CoVid Tracking: A Pseudo Predictive Algorithm

The Delta CoVid variant is decimating Africa and could be transported to Europe and US causing a new lockdown!   That’s the tag line every single media outlet is pushing, pushing and pushing!   It is ten times more deadly, 3 times more infectious, and can cause severe reactions…   But given Africa does not track any diseases internally, where is the information coming from?

Center for Systems Science and Engineering at Johns Hopkins.

Associate professor Lauren Gardner whose areas of expertise include – ‘diversity’ and modeling is the source of the data tracking model.   Not fashion modeling – algorithm modeling.   Ms Gardner’s epidemiological modeling has been used by Mike Pence as well as US states in factoring their estimates of CoVid cases having created an ‘interactive web based dashboard’.   You see, Mz. Gardner is not a epidemiologist or a virologist, she is an engineer. And her tracking data was compiled by surveilling citizen’s phones.  Without your knowledge, of course.

Published in The Lancet whose tag line is “a Manifesto of Social Change’, Mz Gardner is a proponent of the idea that climate is one of the main causes of all disease viruses.   All methods for data tracking are ‘predictive’ with input from the World Health Organization which uses guestimates. Unfortunately, despite the Dashboard being an algorithm model, WHO reports these numbers as ‘confirmed cases’ which is an impossibility.  Last I checked their is no such thing as confirmation of an algorithmic guess.

As of May the CDC announced it would no longer track CoVid cases.  In addition, a number of states declared they would no longer record cases.   So if no one is actually recording cases how is it possible for Johns Hopkins to track data?    The fast answer:   It is NOT.

Algorithm model accuracy requires a standard deviation to determine it’s predictive value.   That standard deviation is based on actual data divided by predictive data.   Given the CDC declared that the actual data, ie the percentage of CoVid deaths as CoVid alone was only 6% of reported deaths, the standard deviation would be so ridiculously high that any model would typically be laughed at with much prejudice! In a World of Science.

Springsteen has just announced that unvaccinated and those having received the Astra Zeneca vaccine will NOT be allowed in his concerts.   Why?   Because the Astra-Zeneca vaccine does not have FDA approval, according to Springsteen.   Of course, his abject ignorance would benefit from a basic 101 lesson on authorized vs approved.   But then, idiocy knows no bounds.

Funded by CDC and NIH, every single agency sites the numbers of Johns Hopkins without exception, including health agencies in US, Canada, Australia, South America, and Europe.   They are the singular source of prediction science for CoVid.

The “Daily” data is founded on this pseudo model alleviating the need for Fact.

In reality, there is absolutely zero factual data on the Delta CoVid variant in Africa or anywhere else.   But the push to vaccinate Africa is hardly a surprise given that is the continent the elite desire to conquer and colonize.

What better way to justify altering the earth’s climate than by declaring climate to be the cause of pandemic diseases and have exactly ONE agency reporting the global tracking for every country…  Sigh

8 thoughts on “CoVid Tracking: A Pseudo Predictive Algorithm

  1. The Delta variant story is 110% cow flop. All they have to do is ramp up the cycles on the PCR tests and like magic you have a new fake variant. But more likely, because there are numerous diseases running rampant in many parts of Africa, they can borrow some of these and just rebrand them as Covid and no one even cares or notices. This is easy to accomplish in a place like Africa where there are not as many safeguards and prying eyes. I would bet the farm that 95% of those they claim as having Delta CoV-2 have something else with similar symptoms. The variety of Covid symptoms are quite common with dozens of diseases.

  2. Hi

    Kudos,,, you are over the target.

    Whole thing is a scam, except for the kill shot. The scam being necessary to push the shot. They are constantly giving us hints to that. The flu disappearing,,, they say because the mask can stop the flu virus but not covid, and reducing the PCR CT count only for the anointed should get any cogent persons attention.

    They love to tell you what they are up to because they think we’re so stupid and gullible. Observing people over the last 18 months I am beginning to agree with them.

    They have enacted the Vaxx passport in the EU. The UK is locked down another month. Australia, New Zealand and Kanada are lost. Toronto offering ice cream to coax kiddies to take the injection. They force injected an expectant mother. The new German Stasi is dragging beating and dragging vaxx protesters to gulags. Note: Germans seem to have a knack for this… Putin has declared forced vaccinations would not happen in Russia, but Moscow and other regions have a new policy that one cannot get into a hospital without the vaxx and employers will be fined for employees not vaxxed.

    Welcome to hell… You can check in but you can’t check out.

    much regards….

  3. After investigating the number of people that have had adverse reactions to the vaccine, I’ve decided to opt out. Because of my current medical problem I feel chances are good that I too would have a negative reaction. Apparently instead of staying in the location of the injection like most vaccines the COVID19 vaccine spreads to every cell in your body. I know one lady personally who had a stroke several years ago. After getting the Johnson and Johnson vaccine she know has tremors and seizures. Her Doctor advised her to sue Johnson and Johnson. There are over 200,000 people who have had severe reactions to the vaccines. The media refuses to report this problem.

  4. how do you wade thru all this deception,liars,perverts and the worst,politicians without taking the rope or pills,take care.

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