NATO In Violation With 1990 Soviet Agreements!

CSIS, Center for Strategic & International Studies, has decided that they will be the source to create a plethora of Sanctions against Russia over Ukraine. Apparently, they want the sanctions to take affect without Russia doing anything to provoke them.   CSIS is of the opinion that Russia should be sanctioned merely because it exists.   It’s existence is now considered ‘A Crisis’!  But what were the 1990 Promises Made TO Gorbachev?

Within the Sanctions, CSIS observes, they need Russia’s supply of gas.

Therefore sanctions are simply a tool to destroy the economy without firing a shot. Thereby preserving Russia’s resources for a ‘realignment’ coup.   Redistribution of wealth in this case means stealing from a country in order to make the elite Cabalists more wealthy. 

CSIS has thus devised a plot which they advertise, Crisis Crossroads in Ukraine. First and foremost they dequire a continuation of the propaganda so as to deflect reality.   Insert US troops and mercenaries inside Ukraine while demanding Russia uphold the Minsk Agreement which prohibits foreign troops in either country.

Second, and this is even more BOLD:   CSIS recommends that the Office of the Director of National Intelligence leverage existing processes to develop consistent terminology for categorizing and defining categories and types of gray zone behavior.  You see, our world has now so much data that intelligence analysts cannot identify what information is relevant… not very intelligent.

This recommendation of course would require the creation of a committee that would appropriate a new multi-million dollar budget to define ‘Gray Zones’.   Which would likely take years of hard analytical work bolstered by objective and reliable media sources which would be the catalyst for determining intelligence data.   CSIS recommends Bellingcat and HawkEye 360.

Bellingcat:   Eliot Higgins was an unemployed blogger in 2014 who used his sources, Twitter, Facebook, and television, to produce statements regarding who was at fault.   Prominent in the time of the Syria War, his reports followed the CIA narrative.

A Documentary of Bellingcat was produced by Femke Wolting and Bruno Wille Felix in 2018.   The documentary was screened by the Human Rights Watch Film Festival.   HRW is a Soros funded organization.   Bruno Felix previously worked with TEDx Transmedia, an offshoot of the TED Institute.   As in TED Talks.  The TED speaker list is infamous for Bill Gates Depopulation Agenda speech.

The TEDx Headline query is: “Theme: What If: Socially Responsible Media… Focusing on Media That Matters”  – a coinage of the other Soros NGO – Media Matters!

In other words, Bellingcat is a creation of the Soros Empire which includes the CIA, Gates and CSIS.

HawkEye 360:   Founded in 2015 and based in Herndon, Virginia, they have developed commercial space based moving satellites which use RF Intelligence and analytics to quickly identify and geolocate activities of interest.   A number of Board members come from Raytheon, DoD, and/or various hedge funds.   Funding has come from the Air Force as well as a number of private funds and investors.  BIG BROTHER.

The CSIS article links back to a US DoD Fact Sheet entitled Fact vs Fiction: Russian Disinformation on Ukraine.

FACT:   NATO never promised not to admit new members.  NATO enlargement is not directed against Russia.  Every sovereign nation has the right to choose its own security arrangements and to enter into defensive regional alliances for purposes of self-defense.

FICTION:  The West shuns diplomacy and goes straight to measures like sanctions.

I would suggest the DoD restate which is fact and which is fiction: 1) IF every sovereign nation has the right to choose its own security arrangements – that would include Russia.   2) The entire point of CSIS Ukraine offensive is to sanction Russia and its government officials EVEN if Russia does nothing – there is no diplomacy at all!

And 3)   “NATO never promised not to admit new members.”   True.   Word-play.  However, it is a media parlay of propaganda:

NATO did promise “not one inch eastward” on February 9, 1990,   “NATO expansion is unacceptable.” Baker assured Gorbachev. “Neither the President nor I intend to extract any unilateral advantages from the processes that are taking place, not only for the Soviet Union but for other European countries as well it is important to have guarantees that if the United States keeps its presence in Germany within the framework of NATO, not an inch of NATO’s present military jurisdiction will spread in an eastern direction.” 

The supporting Documents did not come from Russia. They weren’t doctored by Russia.   They came from the US – from the National Security Archives released in 2017.   There are 30 collective memorandums ALL reinforcing the original promise to Gorbachev dating from February 1990 to July 1991.

For the DoD and CSIS to simply ignore the agreements defines their utter propaganda disinformation and sorely negates their authority in anything.   In simple terms – they are LIARS. And I am ashamed that my government cannot speak Truth.

NATO, the US, DoD, CSIS, Germany, UK are aware of these documents. And likely have copies. It isn’t what Gorbachev heard, it is 30 supporting written memorandums.   Neither CSIS the US or NATO have any legal ability to interfere in Russia’s sovereign right to it’s military exercises within its territory, to expand into Ukraine or any other nation east of Germany which includes; Poland, Latvia, Belarus, Estonia, Ukraine, and Finland.  OR they will be in violation of International Law.   

AND IF – war did break out – Russia would be in the right to Defend against ILLEGAL NATO EXPANSION.

The memorandums are available here:

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  1. it’s unbelievable that the american people would BE STUPID enough to fall for these corrupt criminal activities!! but then they fell for all this vaccine bullshit and are still begging for more restrictions on their lives,this is what happens when you turn a blind eye to what’s going on around you! years to pushing racial discord in the country,BY OUR OWN GOVERNMENT! the granddaddy of them all was bush’s so called patriot act,him and cheney,who should be hung too,stole most of our rights right from under our noses and the people cheered them on,what fools we all were!!i bet most americans have no idea about the freedoms we lost just in that one act alone,and our republican politicians pushed hard for that act to be renewed,dumb and dumber! they are hell bent on crushing russia,it’s a huge mistake to piss off a sleeping bear.

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