G7: Free Trade = No Tariffs, says Trump.

John McCain feels it is his voice of reason in siding with Trudeau’s stupidity that is of merit.  In his recent Tweet storm he declared, “…Americans remain pro-free trade and pro-globalization…”  But McCain can not speak for Americans because he lost, his Hillary ticket lost, and his ‘values’ lost.   In fact, Trump offered up the most pro-free trade terms possible – NO TARIFFS.   That is truly – Free!

Of course, it doesn’t meet the international systems of norms, in which the US must be heavily mistreated to the financial advantage of the EU and Canada.  Blustering with indignation, Merkel and Trudeau , as politicians, were beaten at their own game, and in defense sputtered like children on the playground, ‘well my daddy can beat up your daddy’…

The larger issue at stake is not the tariffs, it is the ‘norms’, it is about losing control, and thus power. 

Trump is a businessman, a negotiator, he isn’t a politician and he isn’t diplomatic, nor does he want to be or care.   There is only one way to deal with Trump – on his ground as a businessman. Period.  Because Merkel and Trudeau have never done anything other than politicking their entire lives, they don’t have a clue how to handle the nuance.  Merkel continues to threaten alliance with Russia, while simultaneously refusing to lift sanctions per the request of the Austrian PM, and by refusing to allow Russia back into the G8.  Why?  Because her threat is most likely air that she would rather not breath.  And because MI6 can’t allow it.

Tied within the entire circle is – Soros.  The man who most likely was running the Swamp CIA, who hates Russia, who wants Putin dead, and will do anything to create a false reality that Russia is the true ‘evil’.

So both Putin and Trump are calling Merkel’s bluff. 

While Soros is running the show and fuming like Wile E. Coyote, when the Road Runner suddenly stops and Wile E. finds himself splattered at the bottom of a cliff…  Trump is looking down and decrying, “beep, beep…”

The ball is in fact in Merkel’s court.  If she aligns with Russia, she has to give them the G8 back, she has to lift sanctions, and she has to render Soros impotent.  Poland, Hungary, Slovenia, Italy, Austria have all announced their support to align with Russia.   And because Merkel is a politician, not a businesswoman, she is waiting for instructions, like the true Communist of her upbringing, “tell me vat to do”.

What to do..what to do…? Threaten more tariffs against the US. Sigh.  Not a good move Merkel, because to lift them she will appear weak, and weakness, the appearance thereof, is the core of the game.

The chinny chin comment by Merkel that she is delighted that Trudeau is on her side is equally silly. Trudeau is ruled by the UK.  The UK is ruled by MI6.   May is ruled by MI6.   They do as they are told, walk when they are told, and talk with the intelligence of AI.  Beep, beep.

We are not impressed.

This is the same UK that has imprisoned Tommy Robinson without cause, simply because he dares to speak against the government policies.  The same UK that scurried away with the Skripals, claimed they were poisoned by Russia, refused access by Russia or the US, and refused any interviews whatsoever.   The same UK that has refused to indict any ‘living’ politician in the ongoing child and sex trafficking case that has dragged on an historically 35 years! This is the same UK that created the Trump Dossier…

And we want them as our faithful and compassionate – ally?

Ally in what?

Ally in the Swamp?

Ally in the international systems of norms?

Ally in bombing to smithereens Yemen?  Without one shred of reasoning…

Ally that collaborated to create a Hillary Presidency?

The EU is NOT what it has created itself to appear to be.   I doubt it defends the words of The People, any more than McCain does the American people. 

So.  Pro-Trade?  Then no tariffs would seem a good solution, let everyman play the game!

Globalization?   A Ponzi word that means – international systems of norms.   As defined by – Soros, the Cabal, and the Mafia.   Because, now the Mafia has demanded their cut in the picture, the scheme, and given their subtle means of making sure they get what they want, the cabal is an inclusive vehicle.  Smile. Tolerant.

IDIOTS.  You expect more from the globalists who claim to rule the world… Right?

2 thoughts on “G7: Free Trade = No Tariffs, says Trump.

  1. Thanks for the Cross Post! I agree that the one non-fitting puzzle piece is Putin – unless we assume that everything right now is staged including the US sanctions – as we wait for the EU to trip itself up thereby setting Putin free and making the EU look even more communist as they fall down the rabbit hole screaming ‘the sky is falling…right?’

  2. (I’m cross-posting this comment to my own blog at trutherator.wordpress)

    Globalization is all about Command and Control Central Government.

    It has received some blows against the Empire in the person of Trump. What with Biblical predictions about Gog and Magog, and other events, it looks like events are congealing into fulfilling those prophecies. Except there is one anomaly that seems like a poor fit to that. That is, Putin is acting like the anti-Globalist. Maybe he’s one of the three horns of ten that are plucked up by the roots to make way for that “little horn” of Daniel 8.

    I once was at a lecture, part of a series of Bible prophecy speakers, where one fellow from Israel (purportedly a “Messianic Jew”), who said Yasser Arafat’s turban with its pointy protrusion meant he was the “little horn” of Daniel. Blah. Some gullible attendees may have even bought it. Transparent false propaganda.

    The CIA was an agency born with the purpose of conspiring everywhere, but made the term “conspiracy theory” an insult as a way to shut up the investigative journalists who uncovered all the dirty work in the coverup of the true story of John F. Kennedy’s assassination.

    I’ve counted three things that Trump has done that expose Deep State machinations and its Media Propaganda arm. There are more no doubt.

    One. Korea.

    After freaking out Swamp Media with his bellicose rhetoric over North Korea and his talks with the Chinese dictator about it, he snatched up the opportunity to meet with Kim Il Un. The leaders of North and South Korea deserve a LOT more credit than Swamp Media or even alternative media is giving them. Turns out I was right, Kim Il Un is no mental case madman, he has made some calculations. Just not the ones professional war promoters are saying.

    I’ve followed events closely over the years, even more so knowing that a missionary friend of mine is working with North Koreans with his “Helping Hands Korea” non-profit. This initiative is very much different than previous meetings involving negotiations with North Korea. It starts with an unprecedented meeting between Trump and Kim. Everybody knows that Kim’s most intelligent future lies in making peace, encouraging more prosperity in the North, and rapprochement with the very rich South.

    Two. G7, G6 + 1, G8.

    The leaders of the G6 (not counting Trump) all came to the summit in Canada thinking they would be able to out-preach him on free trade, free trade, they always say they want to have more “free trade” .

    So Trump exposed the liars for what they are. That’s a precious moment, when the masters of Doublespeak get their words sliced up into ribbons by the truth.

    Trump proposed true free trade, called their bluff. Okay then, let’s abolish ALL tariffs among us and ALL industries to industries, and THEN we can say we have free trade. Trump also exposed his own rhetoric about tariffs as something not so desirable, and is pointing out all the tariffs these countries have imposed on imports.

    Of course any Austrian economist will tell you that unilaterally eliminating all tariffs on all incoming goods is the best way to get the cheapest goods into the hands of consumers, and free up more economic power in their hands to direct consumption and market demand to what they want, rather than the special interests of crony capitalists and privileged union bosses that benefit from tariffs, *at the expense of the consumer*.

    Three. Trump wants NFL players to give him names that need justice, victims of police and prosecutor abuse.

    After commuting an aged non-violent offender grandmother, Trump asks protesting NFL players to send him names of people who are unjustly treated at the hands of the ‘justice system”. Double hit there. The protests are really ploys by the voices who do not want to solve the real problems, really, of black victims of violence t the hands of each other and of course never mention the white victims. That’s been said, but there are indeed real victims.

    Rand Paul is one of the sincere voices in Congress proposing real solutions. His father Ron Paul, as a presidential candidate, promised to pardon all non-violent drug offenders immediately upon taking office. That’s one reason why the Swamp Snakes in D.C. and their Swamp Media chirpers backed off from accusing him of racism when it backfired on them. Plus him being the only gynecologist in Houston who at the time would accept an expectant mixed-race couple as patients. That couple happily recorded their experience with him on video.

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