A Global Coup

So Mastercard, a NY Traded stock under the CEO management of an Indian Sikh, Ajaypal Singh Banga, has acknowledged that they cooperated with George Soros to create prepaid credit cards for migrants to be used only for ‘good and glorious purposes’.  

Apparently, the migrant caravan pointedly vying to create chaos in the US, is equipped with such ‘creditcards’, aka Mastercard.  And no one sees this as a conflict?

The cards are being used across Europe and are said to be found in the possession of the migrant caravan on its way to kill Trump, so they say…

This passive caravan of good migrants that the Pope would have us embrace, is actually made up of MS-13 gang members, ISIS, militants with tactical guns and warfare equipment, and trained agitators.

They will likely use women and children as shields and targets so as to accentuate their point that Trump is all about violence.  And they are just reactionaries.

Normally, the psychiatric industry would be spewing expletives at the false diagnosis and interpretation.   But oddly, they are silent despite the obvious hypocrisy.  Why?

The conspiracy left is veiled in dark theories of wickedness.  Although these veils are lifted, one at a time, it is time to just open the world into reality.   Allow us the respect to make our own decisions upon reality.  Knowing many will still side with evil.  Just because.

But truth, is the obsessive pursuit.

Everyone is buzzing with the question, ‘who is behind the caravan?   Who is providing the money?  Who is organizing all the various transits that must align in order for everyone to continue their trek?   This coordination is not random.   It requires dozens to map, organize, transcript, hire, etc… to make it all prolific. Bottom line.  Will this make the Democrat Party stronger, more wealthy, more in control?  If so, the pot is – limitless.

“Make my money worthy.” Is the end declaration.

While Hillary, Obama, Biden, and more have all had their legacy enshrined in their various media speeches, it is those same speeches that come back to unravel and haunt as the platform shifts and becomes not Democrat but Republican.  Same issue, simply a shift in posture.

For many of us, we continue to feel as though we are being perpetually slapped in the face.   As the nonstop agenda is unraveled over and over again.   As the Truth becomes more visible.  As we feel the grid of anger, hostility, stupidity, depression, ambivalence, and then out of nowhere, the desire to make it right!

Dang!  Where did it come from?  Can’t say.  But I’ve been there.

I think now I am more angry that I allowed myself to fall into the well of self depression.   And now, I am just feeling evangelical… not in a religious sense so much as in a global sense.  I am NOT giving up.

We feel jilted by those who become snails, wilting into their fear solace.  I lost my very best friend.  Other friends actually stated to my face, “I can’t be your friend any more even though I know you’ve been there for me, well, sorry, I can’t be there for you. But good luck!”  Smiley Face Smiley Face!

This Did Not Happen Because Of Trump, this happened because in each instance the person chose by free will, to be a jerk.  They chose to have no values, no virtues, no good will or compassion.  They chose – to be cruel.

No one forced them.

No, you can’t blame your spouse for forcing you – you made the choice.  You.

Just as Mastercard knowingly, and with insight, decided to cross the boundary line, the border, and illegally support a bunch of terrorists attempting to chaotically, with force, cross into the United States while inflicting death and mayhem.

Mastercard, supported this.

Not just in essence, but in action.

So who are the real terrorists?

In reality, this is a coup. We are in a Coup.  Theresa May is failing dramatically.  Macron is in the twallette.  Merkel is ‘stepping down’.   Junker is being stoned.   Trump is being – set up.

It is a coup, but it isn’t local.  It is Global.

And this – is only the beginning.

2 thoughts on “A Global Coup

  1. My wife’s birth country is Honduras, but she is nationalized American. I follow everything major in Honduras very closely. My wife’s first reaction was that it was organized by Libre (the Chavista socialist party formed when Zelaya returned from exile after Honduras rejected what I call his auto-coup attempt, after his arrest at the Presidential Palace for violating a series of court orders. The reports say he was forcibly exiled, still wearing his pajamas. In reality neighbors saw him walked out of the Palace in a full suit. He changed to pajamas on the tarmac in Costa Rica.

    My theory is that after his arrest, he was offered prison or exile, and of course chose exile. There were a lot people in prisons who despised him too, even though he was not much interested in fighting crime or criminals. In fact he and his surrogate candidate in the 2017 elections, Salvador Nasrallah, both proclaim openly now that the “maras” (like MS-13) are “our friends”.

    There are without doubt many, probably most, of the caravan members who are just people wanting to get a better jobs in the United States, and since at least 80 percent of them are able-bodied young men, surely to send remittances to family “left behind” in Honduras.

    But there are plenty enough of the rougher elements you listed inside this “caravan”.

    It looks like around the world the globalists are receding but the game is not over. They still own the schools, academia, Hollywood, Silicon Valley, Big Business, the Military-Industrial Complex, –although maybe the military forces themselves are not 100%, just maybe.. I say that because of Revelation 13 and the prophecies. Leading up to their fulfillment there is often a twist to them, but one prophecy scholar and prophet said there would be nations that would oppose the Antichrist, The Beast, and he said the U. S. very well could be one, because it has always been “rebellious”. And militant.

    But it will eventually fall, see Revelation 17 and 18. In Jeremiah God said he had seen the blood of innocents, and asked, Shall not my wrath be visited upon such a nation as this?

    • Globalists are not receding per so – they are being pushed back, they are still quite alive, planning, coordinating and instigating as much and as quickly as they can. They still exist in the FBI, the CIA< and the military. Illegal immigrants who want jobs, can apply for legal status as did your wife. The Media keeps misstating legal vs illegal. An army of 14,000 barreling down on borders where people have homes, communities, children, is not tolerable. Poverty does not qualify for refugee status. Jobs – does not qualify for refugee status. The Mexican government claims they have already infiltrated and removed hundreds from the caravan who carried guns, or were members of a gang, or even ISIS. You can bet if that was my back yard I'd be asking for the entire Army to protect me and my children! This is orchestrated. It is paid for. It is NOT legal.

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