FDA CoVid Tests: Scrapped For Science

According to the CDC there are two genders of CoVid testing:   Viral and Antibody.   They state viral will determine if you are currently infected while antibody will determine if you have been ‘previously’ infected.   Of the 300+ “Authorized” tests by the FDA, 63 are antibody, 235 are molecular, and 11 are antigen.   The molecular test is the PCR Test which has thus been trashed and burned by the CDC as of 12/31/2021.   The PCR test looked for genetic material from the virus.  

According to NIH, even though the antigen tests have reduced sensitivity, they work great on the Cold Virus called Omicron. However, the antibody tests are not popular amongst the Science of Science because they are based on years of previous antibodies in the human genome.   Which houses some 13 trillion viruses – per person – forever.

And NO genome sequencing can touch – 13 trillion.  SORRY.

The antibody test is shelved, the antigen test is shelved and we are looking at PCR molecular test which has been shelved permanently for its massive inconsistencies and false positives.

Wait.   So what exactly are they testing?

It would appear that they are testing nothing.   Despite authorization of 300 tests that they now declare have absolutely no relevance to CoVid.

Yet, cases, tests, defunct tests, PCR tests, are the point of lockdowns, masks, vaccinations, and hospitalizations.   ALL of which point to the absurdity of fact that cases are predominantly among the vaccinated.

Even MORE Bizarre.

ALL cases are uploaded thru an app which ‘tabulates’ the numbers not based on individual, but based on test.   So according to CDC Director Walensky if you test positive with a PCR Test it will continue to show positivity for 3-4 months – and each time you test, it is logged as a positive case.   CDC then recommends testing every 24 hours!

Therefore, a single person can thus test as a positive case 90-120 times. Before it finally drops off.   And each of those tests will be counted in the case statistics as a positive TEST!   Ta-Da!

Which means that realistically, we could reduce the case counts by 12000%?   Imagine that?


Knowing this failed Science, despite the growing Case Count of Omicron, a variant never isolated or genomed, the CDC, NIH and FDA have revealed their blubbering incompetence.   And The Powers That Be – are laughing hysterically as these imbeciles continue to destroy their reputation and their legacy at their behest because they forfeit their life for – $$$$.

One might feel sad for them – except we don’t.   These Science propagandists sold their voice for money.   Thus realizing that Science is a worthless trivial apologetic.


While the Education institution has realized its end which will result in homeschooling and a huge disparity in intellectual gain, the medical institution will be replaced by natural and homeopathic cures – without the deadly side effects …   And maybe this is a good thing.   To reveal the idiocy of institutions that were once considered worthy, and have only destroyed themselves.

Pharma Will fall.  Public Education Will Fall.

Guess who wins?

NOT the Blacks.   Because The Agenda dear is to eradicate the uneducated, the educated deficient who can’t even count change for a sale.   Guess what, single mums living in the Bronx don’t homeschool – because they can’t!

You really think Democrats are supporting your rise?   Critical Thinking says they are creating your annihilation as ever becoming a worthy advocate in society.   Critical Thinking would suggest that bringing in planeloads of criminal refugees at our border who have hatred for blacks and whites is NOT going to help the Black cause.   Critical Thinking would suggest that allowing Blacks to decimate entire cities, businesses, homes, and land will make them suddenly ‘popular’ and integrated is backing into the Rabbit Hole of Alice In Wonderland.  Grow some…real balls.

Push comes to shove, the 2nd Amendment will likely decide.   And the majority – that is America will prevail.   We just don’t live in the scummy cities.   But our voices are quiet. For now.

9 thoughts on “FDA CoVid Tests: Scrapped For Science

  1. No reliable testing methods mean no pandemics. As with the seasonal flu, they are all alike with various symptoms according to each person and the condition of their immune systems or overall body. It is incredible that we have literally thousands of conditions, diseases and afflictions and many invented by the medical mafia in recent decades. Not to fear though, for some magical reason there are drugs to treat nearly every one.

    • I actually looked up the components of the flu vaccine – and exactly the same since 2013 at which point I became bored finding the idiocy…

  2. Run for President Helena… You got my vote —

    As an aside,,, My son is a trucker,,, says he and others bypass Colorado because of some new tax. Don’t the tax masters there realize their just gonna lose revenue! Colorado is beginning to sound a lot like Kalifornia.

    • When I moved here the first time it was a ‘make my day’ state – all cowboys and dirt. Then the Californians came… need I say more

  3. “They” obviously have a grip on the command authorities around the world, outside of where Russia and China dominate. So it will be a push and pull on which way things go. But it looks increasingly to me like they are in the end game of setting up the rule of the Beast, aka the Antichrist. Already there are some voices declaring you don’t have a choice, you are going to get “chipped”. That means an embedded microchip.

    The saints will refuse the chip, and it looks like from Revelations 13 that the “chip” will not happen, will not successfully get “chipped” into born-again saints. The salvation of the blood of the Lamb, protecting those who receive it, those who accept it, like the lamb’s blood told the angels of death to pass over the house of the children of Israel.

    • Many have said this is the beginning of Revelation End Times – but alas, that has been said hundreds of times during war – we can not fathom it any worse. Whether it is or is not – if we are lambs God knows now and forever.

  4. i seen in the epoch times that they named the cross breed between omicron and the flu flurona,i almost pissed myself laughing!these people are fucking ridiculous!!! FLURONA.i was wondering when they were going to bring the flu back into the death counts. the AMA,THE AMERICAN MURDERS ASSOCIATION!!I HAVE ZERO TRUST IN MY DOCTORS,MEDICINES,AND ESPECIALLY THE FDA AND THE CDC!!!

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