NATURAL GAS Prices Spike Despite Surplus…

In 2019, just 1 ½ years ago, America was hailed as having the greatest ‘surplus of cheap gas in the world’. We were oil independent.   Our economy was growing expeditiously!   People were happy!    And a New Age of Prosperity was beginning – albeit not of the Global Order.

So how did we reverse that entirely within just 2 years?   Where oh where did all that surplus go?

Europe first reported a shortage. It’s gas tanks are 77% full with 80% of supplies coming from Russia, Norway and Algeria.    What is their holdup?  “Russian and German regulators are in a debate as to whether new regulations apply that were put in place after the pipeline was given its final investment decisions.” ~ HIS Markit.   Germany’s regulator announced in September it has four months to complete certification of Russia’s Nord 2.   That would indicate the shortage is purely political with citizens literally paying the price while Germany blames Russia!.

Norway raised its gas prices 700%.  Why?   Because it could.

And yet Biden threatens Russia not to profit on the crisis.   Short Term memory:    If I recall it was Obama who initiated an oil and gas war with Russia tanking the price in the hopes that their economy would spiral unabated.   It didn’t work.

The US is the world’s largest producer of natural gas exporting 10% of it’s annual production.   But Biden cut down shale production which is a by-product of natural gas.   Thus the US has gone from a net exporter to a net importer.   Spiking investor concerns. So who is using up the natural gas?

China.   China’s imports are up roughly 20% this year.   January 2021, China’s largest supplier, Australia’s main producer, Woodside, shut down it’s LNG trains for the entire year due to maintenance issues.   As in -0-.   As a result, US shipments increased depleting US reserves that were already hampered by Biden’s shale debacle.

In other words, three separate manipulations have created shortages:   1. Germany refusing to certify Nord 2, and   2.   The US picking up the slack for Australia in shipments to China,  and  3.   Biden cutting shale production.

Warmer than normal weather in the US has now factored into the inventory picture which seems to fluctuate on a media basis – monthly, currently citing inventories are down only 4% from the five year average.   Yet the price of natural gas has risen 51% from October 2020.    In essence revealing the manipulated spike.

Oil and Gas production is down 20% from 2019 when output reached roughly 14 million barrels per day.   Today the output is 11 million with absolutely no direction of it coming close to previous levels.   Although production is only down 20%, gas prices have doubled.

These are NOT parallel numbers.   Exxon Mobile’s share price has doubled in the past year while revenue in 2020 tanked 30%, first half earnings went from a loss of $(1.69) billion to $7.42 billion profit.   DESPITE a massive push for renewables by the Biden Handler Regime.   But then in 2019, Exxon signed a contract with China to provide 1 million metric tons of natural gas per year for 20 years.

Again exports of crude oil & petroleum products to China dropped significantly in the Trump era of 2019 only to increase this year by over 400% for the first quarter. Obviously, Biden’s pleas for the Saudi’s to send more oil to the US is a ridiculous media spill that is indicative of his catatonic brain stem.   US shortages are thus exasperated by taking what we have and giving it to China while doubling the pump price.

Now with US shipping ports in Liberal California and New York congested beyond repair, our ingenious government says we just need to import less cheap products from China.   These same liberals demanded we increase our trade with China when Trump began his sanctions.   It is as though the whiteboard of historical information has been erased and we are supposed to simply stop blinking.

But Then We Are in Alice’s Wonderland… RIGHT?

4 thoughts on “NATURAL GAS Prices Spike Despite Surplus…

  1. We need no further proof or discussion…their are no sane adults in the room. You have a choice of death by freezing, death from starvation, or death from poison mRNA injections. Or, fight back before any of the above make you a statistic ripe for falsification.

  2. Hi

    This is stage 2 of world takeover in the name of Climate Change. The first stage being the psyop covid to prepare for this. This has been planned over many years.

    Between the mandates firing everyone destroying the private economy, reducing the military and police only to the followers that will obey, jamming up the ports in Kalifornica, New York and South Carolina to cause supply disruptions from China, paying farmers not to grow food, reducing available fertilizer and feed to run the farms, increasing the cost of power by many multiples and much much more.

    This is a direct attack on America (and the world) from the international corporations and governments controlled by the billionaires and Klas Schwab’s WEF. The blue states will suffer the most at first. If you have a passport I suggest Mexico. It’s still reasonably sane. Florida might be okay but I don’t know how long Desantis can hold them off before they JFK him.

    IMO, the attack will succeed in the US as most Americans are already mentally compromised. They will beg for food and martial law. They will kill each other thinking each is the cause of the calamity when the real perps in DC and governors offices across the country are smiling and eating caviar.

    This will surely be a dark winter. Many will likely die.

    I realize this sound bleak but unfortunately I have been correct up to now. It’s gonna be rough even if this scenario doesn’t hold up.


  3. i am at a loss at understanding the mentality of the american people,i can’t believe they sit back and take this shit like a pack of whimpering dogs! what the hell is wrong with everyone,i just can’t believe that no one is pissed off about any of this! they see pictures of the ships sitting off the coast loaded with goods but they still listen to the same bullshit coming from the whitehouse,well maryland anyway.if they don’t soon pulled their heads from their asses and stop play ostrich and lets get organized and get these people out for good!

    • The mental condition of most Americans is disbelief. They can’t imagine their gov doing this in the land of the free. And they are so divided I would bet they couldn’t agree on the color of the sky.

      Many are opting in on the free money, homes, food and other ‘promises’ made by those executing the Great Reset which of course is silly but by the time they figure it out there’s a good chance most will be dead which, of course, is their goal.

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