Putin Threatens US With Missile Targets…

The Media spin is most definitely eye rolling, but more provocatively angst is how incredibly misleading the story outline is regarding Putin threatening the US with missile targets.  The newest Russia allegation is claiming that Putin is threatening the US, and how should the US react?   Let’s take a look at what was actually said and why…

The scare tactic story is devised to further demonize Russia by the liberal left.  In fact, the US through NATO has deployed hundreds of nuclear missiles throughout Europe aimed at one principle target – Russia.   This military posture was heightened during the Obama administration to goad Putin into a potential defensive war.   Using eastern bloc countries, Obama systematically installed missile defense systems along the Russian border.   The provocation was obvious and Putin reacted emphatically denouncing the move and claiming it jeopardized the balance of peace.

Fast forward.

NATO and the EU Socialist blocs hate all things Russia and Putin.  The simplistic reason is because Putin refuses to submit to the same Protocols that have taken hold of parts of South America, Canada, Australia, parts of the EU and the US – prior to Trump.   The entire point of globalization is to create a one world government which is not possible unless you have subjugated every country.  Russia has been the most prominent holdout, and thus is the flagrant scape goat for demonizing.   Prior to Trump, the liberal administration was emphatically onboard.   Under Trump – not so much.

Recently liberal media outlets began the propaganda campaign of claiming Putin had declared strike targets against the US.  The media failed to ‘finish’ the quote:   “… in the event of aggression against Russia .”  Or: “State TV channel Russia-1 has presented a list of five US decision making centres that will become likely targets for Russia’s Zircon hypersonic missiles deployed on submarines if Washington decides to attack Moscow using its missile arsenal.”  If.  

In other words, Putin announced a defensive/offensive strategy should the US attempt to bomb Russia. To do or say anything less would be incredibly – well, stupid and militarily absurd.  Putin’s job is to protect his country.

Russia became a tremendous propaganda tool during the Obama rein of terror.   Every news outlet was instructed to virtually copy/paste articles seemingly written by the CIA under the Direction of Petraeus, Panetta and Brennan. Brennan was particularly interesting in that Obama claimed they “shared a similar philosophy”.  It was Brennan who oversaw the CIA investigation over the Russian/Trump collusion in the 2016 election.   I imagine that was paramount in their ‘shared philosophy’.  Brennan virtually drooled over Hillary.

Using the INF Treaty as grounds for the riff, the media ignores specific elements of the Treaty that make it completely worthless for the US.   The Treaty is only applicable to the US and Russia.   In other words, all other countries in the world can build and deploy an unlimited number of land based short and intermediated range ballistic and cruise missiles.   No one else is bound to, or a party of, this Treaty.  The Treaty was created during a time of transition, the end of the Cold War.   Today, both Putin and Trump recognize that it is ineffectual, dated, and superfluous in a very changed demographic.

Allegations of violations are a distraction.  The enemy has shifted.   And the Treaty needed to go away.

It is rather bizarre that the same media that claim Trump is in collusion with Russia, also claim the withdrawal from the Treaty by the US and Russia was symptomatic of the demise of US and Russian relations…   Obviously, you don’t collude with a country you perceive to be your enemy.  In fact, the media was likely fed a story line and the propaganda meme went full throttle.

The fact that the Treaty only applied to the US and Russia – not NATO, Germany, UK, North Korea or China… is clearly the main reason for the withdrawal from the INF Treaty as the US grows ever closer to identifying exactly who are our real allies, and who – is not.  And Russia’s statement that they will defend themselves against an attack – is simple juju jargon for all the misfits in the MSM.

2 thoughts on “Putin Threatens US With Missile Targets…

  1. All this should be highly satisfying to conservatives in general and Trump supporters in particular. I just hope that POTUS’s speechwriters will be able to capitalize on Dem inconsistency when the real primary debates begin.

    After having painted themselves into a corner regarding later-term abortion (the latest poll shows pro-lifers up to 47% from 38%), the Dems are now totally confused about whether Putin is a good guy or a bad guy. (The fact that they are totally ignorant about Russia needn’t be brought up: the GOP are hardly more informed.)

    Of course, the MSM are equally, or more, to blame for the ignorance among Americans in general about foreign policy. It is fortunate indeed that the US has achieved energy independence (until AOC and her demented clan get control of the country), because the Middle-East’s oil production is now under threat from a four-way power struggle: Russia and Turkey are striving to re-create the Russian and Ottoman empires, Iran is looking back even further to the Persian empire, and the Saudis (a corrupt monarchy conjugated with a rigid theocracy) are clinging desperately on to their role as guardian of the holy cities of Makkah and Medina.

    The danger today comes neither from Trump nor Putin. It comes from the imminent collapse of the European Union, which risks bringing NATO down with it. Helena will doubtless cover the European elections in May with her usual thoroughness. The results may be pretty dramatic!

    • 1) Turkey doesn’t have near the clout to recreate the Ottoman Empire. 2) The Saudi monarchy has been ousted with the Crown Prince taking hold. 3) and the European Union is teetering precariously as Germany touches on another recession, France is in chaos, and the UK is looking at chaos. The EU is history.

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