Socialist Grooming

Has anyone else noticed that the headlines of ‘anti-semitism’ are generally instigated by Jews?   It is as though there are two distinct types of Jews out there, and they know who they are, but we don’t.   It is a ‘communist plot’.   Remember when Natasha always said ‘everytink vas a communist plot?’   It was funny… Remember?  Laughing?

I grew up in an era where blond jokes, Polish jokes, Italian jokes, etc… were the norm, and everyone thought they were funny.   So, maybe you rolled your eyes, but it was – a joke.   And everyone went their way.   The difference was that often, the joke was about the comic, he/she would make fun of their peculiar attributes.  It wasn’t about – assassinating the President!  Ha…ha… not funny!

Has it occurred to you that Ocasio-Cortez is really the future.  This has become the conundrum of the Washington Post elite who sit around and ponder such things…  They found the most oblivious idiot known to mankind, propped her up, cursed their godless person, and hailed to their new Chief Sultan, promising that she would be the “Future”.  Ewwwww! Seriously?

Essentially, they are saying – the most idiotic of mankind will come to rule the earth and plunge the planet into a complete spiritual, and physical, death spiral.  She will be so stupid that she will usher in ‘death’ as a means for all.  And her name will be Ocasio.

She doesn’t wear her hair down as she did while campaigning, and she has suddenly begun systematically wearing prescription glasses which she did not do during her campaign.  Obviously the ploy was to create an illusion of attractiveness to subliminally decide the voter.    A tactic.  A game. Ewww…

In the middle of the melee or maelstrom sit a number of very prominent elections that will occur in 2019 and hinge on media sway.   Israel’s Netanyahu.   Germany’s Merkel, Croatian Presidential election, local and parliamentary for Ukraine, UK, Lithuania, Irish, Estonia, European Parliament, etc… the list is thirsty. It reveals that the media will be rife – worldwide – with fake and false news used to rile us.   And we need to use discernment.  Logic.  Rationale.

And no, the story filtering thruout the internet that Zuckerberg is the grandson or nephew of Rothschilds, is simply a bot to distract you from the real agenda.   It is a means of using fake news to fake out the agenda of your enemy.   I tend to see Sandra Bullock playing the lead…

Anyway.  I digress.

Pay attention.

Many elections – will promulgate much fake fake news that will headline and attempt to scare – be wary, be aware.

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  1. Well your article seems to back up my theory that nothing is by accident . I mention this theory and what’s happened here politically in NZ to other people and they all think I’m nuts in fact I’ve not heard anyone mention this anywhere . My claim is the national party threw the election and allowed labour leader Jacinda Ardern who’s a puppet radical Marxist globalist to become PM of NZ .

    From the NZ herald regarding the 2017 election –
    ” Key Points:
    The provisional results: National: 46% / 58 seats; Labour 35.8% / 45 seats; NZ First 7.5% / 9 seats; Greens 5.9% / 7 seats; ACT 0.5% / 1 seat

    Within the next two or three days, Prime Minister Bill English will be talking to NZ First leader Winston Peters about forming a fourth term National-led government.
    Saturday’s election gave National 58 seats, well ahead of Labour’s 45”.

    So NZ first leader Winston Peters was to become kingmaker due to the mmp system and would choose who to make a government with even though his party only managed 7.5 % .

    To cut a long story short and with dirty tricks accusations from Peters and after what seemed an age of negotiations ( all theatre) national failed to make a government with Winston who went with Jacinda – labour and therefore national threw NZ citizens under the bus to the marxist – globalists .

    Ironically the national leader at the time Bill English a few months later receives knight companion for services to the state in the queens birthday honours.

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