EVICTION MORATORIUM: Setting Stage For Chaos & Collapse

The US Moratorium on Evictions is temporarily, maybe, extended to October 3rd by the Befuddled Biden CIA Handlers. While protests are Ford blassé across the country, the placard reads, “Housing is a Human Right”.   Of course, that right along with every other does NOT negate your inalienable right to PAY rent!   If you don’t pay, in a normal world, you are evicted.   However, despite unemployment numbers continuing to fall, the socialists are of the opinion that does not mean they have to pay for anything now – thus giving them the freedom of actual responsibility and ethics.   It also means, small landlords will likely crash, leaving room for the hedge funds to continue their slaughter of home purchases at inflated cash-cash prices.  All while further delineating peasants from wealthy.

Which of course, is the Agenda.

In the meantime a Canadian Economist has declared the housing bubble is beginning to crash because, well, inventory is low.   He also mentions that employment is up and that begs for a housing price crash because rents are too high…   Help me here, but in the basic supply-demand scenario – smaller supply side economics is defined as higher prices.

But then I was never a big fan of Economists given their predictions have as much potential of coming true as the predictions and guesstimates of our Expert Scientists.   Crystal balls and Quija boards were popular among the elementary kids some 50 years ago.   But apparently, scientists and economists adopted this blinkety-blink-blink universalism as their mantra.

Of the $46.5 billion allocated for rental relief, the Biden White House has thus far disbursed a whopping $5.1 billion or 11%. Gene Sperling, the appointed Guru, aka ‘coordinator for the American Rescue Plan’ defends his turtle race as being meaningfully effective for millions of families…   while ignoring the actual statistics.   Sperling was an economic advisor to Billy and Barky before taking his current appointment via the WH Handlers.   Biden’s approach is to appeal the Supreme Court ruling should they knock down the latest extension, and keep the moratorium alive throughout the appeal process.   A common legal maneuver by the ambulance chaser mental acuity.

The moratorium was actually levied via the CDC which has absolutely no power to initiate ANY financial edict.   Its powers are ONLY levied to stop the spread of infectious diseases. Period.  But that did not stop the flagrant injustice, anti-Constitutionality of Power Grab grubbers enacting illegal legalities.

According to Section 361 which delineates the CDC powers, restricting individuals who have no symptoms, as in asymptomatic, are NOT considered communicable as defined in Section 361 and any mandates for their quarantine or even mask wearing, is NOT allowed.   In addition, ‘moving about’ is not defined as within state but must show out of state travel among a communicable person.   In other words the federal agency only has authority if interstate travel is associated with a person considered communicable.

The eviction moratorium was initially set to expire December 2020 and applied only to those individuals making less than $99,000 per year.  This figure would represent over 75% of the US working population!   The CDC estimated the moratorium would affect upwards of 40 million people.

So what happens when 40 million Americans are suddenly evicted for not paying their rent?


Eviction lawsuits.   These suits vary by state law.   While the moratorium applied by the CDC prevented evictions for nonpayment of rent, it did NOT relieve the obligation or any associated fees, costs, interest or penalties.   In addition, if an individual received assistance and still did not pay their rental obligation, they can be sued by the state for reimbursement of the assistance.

This reimbursement has also been applied to those who received federal and state unemployment stipends while refusing to work or while working and lying about their status.   These reimbursements can be in the tens of thousands and unemployment agencies have just begun the audit process.

But the mentality of free housing as a human right and free income as a human right is the millennial socialist ideal.   Ultimately, these people may find themselves destitute and/or jailed as debtors.

Of course, these socialists could simply ask for a reportioning of Communist Bernie Sanders net worth which now stands at well over $20 million having confiscated the remaining amount from his campaign PACs in his failed bid for presidency.   Or maybe, Communist Ilhan Omar would be willing to share her $5 million in wealth with the peasants…

Unfortunately, the Communist Agenda of International Order clarifies that those rules that apply to thee – do not apply for me.   And peasants don’t deserve ownership of anything. Including – MONEY!

4 thoughts on “EVICTION MORATORIUM: Setting Stage For Chaos & Collapse

  1. Up and down the economic chain, if debts are not paid, it will lead to more and more debts not being paid. If I am a landlord and expect payments from my renters, I need those payments to pay my bills and expenses. The people I pay money too, expect those payments as part of their incomes…and on and on. As you say, the agenda is set to disrupt the chain of consumerism and bill paying and debt servicing. It will lead to collapse of the financial system where 95% of the people will suffer greatly while the super rich go on as if nothing happened.

  2. Hi

    Speaking of communism….

    I worked for a very large communications company. They were Union. In all the CO’s on the union bulletin board was a sign that read “Jobs are a Human Right”

    On Thursday every week the union members wore red shirts. It was sooo obvious. I was surprised how most complied so I have not been too surprised by the Covid Cult wearing the mask.

    I am not sure if Americans have any red (no pun intended) lines at all when it comes to complying with illegal mandates and law.


    • We have verifiable proof for the Satanic co-option of America’s institutions where those institutions conspire to remain silent to illegal (and moot) Executive Orders, furthermore identifying an illiterate public who can’t recall basic high school Government curricula…

      Executive Orders are only applicable to Executive Branch departments/agencies, not to those who work outside of those offices…

      “Executive orders are not legislation. The President has the sole power to direct his or her executive branch as they please, and an executive order is just one of the tools in the toolbox. It also happens to be one of the most formal, which is why we hear about them the most.

      Executive orders cannot be used to subject private citizens to specific rules and restrictions, nor can they be used to pass a budget or abolish an act of Congress.

      ‘All executive orders apply to the actions of the executive branch of government,’ Allan Lichtman explains. ‘They cannot overtake the prerogatives of Congress.”‘


      Similar Executive Orders are being issued today throughout the Republic, thereby facilitating the overthrow of the Constitution. Illegal and moot Executive Orders are being issued by Governors and Mayors to wear dangerous masks, close businesses, or telling businesses how many customers they may have. These are all illegal, and moot by the way, whereby fake fines are said to be issued to violators. I live in Washington, DC and walk the streets unmolested without a mask, because the police have been told by their union to take no actions on ‘violators’ of the mask mandate…

      “The D.C. Police Union president tells FOX 5 their members were told they cannot enforce COVID-19 executive orders, information that comes after the mayor announced at a Monday news conference, she has directed the police chief to break-up illegal gatherings of over 50 people.”


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