Australia Using China Math to Measure Economy

AUSTRALIA’S hospitals are overflowing!   They have no elective surgery. They have no CoVid hospitalizations.   They have a 90% vaccination rate.   And they have NO explanation.

Surgery backlogs are now a minimum of 3 months.   And the Medical Association is saying it will only get worse given they don’t have the quality of care, the beds, the staff, the doctors, to tend to patients.   As such Dr. Omar Khorshid of the AMA is calling for a Nationalized Healthcare System.


Dr. Khorshid is president of the Australia Medical Association representing 30% of doctors.   That bizarrely low rate doesn’t deter Dr. Khorshid from explaining that the AMA still represents the voices of ALL Australian doctors including the 70% that choose NOT to be members.   Sounds rather totalitarian …

The AMA is also quite vocal about their declaration that climate change is a public health emergency which will cause higher mortality and morbidity.   As such they routinely advocate and lobby for the Australian government to create a carbon budget and promote transition to a carbon neutral environment.  Doctors are now scientists and scientists are doctors.   Sounds about right…

Australia is number six in the world for ‘coal production’. Production of 20 ‘new’ coal mines are currently in the works.   Yet at the Climate Summit – Australia pledged, pinky swear, to look to tech to solve the problem… and then promised $2 billion in funding.   Funding what?  The coal mines?

According to the International Energy Commission, Australia’s carbon footprint represents 1% of the total.   How do they know this?   They don’t.   It is purely an estimate based on population and share of energy mix – a number they create and is thus used as fact.   Yet, 76% of energy generation in Australia is from fossil fuels.

The EU energy mix is just 15% renewable.   The US energy mix is 21% renewable.   Oddly, the EU is critical of everyone else’s failure to model their production… Playing with Statistics.

Australia claims they have no CoVid cases and an 80%-90% vaccine rate.   WHO and the CDC in collaboration with the Scientific New York Times and Wikipedia claim Australia has a daily new ‘confirmed’ case count of 1,000 and a vaccine rate of 66%.

Who to believe?

Total cases attributed to Australia are 177,393 with 1,795 deaths, and 153,057 recoveries.   Which would leave 22,541 people currently infected representing 13% of all cases.   But Australia claims they have -0- cases.  Did these people vanish?

More Funny Math.   Australia’s growth rate in 2020 was -4.7% or -6.31 or -7% depending on who is doing the calculation.   A deviation of as much as nearly 50%!   And despite a complete and total lockdown that was just lifted a week ago, Australia’s GDP is expected to grow by more than 16% in 2021.   Despite a massive ‘labor shortage’.  Interesting game – numbers…

The media claims the shortage of labor is due to lack of immigration.   As in people redistribution.

But Australia’s unemployment rate rose only 1% higher in 2020 compared to that of 2017. Today, the unemployment rate is 1% point below that of 2017.   Amidst a ‘labor shortage’.   And total lockdown.   Or – So – They – Say…

I remember when numbers were considered fact. Today, our world is a colossal deviation from even those facts as algorithms and estimates have created manufactured numbers. And the numbers are only so good as the algorithm inputs thus creating deviations greater than 50%.

When I took Statistics in college, a standard deviation was good at 1% and 3% was the highest acceptable rate before the number was tossed. It is much like our election numbers wherein we accept 135% of the population voting… Or a tax-free NGO which actually donates less than 5% of it’s contributions amid million dollar salaries…

AND so, Australia is simply another China among many China’s across the globe.  AND None of the numbers are likely factual.

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  1. Who notes? : Biden’s handing over of a U.S.
    submarine to China-controlled, Dictator-
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  2. Hi

    I think we all know why the hospitals are full….

    Are they still using the proven defunct PCR to determine a case?!



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