘criminal activity’!   Without Lawful order, this is tantamount to global chaos.

The reason we have all the above information is due in part to Twitter’s international presence among people unaffiliated with mainstream news entertainers.   This feed of information will become even more prolific once Musk finalizes the deal and removes the deleted accounts of respectable citizens.   Those citizens being ‘conservative’.

Former CEO, Jack Dorsey, has stated that he believes Musk is a good choice to lead Twitter. Peter Theil is also behind Musk’s decision to provide ‘open borders’ within the information giant.  And a billionaire schism of revolt is intensified as Musk becomes the brunt of chaos and vitriol.   For him, the revelation is poignant and will only serve to push him more right from his apolitical stance.

FYI:   The opening of 2000 MULES is a worthwhile documentary to watch and should become a conservative backbone providing judicial truth!

5 thoughts on “The Great RESET Unraveling in Freefall

  1. Watched the Mules but am convinced it will be 5,000 Mules in 2022 and 10,000 Mules in 2024. The republicans are spineless and they just cannot sit back and depend on poll numbers thinking they have the elections in the bag. They have done nothing to ensure that another “2020” doesn’t happen again.

    The leftists have nothing to lose by blowing up the country economically and financially. The back breaker may be the huge shortage in diesel fuel (at 22 year lows) and the grinding to a whimper of truck deliveries.

    Less energy = less food and other essentials. All manufactured to bring about the WEF’s great reset which will ultimately fail big time. Unfortunately, billions will suffer greatly.

  2. Hi

    Don’t need another documentary telling me the election was fraudulent. (sigh) Every election in the US has been fraudulent,,, only difference is 2020 was in your face.
    I haven’t voted in years and probably won’t until I depart for the new Jerusalem. They cannot flip a vote not made and besides,,, your choices are pre-selected by the ‘party’. The entire scheme reeks of corruption and basically sucks.

    The entire idea of America was flushed by the founders coup of 1789 and these united States was euthanized by the Northern invasion of the South in 1861 by an elected tyrant now hailed as the hero of America.
    In 1913 we went full fascist. From then on only fake history and USDA Grade A bullshit keeps an uneducated, unskilled America hobbling along.

    Make America great again meme enshrines Americas warmongers. Anything past America accomplished was accomplished by the individual,,, not government, not crappy mayors, not corporations, not NGO’s, not think tanks, not wars which is why you see so many ‘team’ failures today.

    About the only thing America produces today are wars and run of the mill war material. America cannot even seem to copy a hypersonic missile that’s been in service in China and Russia over a year now. University teaching maff and engineering is racist so they teach hate and wokism. And unless one has the required ‘experimental’ kill shot demanded by NPC’s one cannot even get into university or get employment regardless of skills.

    Nah,,, its over, no need in kicking a dead horse. Euthanize it and start over,,,,


  3. Thank you, Helena for this article. It is indeed high time that the world population take their basic human rights in their hands back. We suffered enough deceptions, lies, and oppressions in the last decades caused by
    these kleptocrats!

  4. the clowns are on parade,the lefty’s heads are popping like corn over this abortion issue,it’s the best laugh i had in a while!!!

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