Censorship of The Censors. An Ashkenazi Interlude…Against the: KHAZARS!


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Despite Whoopi Goldberg’s claim that she is part Jewish, her name, Johnson, and her DNA tell a far different story. So why would she desire to alter her ancestry?   TO fit into a culture of 1%er’s who might view her as what she is – a derelict noncom child who dropped out of high school, has a low IQ, and is easily manipulated?   For Profit? Gosh. I’m sure the elite finds her a worthy attribute to their pyramid!  

Despite the pushback, the continued uprooting of the elite is among those who claim Jewish discordancy. Although in the alternate universe of research and truth, that discordancy would actually be quite contrary. And more Khazar.

The Khazars emerged right before/during Muhammad’s ascendancy in roughly 600AD.

The primary religion of the Khazars is Judaisism. In fact, according to historical etymology, the Hazers came to be during the period of Muhammad, sometime in the 7th century AD. Meaning they came from – Islam. They are – Muslims.

And Judaism no longer exists –

Meaning the Jewish 1%er’s are NOT really Jewish in terms of the Biblical sense that is fervently espoused by the corrupt media, but instead, they are a clique of atheists, secularists, and antagonists who use their supposed ‘cultural define’ as a shield.

Like a Coward might.

And thus – the schism is further defined.

Who are the Jew of today?   Soros is a Jew…   Rothschild is a Jew.   Bloomberg is a Jew…   But are they Jews or Khazars?

The Khazars are Turkic and Mongolian. It is not until centuries later that they became known as ‘jewish’. AFTER the wars of Muhammad.   It is non-scientifically believed’ that the Khazars officially came to be known as Jewish sometime during the 8th century AD. Nonscientifically – because there is absolutely no evidence other than ‘speculation’.

So if we scientifically don’t know what happened 1200 years ago, how could we possibly know what happened billions of years ago as our science – delineates?

We don’t.

And that is WHY – the Media is diligent in erasing history.

Per order from the Fourth Reich!

Eye roll.   So the Rothschild’s, the Soros’, the Rockefellers, the Morgan’s, the etc.… are all complicit in the RESET of the Globe, so what?   Old news.   Obviously, we cannot destroy them; obviously they are not going away, so obviously, the ploy for decimation must be created outside of these normal parameters.

And their cockiness could easily be – their demise!

Hush. Don’t tell them they are stupid idiotic brainless manikins.   That might spoil their tombstone epitaph.   Do What One Can.   Do Something.   Make The World AWARE   Don’t be a Coward.   And Make The World NEW.

5 thoughts on “Censorship of The Censors. An Ashkenazi Interlude…Against the: KHAZARS!

  1. Oh no, not Guinan. A fake Jew? Not that sage, wise crackin’ bartender in Ten Forward aboard the USS Enterprise-D of Star Trek TNG fame? Another hero bites the dust.

    In Hollywood if your not a child actor willing to be molested by a Joe Biden type, or a harlot ready for your closeup with a Harvey Weinstein type’s stiff assurances that you’ll be a big star one day. I guess playing the Jewish angle makes sense. Maybe Whoopi has some Ethopian roots in her family tree. But, being ugly, overweight, with no talent I guess it pays big to claim some type of Jewish ancestry to make it in Hollywood.

    It’s not as if being Jewish, or Christian, or Muslim, or even an atheist is all that different; being that it’s all a matter of faith. Yes, even atheists have to work hard at believing in what they believe. But, if genomics can be proven we would have to trace our roots back to the original mitochondrial DNA lines of four females in our primordial human past. Or, so the learned professors tell us.

    So, Khazars are just grifters that culturally appropriated the Semitic religion which was culturally appropriated from the Sumerians and other earlier cultures. I assume if we were able to draw tissue samples from those esteemed Khazarian Jews and traced their ancestry through their mitochondrial DNA lines we might be able to establish their ancestral lineage. Hopefully it’s not Extraterrestrial. Because that might explain everything.

  2. The way I understand it ,,,the Abrahamic family is dead… there are no chosen ones around today. The New Testament ended the works. Now everyone is saved by faith.

    The modern State of Israel is not related to the historical Israel. The new Jerusalem is spiritual, not Earthly as some evangelicals think. And I wouldn’t be betting on a Rapture. JMO.

    Read your article on Sophie. We just lost our Stormy,,, a Morky. Died at 12 of collapsed lungs. I fully understand your loss. The hurt is deep.

    • No, the Abrahamic family is not dead, but it is NOT the antiChrist jew. The jew even admits this in their own writings – see the jewish Almanac under the heading ‘A Question of Identity’ or similar.
      The offspring of Abraham and Sarah are alive and not so well today; you know them as the AngloSaxon, Celtic, Germanic and Scandinavian peoples of the West. this has been conclusively proven thousands of times and is easily done so again;minor research will prove valuable. Once one understands this, not only the Bible but current events begin to become abundantly clear.

    • Ken and Alex and Helena,

      Helena, you write :

      “Meaning the Jewish 1%er’s are NOT really Jewish in terms of the Biblical sense that is fervently espoused by the corrupt media, but instead, they are a clique of atheists, secularists, and antagonists who use their supposed ‘cultural define’ as a shield.”

      To be Hebraic/Jewish—one must have
      a genetic, M A T R I L I N E A L connection
      to Abraham’s seed (( half-brother Arabs
      complicate the rule )).


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