Germany Flooding… Climate Change … 800 years in the making – what is the Mitigation?

The flooding in Germany is truly catastrophic!!   The damage is sweeping and unsustainable for thousands who have lost everything. Houses obliterated, cars in mangled piles of rubble, businesses destroyed, lives lost.     Merkel’s last ditch response is absolutely the rastiest spew of spittle imaginable – “we need to do more to abate Climate Change”…  

They want to build dams, retention basins and reservoirs.   It would sound particularly poignant had this been the first occasion, or even the second or third, but Germany has a history of devastating floods dating back hundreds of years!   Recorded history relays flooding issues for Germany as far back as 1287 – well before the infamous “Industrial Revolution” was framed for Climate Change.  There were three more recorded floods in the 14th century, 1 in the 17th, 3 in the 18th century, etc…   Europe has 6-10x the number.   In other words Germany and Europe have a vast history of deadly flooding and despite this history – most countries and Germany have done nothing in preventative measures to protect her people.

I am reminded of California fires and droughts – each year the screams are louder, each year, nothing to mitigate is done.

After the largest of flooding recorded in 1287 wherein over 80,000 died, the destruction was so massive most people simply moved. Relocated.   Thirty villages disappeared. Rebuilding was not possible.

Prior to the current flooding, Germany weathered flooding in 2016, 2013, 2007, 2006, 2005, etc… It isn’t just Germany, it is and has been relatively common across most of Europe for HUNDREDS of YEARS.   “God created the world, but the Dutch created the Netherlands”.    While this is partially true, Holland is renowned for its dykes which reclaimed much land from flooding over the course of thousands of years. Germany has constructed numerous dams, no dykes.

Dykes are different in that there is water on only one side whereas a dam has water on both sides.   Their purpose is also quite opposite.   While a dyke is built to prevent flooding, a dam is built to preserve water.

Right now, the Cologne dam is unstable. Fears are that it will be breached and collapse.   Not because of climate change, but because of quality engineering and stupid/negligent forward thinking.

Continued flooding risk has been issued for Munich, Bavaria, and Passau in Austria. My old haunt, Berchtesgadner, where we spent every Christmas growing up – is left quite scathed.

Pictures of Merkel show a sincerely distraught woman, however, her counterpart CDU replacement this coming election, Armin Laschet, was caught laughing and joking at a time when his lacking compassion will not bode well.

Pope Francis prayed for the dead, and asked comfort for the living, but I imagine that fell on deaf ears as praying for what no longer exists is relatively futile in the immediate aftermath.

While every politician ‘available’, every media mainstream, decry climate change as the responsible culprit, what exactly has any country actually done to protect against what is inevitable, historical climate change?

California’s rainfall continues to drain into the ocean, monsoons continue to wreak havoc on lands now barren from fires, and the record on the turnstile plays one song. Money.   Not money to build reinforcements for their own country, but money to send to Africa and Latin America projects of micro-finance.   

Creating – more money…   for banks.

According to Zero Hedge, JP Morgan deposits rose year-to-year 23% – while loans, outgoing money was flat.   But it isn’t just JP Morgan, all large banks are showing a massive increase in deposits up $411 billion between March and the end of May, to $17.09 trillion.   Increases rose steeply right as the Pandemic hit. Banks claim their ratios are out of whack because of companies not wanting to borrow, an obvious blame game.  

The banks see the solution to the disparity can be achieved by offering lower yields on deposits and telling customers to bank at smaller institutions. WHAT???

While JP Morgan is reporting a relatively significant decline in net income for the year ended 12/20, administrative expenses increased by 18.75%, Cash on Hand increased 50.37%, and liabilities increased 32.63%.

Why? During a year when virtually no business was conducted would expenses and liabilities and cash ALL increase…

Bank of America shows a similar trajectory.   And bank executives are quick to defend that the cash is wholly attributable to the federal government stimulus program – which they claim accounts for roughly $48 billion. So where did the other $363billion JP Morgan recognizes come from?   Unspent Stimulus?   If it is unspent over a year – it obviously was also – unnecessary. And why were Admin expenses so high during a year when banks were not open and massive numbers of employees laid off?

The mismanagement of countries across the globe is gross negligence.   Refusing to mitigate against known climate changes is a death sentence to the innocent.   Refusing to protect the global populace of individual nations and instead divert labors earnings to corrupt nations in Africa by banks charging usury micro-loans is gross negligence.   The subsequent deaths – are thus murder.

While the definitions of communism and Marxism and socialism have been rewritten over the last many decades, causing arguments among like-minded people, the bottom line is that there exists NO historical utopia predicated on any of these ideologies. And instead, history recounts over and over again that these ideals result in starvation, medical collapse, rampant disease, and economic ruin.

A very reflective analysis was done some years ago by an author at The American Thinker, wherein Nazism and Marxism are debuted as one and the same – a very well researched, and amazing analysis of historical ideology.

I would highly recommend a good read…

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  1. Anemic longwave infrared radiation can only be emitted at night,* assisting in warming the atmosphere, thereby identifying the Satanist co-option of our institutions, who us the more numerus and deluded Marxists as foot soldiers to carry out their policy for the “abolition of religion”, and the destruction of those civilizations “whose spiritual aroma is religion”.

    Sunlight, ultraviolet, and shortwave infrared-derived thermals are emitted from the surface during daytime hours, heating the atmosphere directly via those three sources’ thermal energy. When the sun begins to set, those three radiation categories weaken into shortwave infrared radiation. Then when nighttime arrives, shortwave infrared radiation weakens into even weaker longwave infrared radiation, and it is this longwave infrared radiation that assists in keeping the atmosphere from cooling more during the night.

    This relatively weak longwave infrared radiation is too anemic to directly heat the atmosphere at night. When emitted by the surface at night it is directly absorbed by carbon dioxide, methane, water vapor, and indirectly absorbed by nitrogen and oxygen. Longwave infrared radiation photons indirectly heats the atmosphere by its photons bumping into a gas molecule’s electrons, and this kinetic energy produces heat energy.


    During daylight hours, only stronger sunlight, ultraviolet, and shortwave infrared electromagnetic spectrum radiation can be emitted by the surface via thermal energy. At sunset, the electromagnetic spectrum weakens to shortwave infrared radiation, then to longwave infrared radiation at nighttime.

    Since longwave infrared radiation can only be emitted at nighttime,* we have therefore identified the focal point for the ‘climate change’ fraud, where during daylight hours the Earth’s atmosphere magically fails to turn into trillions of tons of ice, crushing all life below.
    * “Learn about the basic physical and chemical characteristics of Earth’s various atmospheric gas molecules. Some of those molecules belong to a category of atmospheric gases called greenhouse gases, whose properties help to slow the emission of heat energy, which was absorbed by Earth’s surface during the day, back into space at night.”

  2. I’ve been building up a good head of steam over the last year watching these bunch of bastards tear our country down one brick at a time,I’m older and sick but I believe I got one more good ass kicking I’m going to do my best to dish out before I drop dead and God help any Asshole that get in
    My way,that is a promise!!I am sick of all their shit,from everyone of them,lying ,thieving bunch of deviates!!

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